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234 Suddenly Felt Cold

 After Atlas friends left, the two strolled a few more blocks. They played spotting games. One had to pick a unique item or object they saw and give a description of the item. Then the other person have to search and pinpoint the place the item was at.

Yu Sha tended to be a little details when it came to objects and designs. Although for a person who treaded through time and space like Atlas, this was as easy as moving his finger, he let her win. He picked obvious large objects that she could easily pinpoint versus Yu Sha who picked smaller blendable objects that would take hard work and keen eyes.

The rule was whoever lose pay for dinner. After a few rounds of playing spotting games, Yu Sha turned to Atlas and said cheerfully. "Dinner's on you. Where do you want to eat?"

"You're the winner, you pick where you want to eat." He suggested.

She smiled and slowly twirled around, looking far and near for a restaurant.

She finally saw a restaurant from the distance that seemed to have a good amount of customers. Must be a good restaurant? She pointed her finger at the restaurant and they headed at the direction.

Customers service was great. They were greeted and seated as soon as they walked through the door. It wasn't long before the food arrived, freshly made. Atlas barely touched the dishes. Mostly it was him watching Yu Sha indulge herself. That alone was enough to make him full but their undisturbed time was short lived. A cold, threatening aura approached their table.

Yu Sha had just fed a spoonful of food into her mouth when she feels suffocated and chills pierced through her. She can't help but glanced to the side, the direction the threats came from. She moved her eyes up and met eye to eye with Prince Hue Chi, glaring at her. His demeanor and the airs around made her felt like she had committed a grave sin! This feeling, she had felt too often in the past, the feeling of being caught doing something she wasn't supposed to. Unexpecting his sudden appearance, Yu Sha choked.

Atlas reached over with a glass of water for Yu Sha. She quickly accepted it and took a few gulps to force the food down before she cleared her throat and greeted.

"H... He... Hello? What are you doing here?"

Hue Chi wasted no time, he went straight to the point. "To discuss work."

"Huh? I'm off the clock. Can't that wait?" What kind of work that was so important, he would come all the way here at this time of night to discuss with her? He could have sent her an email or text.

Still glaring at Yu Sha like she did something wrong, he replied coldly, "Can't."

Atlas interrupted, "The Miss is still eating. Can't she have sometimes to finish her food first?"

Yu Sha remember she hasn't introduced them. "Atlas this is.... My boss." She didn't want to expose his identity. He hid his identity from the beginning so she wished to honor his choice.

"Boss, this is my friend Atlas."

Hue Chi smirked and reached his hand for a handshake. Atlas returned the gesture with mutual feeling. The two men gripped their hands firmly while glaring at each other. Electric sparked from them, clashing in the airs. What goes through those eyes of them, only men with the same interest would understand! They loved the same woman.

Yu Sha suddenly felt cold. The room became freezing cold, unbearable sending her chills, even the other customers started complaining.

"Why is the air so cold suddenly?" She rubbed her arms as she looked around to see if there are any vents nearby blowing cold airs.

The men heard her complaint and at the same time, let go of their grip to take off their shirt and put it over Yu Sha in perfect timing.

Startled, and somehow felt cornered, she scooted back and declined. This overwhelming feeling of dread made her feel that she shouldn't accept either one's shirt!

"No, it's okay. I'm fine without your shirt." She denied both of them. Her gut told her that was the best decision to make.

Hue Chi pulled a chair and sat waiting for Yu Sha to finish eating. Although he was not in a good mood, he agreed with his enemy, she should eat first. The airs around him and his gazes made Yu Sha have digestive distressed. She lost her appetite.

She couldn't be herself, beat and yelled at Hue Chi for his spoiled attitude in front of Atlas. She wanted Atlas to only see her good side of her, so she held herself back.

'How could he come here and destroy the good time I was having? Is he doing this on purpose?' She calmed her anger and put the silverware down on the table.

"I'm done eating. Atlas, thanks for the wonderful time tonight. I have matters to discuss with my boss. I will excuse myself first. Let's meet up next time."

Hue Chi frowned when he heard she planned to meet up with him next time. Atlas had the total opposite expression. He gave her a bright smile.

"Mm.. That's fine. I'll take care of your errands for you. And... let's meet next time when you're available." Atlas intended to intimidate Hue Chi by this comment, making it seemed like Yu Sha and him are close friends.

Although Yu Sha wouldn't think that they're closed yet, but she does enjoy her time with him.

Yu Sha remembered the toys they won. She planned to think of how to get them sent later and was not expecting Atlas to offer his help.

She got up, took her bag and excused herself. "Mm.. Thank you. I owe you one."

Hue Chi hesitatingly stood up, but his glare was still set on Atlas.

When Dao Txu sent him pictures of them strolling the streets, laughing and enjoying their time, anger and fear possessed him instantly. Was it anger from jealousy or fear that she might be snatched away and he won't see her ever again?