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228 Broken Bed

 He leaned down to her ears and hushed. "Sshh... Do you want to be caught in this position?"

Her eyes flung open as she shook her head furiously, no!

'If the people outside saw us in this position, I will be barred from entering the country! If that woman saw us in this state, no matter how much I denied any relationship with him, I'll be the enemy of all the young women in this country!'

Yu Sha clenched her teeth and whispered in a low mad tone, "Aren't you still injured? Don't mess with me. I can easily re-open your wound."

He smiled and tempted her. He sealed her ability. All she had left was hand combat and brute force.  As long as he sealed her arms and legs, there was nothing much she can do. With him on top of her, the chance of her injuring him via physical fight seemed dim.

She looked quite enticing under neath him with her arms pinned above her head. Slowly, he leaned down closer and closer to her.

Her eyes widened thinking of what he was attempting. "You..."

He lined his face closed to hers barely kissing her. They could feel each other's heavy breathing from their brawl. Unable to stay in this position and look at him, she shifted her head slightly to the side.

Just when she shifted her head, she heard him spoke. "Thank you."

She was dumbfounded. Thanked her for what?

Originally, he wanted to test his theory by sealing her space travel before she used it. If it worked on her, it might work for the enemy as well. He rarely released his ability while in combat as it took twice the energy to fight and kept his zone on release mode. But his joy in life was to tease her, although he didn't have any ill intentions towards her, he still bully her so he can enjoy her expression and challenges.

"If you thanked me, then let me go. If you don't, I might really hurt you." She demanded.

"Actually, I'm 95% healed now. Everyone around tends to over-exaggerated. You want me to take off my clothes so you can inspect up close?"

She shook her head furiously to deny. The last thing she wanted was to see his naked body while he's on top of her!

Yu Sha closed her eyes and relaxed her body as she concentrated and garnered energy. She was annoyed that time after time, she kept losing to him, getting the short end of the stick when her entire life, she had always been a winner!

She was loved and supported, but not spoiled like most children. She has compassion and never relied on her parents to rescue her from trouble. She solved her own problems herself without relying on others. All and all, she was a person who never demands affection and attention. She knew her self worth and does not seek validations from others to feel good about herself.

Hue Chi felt that the surrounding energy differed from usual. Her aura was more calm, pure, and tame. Predicting she was attempting something dangerous, he leaned in to her earlobe and whispered, "I was only joking. I'll let you go."

Yu Sha open her eyes and studied Hue Chi. He slowly pushed himself up and off her. She quickly pushed herself up and scooted back towards the wall covering her chest with the blanket.

"Hey, you think if I really wanted to take advantage of you, would you still be in one piece now? I had plenty of opportunity to do so."

Still glaring at Hue Chi, "I don't believe you."

"Don't be so cute when you get all flustered. I find it hard to contain myself."

"Huh??" Yu Sha felt astounded. 'So, it's my fault he feels that way? What did I do?!'

Of course, what she did, only Hue Chi knew. She didn't realize her own charm. She was mainly raised by her father and surrounded by her brother and often threw gender differences out the window. She saw herself as a shining knight in armor. It wasn't until she met Hue Chi that she began to notice differences. It was only before him, she noticed that she was a woman when her ability was stripped away.

"Then let me go." She was referring to his zone. If he doesn't allow her to go, she wouldn't be able to leave. She hated this part about him the most. He'll put her in a bind and then suddenly pulled back saying he was joking. He stirred her emotions similar to how the moon control the flow of energy that caused the tidal waves.

Angered, she wrapped her legs around his neck and jerked him on the bed, at the same time twisting her body off the bed to land on top of him in an attempt to mount him on the bed. For once, she managed to get on top hoping to put him in submission mode. If she can control his back, she would have the upper advantage.

Hue Chi smiled at her attempt. She didn't have much brute energy, and he was taller than her. He could even do a push up with her on his back. It didn't take much for him to break free and get the upper hand. As they both struggles to be on top, their brute energy was too much for the bed and a leg of the bedframe broke sending a corner side crashing onto the floor. The noise alerted everyone guarding outside.

The broken bed startled both Hue Chi and Yu Sha. They looked at each other for a second. Hue Chi undo his zone and Yu Sha left in time as everyone come running in. What they saw puzzled them beyond. The bed sheets were all disheveled, the blanket hanging halfway off the bed, pillows lying on the floor and a broken bed frame leg. His clothes was a mess like someone had tried to rape him while he struggled to fight them.

Then not far from the bed was a beer can, half empty beer.