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226 Assigned Important Task

 The sound of the doorknob rattled and turned. Yu Sha's heart dropped! There was no time to think! She hopped right next to Hue Chi and pulled the cover over them both. Her small petite stature framed perfectly next to Hue Chi, blending into the blankets, making it hard for anyone to notice a person under the blanket.

Hue Chi showed a satisfied smirk to which quickly went back to his natural stone face as the nurse and Kao Sheng appeared around the corner.

She was left in charge of guarding her prince. Even though she was assigned with such important tasks, she only gets to see him when it was time for doctors and nurses to do their checkups. Otherwise, unless there was an important message to relay, she has no reason to be in the same room as him as it would seem inappropriate.

The nurse carried a tray of medicine and a glass of warm water accompanied by Kao Sheng. The nurse put the tray on the high rolling table and pulled it closer to the Prince.

Hue Chi gestured for the nurse to stop. He didn't want them to approach closer and assisted him. He had an important person next to him that must be kept hidden. He scooted to a sitting position and reached for the medicine himself. He popped the pill in his mouth and followed it with water.

Although Kao Sheng stood behind the nurse, her gazes fixated only on her prince. She observed his condition, and he seemed to be recovering well. He was given top advanced medical treatment and medicine to help speed up cell formations to close and healed wounds. It would only be matters of a couple days and the wound will be completely healed.

In this moment, she only saw him that nothing else entered her vision. She didn't noticed anything odd next to him.

The nurse carried the tray and head towards the door. Kao Sheng reluctantly followed the nurse.

"Kao Sheng." Hue Chi called coldly.

The nurse and Kao Sheng stopped and turned to face Hue Chi.

Kao Sheng quickly bowed while her heart pounded erratically as he called her name. The tone of his voice melted her heart. She feels so happy being called by him. She answered hastily, "Yes, my Lord."

"I want to rest. No one should be allowed to come in for the next 2 hours, not even the King and Queen." He ordered in a serious tone.

"Understood." She found it peculiar that the workaholic Prince wanted to rest but complied anyway. Maybe the injury really took a toll on him?

The nurse and Kao Sheng walked out and close the door. As soon as Yu Sha heard the doorknob click, she sprung up into a sitting position pushing the blanket off and exhaled a breath of relief.

She thought she was going to suffocate, not sure if it was from being so close to him or from the heat of being trapped under the blanket, then she remembered she has more pressing issue. She can't return the same way she came.

Hue Chi was still gazing at her thinking how naïve she was. If one day she realized that he always led her around and took advantage of her in times of her vulnerability, she might punish him and severely too.

Yu Sha noticed Hue Chi's warm gaze and realized that she was still on his bed, her body touching his. She hastily got off the bed feeling bashful... "Umm..."

Without averting his gaze from her nor blinked, he interrupted her, "What's not working?"

She finally remembered! Her tone serious, she explained. "Remember how I found you?"


"That night, it suddenly got very cold which woke me up. I got up to adjust the thermostat but then saw a silhouette shadow looming in from the balcony to which I went out to check and saw a man in a mask."

He nodded to let her know that he followed her but one thing didn't feel right. She wouldn't wake up if her life was in danger but woke up because she felt cold?! He looked at her speechless. Nothing woke her up but coldness does! He made a mental note of this because one day it may come in handy.

"We exchanged words, and he said you suddenly disappeared with an enemy before his eyes. Naturally, I got worried. So... I wanted to follow to where ever you are."

His gaze and smile warmer. "You're worried? Why?" Although happy, he wanted to confirm and hear from her directly. She has been the tsundere type towards him, yet from time to time, allowed her good-hearted personality to shine through. When he was in danger or potentially could be sick, her empathetic nature kicked in.

She hissed and slammed her palm on the bed. "Tsch. I'm being serious here!" She didn't have time to play. She needed to figure this out so she could leave. Otherwise she would be stuck here with him. This was no joking matter.

He smiled, apologized and asked her to continue. "So, what happened?"

She continued, "Just as I was thinking of going where you were taken to, I saw a space door in front of me. Naturally, I went towards the door and appeared near to where you were. At the time you were already in danger, so I rushed towards you as fast as I could."

"How about just earlier when you came here?" He asked. He assumed after what happened, she wanted to test out the ability.

"So, then I attempted again to see if it was a fluke that one time... and here I am."

"Hmm.. I see. So how did you succeed this time?"

"Same thing. I thought I should come to clear things with you."

"And what did you think of earlier?"

"I wanted to get away." As soon as she finished, she came to a realization why it didn't work earlier.