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238 Free, Freedom

 "Get ready, I'll send you to the airport."

She smiled and perched her face up close to him, "You arranged a flight for me?"


"Okay. Give me a few minutes. I need to wash up." She skipped towards the bathroom feeling excited that she doesn't have to pay an extra flight back. For a person who doesn't struggle financially, she sure was frugal, doesn't like to spend money on unnecessary things.

Hue Chi stared at her back, vanishing into the room. He shifted his attention at the window again. He couldn't sleep and stayed up the rest of the night. After he synced his mind and energy with hers to steal glimpses of her dreams, her past. He learned more of their past. A part he didn't have a single clue of. If one day she found out that he was that man, the root cause of her suffering, how would she react? He knew without a doubt, at that time, that child she lost was his.

He watched her from the dark and when she finally fell asleep on the balcony, he brought her back inside.

Shortly afterwards, Yu Sha came out, hauling her luggage, cheerfully. "Boss... I'm ready." He paid for her flight. She at least had to show her appreciation by respecting him as her boss.

Inside the car to the airport, Hue Chi probed. He wanted to know how often she dreams and if she ever made sense of the things she dreamt about.

"How was your sleep?"

Startled by his question as she herself was just thinking about the dream she had.

She replied unenergetically. "Ah... Okay?"

"Then why were you out cold in the balcony? Weren't you sleeping in your room."

"Ah..." So it wasn't a dream. I was out in the balcony?

She forced a smile. "You brought me back to the room?"



"So you're not going to tell me why you were out there?"

She sighed and looked at the driver, implying she doesn't want to talk in front of others. Hue Chi understood immediately. He signaled the driver to close the window that divided between the front driver and backseat.

She smacked her lips wandering for a few seconds. "You're going to think I'm weird."

"You're already weird, a single dream won't make you any weirder."

She huffed and leaned in closer to whisper. "I think I dreamt of Atlas past lover."

His eyes widened, bewildered, but control his emotion enough so she couldn't tell.

"What makes you think so?"

She took a big sigh. "I saw the portrait he drew of her. The woman I dreamt last night, looked just like her, the time she got the scars across her eyes."

Hue Chi froze ever so slightly. She saw the portrait of past self? "Where you saw that?"

"At his house. I was instantly drawn to the portrait as if I could feel the sorrow from her."

Hue Chi interrupted, not giving her a chance to talk farther, afraid she the more she pondered on it, the more she'll come to solving the dream. "Yu Sha..."

"Hmm..." She replied.

"Yu Sha means Free, Freedom. I believe your parents give you this name because they hope you live your life as freely as possible." He hoped this would distract her from pursuing the answers to her dreams.

Yu Sha thought about it. Made sense. Her parents raised them in ways they will never feel restricted and always encouraged them to be kind and live freely. Her brother's name Yu Ping means Independence and her name Yu Sha means Freedom. People like her parents are parents who put lots of thoughts in before naming their children, especially her father. He gave them weird names and at home nicknames. She shook her head when she thought about her father.

Hue Chi spoke based purely on deduction, never expecting she would reply with full confirmation.

"Mm.. I know, I know. My dad asked me the same questions from time to time. If I'm happy and free."

Soon, they reached the airport. The area they stopped were only for royal family to use. Hue Chi reserved the entire plane for her. Of course, she didn't know that.

When they walked to the gate, she thought it was weird, there aren't many people and worker around.

Hue Chi accompany Yu Sha to the gate.

He helped hauled her bag and followed behind her. The workers at the royal terminal were stunned speechless.

"The... the prince was wheeling a woman's luggage! And he patiently walked behind her!"

Some trembled in fear of the out cry of the nation if this news every get out to the public!

Yu Sha was unaware the area she was in, was only specifically for the royal family and their guests.

She turned around and asked, "Are we at the right place?" There were hardly any people around other than the securities and workers.

"Mm... we are."

Hue Chi walked Yu Sha to her gate. Before she boarded, he pulled her to his embrace.

He held her tight in his arms and exhaled her scent unable to let her go.

Yu Sha's heart pounded heavily. She feels suffocated, but this suffocation was not of hate but of longing.

He held onto her like she was made of sand, any slight movement would shatter her to pieces and slid through his grasp.

Her heart pounded in pain from the ever so familiar embrace.

As Hue Chi was embracing the familiar scent, Yu Sha felt caged. Though she felt so much emotions from his embrace, the pain and suffering were just as much.

Before she boarded, the gate opened. The person who walked in was no other than Ken Xue.

"Ken!" She yelled.

Hue Chi instantly let her go.

Ken Xue walked out the gate with his assistant Zanki.

"Oh.. Miss Yu Sha?" He called in surprised.

"Are you leaving?" He asked as he glanced at her bracelet.

She furrowed, disappointed she couldn't stay longer to chit chat about his photography work. "Um.. I am. I'm going back home."