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232 Somewhere In Her Hear

 She browsed the night market and tasted some famous street foods and came upon a small stage where a band was performing. Yu Sha loved karaoke and enjoyed watching live bands. She stopped to watch the band performed.

A little later, she felt thirsty and searched around for the closest drink vendor. Most of the vendors around have an indoor restaurant with an outdoor patio and all of them have a bar counter. She eyed one that was not as busy and squeezed among the crowds to the bar. She finally made up to the bar and waited for her turn.

A customer was waiting for their drink. The customer reached for its drink when the bartender brought it to the counter and paid for the drink. The customer turned to leave the bar counter and Yu Sha caught a glimpse of the customer on her right peripheral vision as she tried to catch the bartender's attention. Her eyes widened in shock, surprised of the familiar figure. The beautiful man, with shiny ruby eyes!

"Atlas!" She shouted surprisingly.

The corner of his mouth curved ever so slightly while his eyes sparkled reflections of the gentle warm spring breeze.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Checking out the place." She replied.


She nodded. "Mmm.."

"Do you want something to drink?" He assumed she wanted to get a drink was why she came to the counter.... or it could be predicted by him? Only he knew of this.

"Yes." She was excited to meet a friend out of the blue that she forgot to order her drink.

Atlas turned to the bartender, "Sir, give something for the lady. It's on me."

Yu Sha smirked an eye at Atlas with a smile, "You sure? I can pay for my drink."

"I'm sure."

"Do you come here frequently?" She asked. She only ever met him deep in the mountain. It was hard to imagine him associating with humanity. Somehow deep in her heart, there was a feeling of content and relief knowing that he wasn't all alone. Could it be she empathized with his past based of the feeling she felt when he spoke of the portrait he painted? Somewhere in her heart, there was a feeling that he had been alone for a long time.

Yu Sha got her drink, and the two walked among the crowds until they were far enough from the stage to a quieter area. She took a moment to study Atlas up and down. Her gaze made him nervous and bashful.

He joked, "Am I that handsome?"

"I was just thinking you looked nice. I've only seen you hidden deep in the mountain."

"Well thank you. I'm not a complete hermit. I do roam around a lot."

By this time, they both finished their drinks. Atlas searched for the nearest trash bin to throw their plastic cups away but Yu Sha was the first one to spot one. She offered to take his cup and throw away as he bought her the drink.

He declined her gesture. As a man who served her, how could he let her? They argued a few words and Yu Sha finally won when she secretly snatched Atlas cup and dashed towards the trash can. Atlas can't help but felt like they've gone back to their past lives even if she can't remember. Her smiles and quirky attitude was what he loved most.

Yu Sha and Atlas continued to stroll the streets catching up and talking of upcoming plans. Though she does most of the talking and asking while he does most of the listening observing her. The smiles on face, he hadn't seen for so long. He remembered they walked like this during a few festivals in their past. How he wished, he could take her with him at this moment.

Soon they arrived at the gaming area. Yu Sha wanted to play some games, but didn't want to haul the toys around as she is leaving home early next morning.

She smacked her lips finding herself in a dilemma. Then she heard a little child shouting a few booths ahead.

"Daddy, I want that one!" Pointing her finger to the toy she wanted.

Her eyes beamed as an idea popped in her mind.

She exclaimed happily."Atlas, let's win some toys."

"But... I'm not good. I may not win anything." He replied, not wanting to expose his true self.

"It's alright. I'll help you." She replied confidently.

She walked to a booth, the Balloon Dart challenge.

The balloons were filled with a small amount of airs, half the size of an adult fist. The balloons were soft and bouncy because of the small airs inside. The dart had to be thrown with enough force and precision to pop, otherwise, lack of force would just bounce the dart off. Few balloons were already popped by previous customers, but most are still intact.

"Mister, what's the rule?" Yu Sha asked.

"You have 6 chances. To win a toy, you must pop 4 in a row. Can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal."

"Fair enough." Yu Sha grabbed the 6 darts and threw them all at once, popping 6 balloons diagonally, wowing the people behind.

The crowds whispered among themselves.


"What kind of training does she has?"

"Is she from a secret organization?"

"Or could she be from the military who has gone through vigorous training?"

Yu Sha pays no heed to the comments. She asked, "Mister. Another one."

"Atlas, now you try. Throw one at a time." She knew he wouldn't be able to copy her. She had indeed has gone through vigorous training as a child.

"Ok." Atlas picked one dart and threw it. The dart missed the balloon.

She encouraged. "It's okay. Get a feel for it."

"Mm.. That was just a test." He pretended to be serious and threw the next one. The dart hit the balloon, but bounced off due to lack of force.

Her eyes sparkled of hope, she encouraged again. "Almost there, just need to put some force."