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225 New Ability

 The most pressing matter right now was figuring out how she reached him. "How did you find me?"

Yu Sha wasn't aware of the new ability. She had not used it before nor knew that she could. How was she supposed to answer his question when she doesn't know herself? She circled her eyes around the room, unsure of how to answer him.

From her reaction, he understood that she doesn't have an answer for him. She does not have to answer him even if she knew the answer, but curiosity got the better of him so he asked. Soon, he spoke. "Thanks for saving me."

She nodded in acceptance of his thanks. "Your father forbids me around you. I can't have him replace SNYS Consultant. This job means a lot to Su Na. Although I don't know who were after you or me in this case, I wanted you to know, I wouldn't harm you or anyone, unless they have ill intention."

Butler Zeu had given him the gist of what his King Father said to Yu Sha. Could she be here to clear her name? "Mm... I'm sorry for how my parents treated you."

"It's okay. Their reaction towards me didn't bother me a bit. I'm more bothered by the identity of the mysterious person." She understood the Royal couple's reaction. Sometimes, parents often over react when it related to matters of their children. She could say the same about her parents, but her parents were more level-headed than the Royal Couples for sure!

He expected this much. He would be more surprised if she knew the mysterious woman, but as he guessed, she doesn't know. She lived an ordinary life and assumed her life was peaceful up until she met him... He finally realized that he made her life uneventful for his own pleasure. She was an innocent person, unaware of his scheme.

They have been reborn many times and never on the same side, never as ordinary people. It was like a curse that repeated itself in a cycle that doesn't have an end.

If he could choose, he much preferred to have only a single life, as long as he get to have her from beginning to end. That itself, was a much fulfilling life than to only meet her briefly, love deeply and then lose her in the repeated cycles of loss and separation.

Sometimes want and reality aren't the same. If he could, he wanted her to stay out of all these problems, but will she if he asks her?

"I will let you know when I find out more." She added.

"Yu Sha, you don't need to do anything. I'll have my men take care of everything." He doesn't want her to get deeper into this mess.

She scanned him up and down and observed his state before uttering, "Who among your men can land a punch on them?"

He was invisible, she couldn't do anything against him, but when facing the mysterious enemy, she was the only one who can fight on pars with them. When the formidable commander was out of commission, who among his subordinates could face off the enemy?

She didn't have too much faith in him in this situation. Plus, she didn't know if the enemy was an enemy of her family. She wanted to find out, and that was to involve herself. If the enemy is, then she was equally to blame for Hue Chi's injury.

Hue Chi replied irritably, "Hey, are you looking down on me because I'm sick here?"

She replied arrogantly, "I'm only talking of truth."

Tsch... He let out a laugh... why is her blunt, arrogant demeanor so cute?

Suddenly, their conversation was interrupted by knockings on the door.

"Prince, it's time for your medicine. May I come in?" A voice of a young female asked from the other side of the door.

Startled, Yu Sha attempted to leave. She took a few seconds to concentrate to bring out the flimsy invisible door. She opened her eyes and saw no invisible door visible! Her eyes widened, bewildered why it was not working this time? She reached her arms out to pat the empty space around her confused as she paces frantically looking for a place to hide.

She attempted again and concentrated for the door to come out. Again, the door was nowhere to be seen. "Ahh... Nothing?"

Hue Chi observed Yu Sha panic frantically and smiled. He found her expression quite cute. He guessed, however she came in must not be working for her this time.

She looked at Hue Chi, her eyes pleaded for help and whispered loudly, "It's not working! I'm not supposed to be here." She didn't want to get caught. Using Light Technique to go out the door and window would breach security and that should be used as last resort.

Yu Sha eyed the curtains for hideout but the curtain wasn't long enough. She scanned the room, there was practically no place to hide. It was then she noticed the restroom. She entertained the thoughts of hiding in there. But the bathroom door was by the hallway of the door and there was a see through window at the door. They would notice her! "It's not going to work."

Another round of knocks followed by a voice, "Prince, may I come in?"

Yu Sha became even more nervous. She stared underneath the hospital bed and observed the tiny gap underneath.

Hue Chi knew what she was planning. He shouted, "You can't go underneath."

There was no way he would allow her to crawl under the tiny space!

"Why? I can't leave. I need to hide." She whispered nervously.

He flung open the blanket and patted next to him. She felt stupefied!

"Huhh?? Something wrong with your brain?"

The Royal VIP hospital suite was not like the ordinary hospital suite. The chairs, couch, tables, hospital bed, pillow case and blankets are made of high-end materials and unique design. The blanket was thick but lightweight and encased with silk gold outer layer case.

He knew she would blend in perfectly under the blanket, next to him. He felt quite satisfied having her next to him.