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222 No Fright, No Fear

 While wrapping Hue Chi's body, Yu Sha asked nervously. "This is only temporary. Do we have doctors here? Should I take him to the hospital? Or should I bring a doctor here?"

PengXu paused. "You can move fast with him?"

She replied. "Not as fast but faster than any moving vehicles."

"You take him. The nearest hospital is halfway from here and the city where your men was once treated."

Yu Sha remembered that was the hospital her shoulder was treated, and also how she got caught coming back when she chased down three men in the woods. Unbeknown to her, one of those three men was right in front of her. She was too occupied to think other things than the safety of Hue Chi.

Grabbing holds of his arm and side supported him would be too uncomfortable for her petite stature and uncomfortable for his tall figure. So, she hugged him, wrapping her arms around his waist, allowing him to naturally fall onto her shoulder.

Hue Chi, although in pain and unwell, moved his arms to wrap around her body as tight as his fading strength allowed him to. He was alerted enough to know that he longed to hug her this way. Just the thought that she hugged him first was enough for him even if she did it out of duty.

Yu Sha could feel their front touching each other. His broad tone chest was rubbing against her chest. Warmth crept in her heart. She quickly suppressed her mind of any weird thought. This was to save a life. To save a life.

She tightened her grips around him making sure he doesn't fall off when moved and whispered to him, "Hold tight onto me just for a moment. It won't be long."

Though injured and strength draining, hearing her told him to hold tight onto her made a corner of his mouth curved up. "I won't hold just for a moment. I'll hold you forever." His fading mind replied.

She took off when she felt he was safely secured in her arms.

Not long later, Yu Sha arrived at the hospital. Hue Chi's men already notified the staff. They were expecting his arrival. They have also prepared the best doctors on hand along with top advanced technology to save him.

Yu Sha handed Hue Chi to the hospital staff. They carefully took him off her. She watched them wheeled him away. She sighed a breath of relief and now had time to think other things. If she remembered correctly, the man in disguise earlier felt similar to the man she saw fighting two other men last time. She helped him so he owed her an explanation.

A few seconds later, she appeared at the rooftop. She wanted to ask the man, but it'll take them a while to arrive. After she cooled down, she went back inside and waited outside of the operating room.

Currently, she was the only one waiting to hear the news from the doctor. She knew he would definitely be okayed as he had strong constituent. Plus, being treated by the best people and top medicine, his recovery would be fast. She was knowledgeable enough about medical treatment as she had her own experiences with hospital. Her parents provided her the best when she was younger.

Soon, the King and Queen came running down the hall. They took the helicopter, so they arrived before everyone else.

Upon their arrival in front of the operating room, they saw Yu Sha standing, her clothes stained in blood. Furious that the root cause of her son's serious injury was all because of Yu Sha, the Queen dashed forward and swung her hand to slap Yu Sha. She acted on impulse and not on fact check. She wasn't fond of Yu Sha from the beginning so naturally, it was the perfect time to vent her anger at Yu Sha.

Yu Sha grabbed her hand and glare at the Queen and pushed her hand away. Her glare was fierce enough to silence those nearby.

The Queen gasped and tumbled a few steps back towards her husband.

The action startled not only the Queen but King and the bodyguards around.

"What... How dare she? My Lord, did you see that? How rude and disrespectful she is?!" The Queen complained unhappily as if she was innocent.

"Detain and interrogate her!" The King ordered loudly sending echoes throughout the hall.

All the guards surround and corner Yu Sha to the wall.

Yu Sha rubbed her temples. Aghh.. The idiot went and got himself a dangerous enemy which he can't handle and now his family turned against her who saved him. Should she allow herself to be detained so she could interrogate the bodyguards? What is the possibility of them knowing about the Prince's enemy?

Her eyes show no fright, no fear, but eyes of schemer. Her expressions caution the guards and the King. She was one odd person who does not look cornered. What is she? The King tried to grasp Yu Sha's expression.

Suddenly someone pushed through the guards surrounding Yu Sha. He stood in front of her and knelt down facing the Royal couple. He face was still behind the mask to disguise his identity.

"I apologized for my rudeness. May the King punish me wherever he sees fit? The miss here saved the Prince in my presence. If it wasn't for her..." He couldn't imagine the thought of his Lord dying. But that sentence was enough to let everyone else imagine the worse possible.

"What?!" The Queen shouted unbelievably, that this woman save his son. She swung her head to look at Yu Sha, a weakly looking woman saved her son?

The King signaled his hands for the guards to get back in place and let Yu Sha free. He glared at PengXu who was kneeling and command. "Follow me."

PengXu followed the King to another private room. Yu Sha wanted to ask him a few questions but at this point, she had to wait.

In the private room, PengXu gave a report.