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236 Not Provoke Him Any Farther

 No men have enough courage to challenge her, except Hue Chi. He constantly challenged her, feeding her own words back at her. She should've known to not provoke him any farther, but her pride just won't let her either!

Just as her mind was wandering about, an inch away was his chest. He unbuttons the last button, slid the shirt off completely, and took a step closer, opening his arms, inviting her to see his beautiful sculpted body.

Against her will, she took a brief glimpse of his body. Every muscle fiber seemed specifically crafted and molded with patience, time, and regular maintenance. The skin has a radiance glow, not just his face was handsome, but his body was as well. Life was truly not fair. How could one have height, built, good look, brain, status and money?

She gasped while her chest pounded faster by the minutes. Blood rushed through her head and flushed cheeks. For the first time, she felt like a woman, responding the same as any woman would when they saw their crush, the man of their dream.

'Seriously! What's wrong with me? Why am I being shaken by a mere naked body? Nothing could shake me. Have I gotten weak?! I need more training!' Yu Sha cursed herself silently.

Feeling overwhelmed by his aura, she backed away only to feel the table behind.

"So... how is it? Do you feel anything yet?" He asked flirtatiously.

Based on her flushed cheeks, he knew she definitely was affected, but he wanted to hear from her directly.

Yu Sha pushed him away and ran to the living room. She exhaled a breath of relief and replied, "Feel what? What am I supposed to feel?" She feigned ignorance.

He took step by step towards her directly, showing his beautiful body.

In his sexy, manly tone, he spoke softly, "Your heart trembling, heat waves, or electric sparks?

"Don't be absurd!" She cursed.

"Then why is your face so red?"

She stuttered, "You.. you saw wrong."

"Ehh... My vision is beyond perfect since birth."

Yu Sha couldn't think of a combat so she retorted to violence. She threw a pillow couch at Hue Chi. "I need to go shower." And ran off to hide in a room.

After closing the door, she exhaled multiple breaths of relief. "What the hell is wrong with him?" She proceeded to the bath and turned on the water. She was biking the afternoon and so a bath is much needed.

Yu Sha took a nice calming bath and fell asleep the moment she got out.

In a world full of chaos, troops cornered a young woman. They tied her up and held her in submission, a hostage. The troops' leader walked down from her throne, stood in front of the hostage lady.

"I have your mother and little brother in my hand. If you want to save them, give yourself up." The leader said icily. The female leader signaled for her troops to bring in the two people.

The hostage lifted her head and saw her mother and little brother.

She cried, "Mother.... Gate!"

When the hostage came up to, she was in a torture cell, tied up. The leader walked up to the hostage and slapped her face a few times until blood seeped through her mouth.

The leader woman held the hostage's chin up for a better look of the hostage bruised face.

"You could never have him. His father killed your father. If I were you, I would hate him, despised him."

The hostage garnered the little energy she had and muttered, "You told me, you'll set my mother and brother free if I surrender."

The leader woman laughed in a loud discreet tone... "You're stupid like everyone else! How do you think my father and our nation conquer multiple countries? We don't play by the rule." That meant they never keep any promises. They made treaties only to betray their allies and had taken two other kingdoms already. They have power exceeding one single kingdom!

"What kind of kingdom sent their King to the battlefield? Ahahaha.. Your father is stupid. He didn't even know that his allies already betrayed him."

Exhausted, out of energy, the hostage vomited on the female enemy. Furious, the enemy kicked and punch the hostage until she too, ran out of energy.

"Guards, punished her!" The guards walked in and hit the hostage with wooden sticks, the back and front of her body. Not only did the blood seeped through the hostage's body, but heavier blood flowed underneath the clothes and down the leg to the feet.

The female enemy had an expression as if she realized the differences of blood from external wound and internal wound. She shook her head when a thought crossed her mind and recalled the unnatural vomiting earlier.

"Cal... Called the royal physician here now?!"

It didn't take long before the court physician came by and verified the hostage was in her early pregnancy and just had a miscarriage.

The troops leader laughed in a high discreet pitch. She asked while holding in her anger,

"Whose baby is it?!" She was furious.

Exhausted and knowing that it is too late to save her baby or herself, the hostage provoked, "Who do you think it is? You could never have what I had?"

From rumors, the hostage knew that her enemy loved the same man as she is. Just because she knew him before her enemy, doesn't make her have the right to be his when the world was not stable. Yet she succumbed into her heart and gave in to her desire. This was the price she had to sacrifice.

Her enemy screamed unhappily in denial and swung the sword across her eyes, cursing that she'll never see him again. She was left to bleed out and lost her child.

That night, the prison was broken into. A man in a mask with a few selected guards came to rescue her.

"Milady... Milady... I'm here for you. You'll be okayed!" The voice whispered gently as he held her in his arms.

The voice... she knew well... She whispered... "Atlas..." before she lost consciousness.