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227 Not Afraid Of Being Found

 In her panic state of wanting to get away, she asked for the door. She didn't have a destination where she wanted to be. The first two times when it worked because Hue Chi was her destination and she visualized him in her mind, so no matter where he is, the energy will take her to him.

Not sure if her conclusion was 100% correct, she thought of her room in the cruise. Poof! She saw the door only visible to her. She walked through the door and travelled through the space and through another door to her room. The door was now more solid than it was the first couple times.

To Hue Chi, it looked like she took a step and faded into nothingness.

Yu Sha arrived in her room and understood that she missed something that seemed so obvious. She sighed. "Damn... I owed him a thank you."

'If he didn't break down those questions to me, I would still be wrecking my brain.'

She wanted to test her ability a few more times. This time, she visualized his room this time and traveled through the door to his hospital room. She was there long enough to know the details of it.

Just as Hue Chi was feeling great that she truly thought of him and her feelings led her to him, Yu Sha appeared again.

She took a few seconds to observe him and the room and then nodded her head before leaving again. Yu Sha went back to her room in the ship and then back to Hue Chi's room. She nodded her head as she seemed to grasp the ability more and more. This time she wanted to test her ability further and visualized her bedroom back in Lyon. She walked through the door only visible to her and through the space to the other door and appeared in her room.

"Hmm...." She felt very impress of herself.

She walked towards her bed and sat down before looking at the clock. Aires was 5 hours ahead of Lyon. It was peak time and her father should be busy at the bar. She walked downstairs to the kitchen and pop a beer can open and gulped half of its content.

She was having the time of her life right now, jumping from place to place. She attempted to use her ability to see him one last time and thanked him for helping her learned to use her ability.

Hue Chi saw Yu Sha appeared holding a beer can. "Hey! If you're trying to make me miserable, you succeeded."

Seeing her out freely irritated him. One thing was that he was ill, not at full strength yet. Another thing was that he won't be able to track her if she left like that.

Dao Txu was at his post in the cruise and kept seeing her jump around in his tracking system.

Yu Sha paused to observe Hue Chi. "Why?"

She didn't know why he felt miserable. She just found a new ability she didn't know she has and was feeling merrily.

She could go visit Atlas in a blink of an eye. His place was far so if she traveled with her Light Technique, there was that possibility of being known and caught by other people with abilities. This new ability of hers would be the safest method. She can do lots of things with it, scaring people, freak out her normal friends, and give them nightmares.

Yu Sha imagined many things she could do the scare them. She grim devilishly as she played the limitless scenarios in her mind. "He he he..."

"Hey!" Hue Chi called as he watched her acting crazier.

Irritated that he disturbed her great idea flows, she turned to face him and clicked her tongue. "Tsch.. What's your problem?"

"Aren't you afraid of being caught?" She was forbidden to appear before him by the King, but here she was enjoying her new ability without a care.

"No." She felt she was not at fault and did was not wrong. She needn't be acting like a criminal. In fact she saved him. If they're grateful of what she did, they would throw her a feast. These are the people that will bite that hand that saved them. She shook her head disappointed.

"Who was the one that was acting crazy earlier because she was afraid of being found?"

She sighed before replying seriously. "Thank you for helping me earlier, for hiding me and helping figure out this new ability."

"So, if it wasn't originally because of me, you wouldn't have figured you could space travel?" He asked with a grin.

"What are you talking about?" To Yu Sha, certain ability was innate and stayed asleep within the person and may or may not awaken. So for her, she didn't give much thought to how she originally could use the ability but credited him for asking her those questions to help make her see what she needed to have in order to use it.

Hue Chi didn't see it that way. He felt that because of her desire to see him, she awakened her innate ability.

He gestured for her to go closer. Thinking maybe he didn't want to over speak and be heard by the guards, she obediently walked closer. As she approached him, she felt herself being pulled down suddenly and pinned under him.

Startled, Yu Sha tried getting away with her new found ability only to find out it wasn't working. "Why?"

Hue Chi grinned. He knew well why she couldn't get away. As long as he activated his zone before she used her technique, he could trap her in his reality. He thought of the possibility and wanted to test out. If this is the case for her, it might be the same for the enemy.

Yu Sha struggled to push him off. She shouted, "You!" Before she could continue, Hue Chi leaned in and covered her mouth while his other hand pinned her arms above her head.