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235 Since When Have They Met?

 He didn't know the two already knew each other. If so, when did they meet? How did they meet? He thought only Atlas knew of her existence and she hasn't known his but she already had. Though according to her behaviors, he knew she hasn't recollected her past. What was Atlas intention?

After Yu Sha walked away, Atlas returned the same glare at Hue Chi, except he had a satisfied smirk on his face.

Yu Sha stepped outside and saw Tsong waiting to assist her into the car.

"Hi Tsong." She greeted happily. She was friendly with all the people who assisted her, whether they be bodyguards or the driver.

"Miss Yu Sha." Tsong signaled for her to get in.

Soon, Hue Chi exited the entrance and followed inside the car.

Seeing him irritated her. She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes at Hue Chi.

"So... What's this thing about work you want to talk about?" Somehow, she felt he interrupted her time on purpose. He had a knack for showing up at abnormal times and places like he knew her exact location and movement. It felt too strange. She needed to keep an eye on him and see if he was stalking her or really was just coincidences after coincidences.

He remained quiet. What filled his mind at this moment was the word Atlas said last time on the balcony, "She will find her way back to me." Since when have they become friends? Could it be the time he couldn't trace her at Floating Cloud? He felt something fishy around that area and left people to patrol the area but so far hasn't inspected anything abnormal.

"Tsch... I knew you were purposely making things up." Yu Sha accused after his silence.

Not long later, they arrived at a hotel. Yu Sha noticed that the hotel looked unfamiliar.

"This is not my place." She said reluctant to get out of the car.

"We'll discuss work matters inside."

Yu Sha glimpsed at Hue Chi trying to read him, but his face was so stoic. She couldn't guess anything out of him. She gave up and finally grabbed her bags before getting out of the car.

As they got inside the room, Yu Sha threw her bags on the couch and sat down beside her bag.

A pot of tea was freshly brewed and left on the table.

The incident earlier made him uncomfortable and heated. He took off the suit shirt to get a breather before turning the laptop on. "Come over." He called.

Yu Sha walked over to him and sat down. While the computer was booting, Hue Chi poured tea for Yu Sha.

She observed his actions spoke arrogantly. "It's nice to be served by a Prince. Do you serve the other business women the same too?"

He paused and stared at Yu Sha. He has only ever served her. But he would not let her know to avoid feeding her ego. Yet, he still found her so cute despite being arrogantly confident.

"What's wrong?" Yu Sha asked as she saw that he wasn't moving but just staring at her.

He resumed to pour tea and pushed the cup closer to her.

"Are you still cold?"

"Ahh...." She remembered she complained of being cold earlier.

"Um... I'm all right now." She didn't think it was still bothering him.

"So, what is it you want to discuss?" She asked as she reached for the teacup. He went through the trouble of preparing and even pour tea for her, it's only courteous to drink it. So, she down the cup in one gulp.

"Change the south half security system to Chronos brand."

Yu Sha spewed out all the tea in her mouth straight onto Hue Chi. He was standing across from her.

Did he know something? Why would he want Chronos brand? Grand project like this, any country would want to support and used their own brand.

His eyes narrowed, suspicious of her. Does she know Chronos? Why was she surprised when he brought up the name? His reason for choosing Chronos product was because the made was from her country and wanted to impress her by showing some support.

And the other reason was because Chronos was a top end brand. But what surprised him was her reaction. He wasn't expecting to get a shock expression from her. He came up with that decision in the last hour when Dao Txu sent him pictures of her with Atlas. Needing an excuse, he came up with this last minutes before getting approval from all the investors, which he planned to deal with them later.

Afraid Hue Chi may be upset getting his shirt wet, Yu Sha grabbed the napkins in the center and wiped off the water access from his shirt.

While she was busy, he lifted his hand and slowly unbutton the shirt and exposed his toned chest from top down. All the while, never left his gaze off her. The bare muscle skin exposed one part at a time until it reached the area where her hands were rubbing, right above the belly. She looked up and saw his exposed chest.

"Wha... what are you doing?" She asked nervously.

He irked an eyebrow to get her attention. "Can't you tell?"

Yu Sha pulled her hand back, but before she could retreat, he grabbed onto her hand and whispered devilishly, "Don't tell me you felt something after seeing this?"

Her pride kicked in and she retorted. "What? Sa... says who?"

In the past, she had said she saw his naked body and felt nothing. She can't go back on her words!

She must stick to what she said until the very end.

Yu Sha straightened her posture, diverted her eyes, and avoided seeing every inch of Hue Chi's naked chest. He circled around her, emitting an overwhelming confidence demeanor. In terms of look, built, and status, he felt he didn't lack any, yet this woman here never saw his specs.