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231 Weird, Silly Family

 Mong Zong was a nerd who loved to fix and build devices. He was love-struck at first sight and set her as his ultimate goal.

As strong as she was, and known in their private secret sector academy as the top student, she kept everyone at a distance, refused to get close to anyone. She carried a heavy burden on her shoulder as her father's successor.

She knew that one day she would either take over his legacy or bore an heir to take over his legacy. Originally, she didn't care of the two as that time, being the strongest was all she could think of and was going with the flow of the fate prewritten by them for her.

She was not the only one whose life was prewritten in stone by their parents. Those who controlled the world had the same fate. One must always choose a partner with good genes and background to produce strong children to carry their legacy.

Because of that, Cao Huo was raised without much emotions, but to reach a goal only.

It wasn't easy for Mong Zong to break the cocoon shell she encased her heart in, but his silliness, kindness and persistency shattered all her vulnerabilities. He fought an entire army to marry her. She was worth everything. Thus, he doted on his children beyond was because they were the creation of his lovable wife and him. He referred his children as his little cupids and his wife was his angel.

Cao Huo reconfirmed, "Yu Sha, I'll see you tomorrow?"

She wasn't sure if she should go home, since Su Na was already home. But after seeing her mother and the incident with Hue Chi that night, she needed to go home and research her root.

"Mm... see you tomorrow too."

Before they hung up, Cao Huo shouted, "Yu Ping, find a nice brother-in-law for your sister. Otherwise, she will end up alone."

"MOM!" Yu Sha shouted unhappily. She doesn't need such distraction.

At the same time, Mong Zong also yelled, "NOOO! Yu Ping don't listen to your mother. Yu Sha, mom and dad will grow old with you." He then turned to his wife. "Darling, there are no other men out there more handsome than me, more dazzlingly than me. I refused anyone lower than me."

Yu Ping let out a conceited grin, "Except me. Mom and dad, what am I supposed to do with the awesome genes you both give me? Women flocked to me wherever I go. Agh... Just imagine in one more year, I'll be old enough to enter the adult world, bars, clubs, adult places.... Sis, you must be my bodyguard to keep those women away from me." Yu Ping was lost in his own fantasy.

Cao Huo cut off, "Yu Ping, make sure to bring home someone no less than me. Hohoho..."

"Yes sir!" Yu Ping replied sternly.

Yu Sha stood aside watching her family's weird, silly conversation. She prayed silently, thank you, lord, for making me the normal one in this family. She clasped her hands together to show her appreciations.

Yu Sha clicked the end button while Yu Ping was distracted imagining the fun-ness of the adult world.

"Hey! What you do that for?" He yelled.

Yu Sha shivered as she walked towards the food tray Yu Ping brought in.

"Ugh.. I'm losing my appetite the more I listen to you guys."

Yu Sha sat down and started eating. "Hey, you scanned the area yet?"

"Mm... I did. We'll keep what we originally planned. Is there anything else you want me to look at while you're away?"

"No. Watch the project to completion if Su Na and I aren't there." She asked Su Na to take a month away, but she also planned to find the identity of that mysterious woman. If something should happened to her, or if she was stuck somewhere, she wanted Yu Ping to take care of business although she knew that he'd do it even if she didn't ask him.

They both knew he was more than capable to take over if they both weren't available. Once they expanded, he was to independently take on projects by himself.

An unsettling feel flashed across his eyes, suspecting she may have known something related to her ailment? "Where are you going?"

"Nowhere. Just saying in case it took Su Na and myself longer than planned to be here."

Deep inside, Yu Ping knew his sister wouldn't blurt out something like this unless she suspected or foreseen something that might prevent them.

"My flight leaves super early tomorrow. I will pack this afternoon and go to the city." She didn't want to be stuck in traffic the next morning and be late to her flight. She was never a much of a morning person. It was hard as it is everyday.

"Mm.. I"ll see you soon."


Yu Ping walked away feeling unsettle at Yu Sha's words.

After updating Jake of the next few days, Yu Sha left to the city that afternoon. She only packed the essential as she was going home and most of her stuff were at home. She booked a room at a hotel in Starlight District, northeast corner of the city, known for its outdoor night market, shops, street food, open bars, and recreation activities.

She checked in at her hotel and grabbed a bite to eat at the restaurant on the first level. She didn't waste any time at all, as soon as she finished her meal, she rented the hotel bike to tour the area. There wasn't much to see during the daytime besides a flower maze park and biking trails alongside a big lake. For Yu Sha, it was more of exploring and seeing new places that excited her.

A few hours passed by when the sun hit the horizon, Yu Sha arrived back to the hotel and dropped off the bike to explore the night market. Her goal was to taste the food as much as her appetite can take.