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233 Take You Away

 Atlas stole a glimpse of Yu Sha's expression. His lady's behavior was still as cheerful, encouraging as ever. Memories of their past flowed through his eyes. She was always kind but firm when she needed to. She was cheerful and optimistic even in her darkest year. She has loved and was loved by those who followed her, but most importantly, she gave up her life to protect him.

The face, the smile, he thought he would never get to see again even if he treads through all the realms, the heavens and hells in search of her. He promised to be with her, supported her but didn't expect that one day, she would leave him, never to be seen.

"Atlas, what's wrong?" Yu Sha interrupted his thought.

He came back to reality and shook off. "Mm. Nothing. I'm just mentally preparing myself."

"Haha..." Yu Sha let out a sweet laugh. "Don't stress. It's just a game. We have many more games to play. There will be many chances for you to improve."

"Mm.." He nodded and threw the dart with perfect force and popped a balloon.

Yu Sha jumped in joy. "Remember the feeling. Just do the same for the rest."

"Mm..." He nodded again. Atlas score the last 3 darts and won a toy.

She clapped and laughs. She enjoys seeing people achieve like parents enjoy watching their child take the first step.

Atlas stole more gazes at his lady. She was busy paying for the next round, unaware of the hair strands covering her face. He was lost to his old self and unconsciously reached his hands out to remove the hair strands off her face as a dark miasma swept across his pupils.

'Should I just take you with me? Take you away from this world that brings you pain? Take you to a world where it's just the two of us?'

His action caught Yu Sha off guard. She gave a start and timidly flung her head.

Her movement brought Atlas back to himself, "I was afraid the hairs in your way might distract you."

She let out a cough, "Don't worry. I can throw this with my eyes close." But a part of her felt that moment when he looked at her was different. She couldn't wrap her fingers about the energy she felt from him just seconds before. Nevertheless, she moved her attention to the games.

Yu Sha and Atlas play a few rounds. She scored all 6 darts at once, while Atlas scored each individual dart. He wanted her to have the limelight, so he only scored one at a time to see her smiles.

They won several rounds and then the people in the back started complaining.

"Hey, leave some for us!"

"You military people with proper training shouldn't play citizens games." Someone shouted based on their assumptions.

Yu Sha stumped her hand on the counter and glared behind her, scaring all the people mute.

"I think we should go to the next booth. Leave some for others." Atlas coaxed. He didn't want her to cause a commotion and drew attention to them.

She snitched her teeth. "Mister, bag the toys for me."

The owner gladly bagged the toys. He didn't care if one person scored it all because the more they play, the more money he gets. These games aren't free. Though she was too good and he wouldn't make much profit, but he wouldn't lose money anyways. In the years he ran this business, rarely does a customer was as skillful as her. It was entertaining to watch.

Atlas took the bag from the owner. "Yu Sha, what are you planning to do with the toys." He assumed, she wouldn't be needing all the toys.

"I will play lots of games tonight and donate the toys to Harvest Shelter." She replied contently.

He smiled. "I see." That was why she wanted to play these games so she could give these toys away. She found ways to help people by enjoying the process.

"But... I need to figure a way to get these send to Harvest Shelter as I am going straight to the airport early tomorrow."

Atlas, couldn't wait to be of help to her. He offered, "Um... If you're okay with it, I can drop them off for you."

Her face lit up excitingly. "You can?"


She thought for a moment. "Okay. I will trouble you with this task." Now that Atlas volunteered to deliver the toys, maybe she'll play more games and win more toys.

The two walked around and played more games. They could barely haul their bags of toys anymore. Atlas finally called his people to come get the bag from him.

"My friends happen to be passing by and I asked if they could stop to help get these bags. Tomorrow, I will drop these off at Harvest Shelter for you."

"Your friends?" She was curious to see what his friends were like. Are they like him, a recluse?

"Mm.. they're only passing by." He wanted to clarify that they were only stopping by to pick up the toys so they may not have time to hang out.

Soon, something caught her eyes. She spotted a white stuffed owl animal with big round deep gold eyes. The instant she saw the owl, Hue Chi popped in her mind.

Haha... I found his doppelganger. Her mind exclaimed happily.

She walked up to the pebble shooting range and paid for a round. She scored perfection on all rounds and won some stuff animal but kept the white owl.

Atlas stared at the owl's face and eyes, and somehow a part of him felt irritated. The owl felt familiar.

That evening, Yu Sha and Atlas created a legend in the gaming blocks. Rumors of them spread among the booths and people, of a couple who swept all the games.

Soon, Atlas two friends arrived and took the bags from them. They greeted Yu Sha and assured they'll safely store the animals for Atlas and left.