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230 Video Call

 Butler Zeu who sat front passenger side, smiled. The Prince he raised should have felt this way growing up. He needed someone to make him forget his status, responsibilities, be silly and enjoy living the moment. Thanks to Yu Sha, the Prince's life was not black and white, but filled with prism colors.

He hoped that their journey wouldn't be a bumpy one if they wished to pursue each other. The prince has his full support. At first he thought the prince should at least experience dating and Yu Sha would be fine for that if he was interested in her.

Later, he came to see how much Yu Sha meant to his prince. Now, Butler Zeu know, that there was no one before her, or after her. It was either her or no one. If this was the case, he much rather she be in his prince's life than for him to be alone forever. He knew, the other boys felt the same. They all came to like her as she was someone whose mind was not tainted with hidden motives but simply that of kindness.

The next day, Yu Ping went out to greet the crew and supervised them. Since Su Na went home to care for her mother, he was not sure if Yu Sha planned to go home. But in case if she planned to, he wanted to standby in case she may need the day to wrap up some stuff before she fly back home.

He hopped from corner to corner and soon was standing at the very top of the construction site. He scanned around the premises to see if there was a need to adjust the security areas, where, and or if they needed to change the device type. After scanning the area, he put on his binoculars and scanned the nearby surroundings.

In the distance, he noticed something amiss at the top of the power tower. If he was relying on naked eyes, he wouldn't notice. He took a minute to study the tower.

Yu Sha had not woken up yet as she went to bed quite late. She felt at ease to sleep in because she knew Yu Ping will be present at the construction site in her place.

A couple hours later, Yu Ping came to her room and set the tray on his hand aside. He moved the blind to the side allowing sunlight to reach her.

Her eyes shut tighter from the stung of sunlight. She turned over to avoid the sunlight. "Mm... 10 more minutes." She mumbled.

Yu Ping went to the bathroom and wetted a towel in ice cold water. He brought the towel over to Yu Sha and cover the towel over her face. The sneak attack woke her up instantly and hissed at him.

"Is that how a boss is supposed to act like? It's almost three hours past work time." Yu Ping scorned.

"Hey I've been responsible every day. I'm only slacking off today because you're here. I knew you have my back." She smiled at him in an attempt to flatter him, hoping that he would let her off.

Still standing with his arms crossed and stern expression, he ordered, "Get up and wash up. I brought you food." He took after his father and tended to take good care of her health when it was just them. Even though she slacked off, he kept a stern schedule for her.

Yu Sha lazily pushed herself off the bed and proceeded to wash up. She does not like to eat cold food. Warm food tasted better to her.

While Yu Sha was washing up, her phone rang. Yu Ping glanced at the screen and saw the name. It's their mother! He accepted the video call in her place. On the screen, appeared a more mature looking Yu Sha, their mother!

Although in her 40s, her beauty was still blinding. She had pearly skin almost as if it was glowing and her eyes looked like it contained the entire cosmos. When she saw her son on the phone, her smile lit up.

"My handsome, where is your sister?" Yu Ping's ears turned red, and a smile crept on his face as he flashed the phone at the bathroom. Deep in his heart, he loved receiving compliments from his mother.

"I just woke her up. See for yourself." He replied haughtily and aimed the phone at Yu Sha.

Yu Sha was brushing her teeth when she noticed her mother on the screen. She rinsed her mouth hastily and rushed towards Yu Ping.

"Mamma, aren't you supposed to be back tonight?"

"Mm.. I rushed back to catch a little time with your father. Grandma will be in later."

Mong Zong came onto the screen and pecked his wife on the cheek. They always display their affection openly in front of their children to show love and compassion.

"Hello my cupids!" He greeted happily.

Yu Sha and Yu ping feel repulsed every time he called them cupids.

As children of them, Yu Ping and Yu Sha were used to their disply of affection. Their entirely family show affection openly, but Yu Sha was mostly raised by Mong Zong and competed with boys a lot. So she naturally acted tomboyish in her language and action. Even so, she still expressed her affection opening to those she cared deeply, like Su Na. She joked with Su Na all the time and talked without holding back, without a care of what others may think.

Mong Zong often bragged of their younger past when he chased and court Cao Huo. Her beauty mesmerized men, the young and old alike. Many tried to court her while some don't even have the courage to take a peek of her. Not only does she have eye blinding beauty, but she was very strong in combat, top of the pyramid. She was the idol everyone aspired to be, while some dreamed to have someone like her in their life.