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221 Mysterious Person

 Bedtime rolled around. Yu Sha felt exhausted every time Hue Chi was around. He found things to get her riled up. That took too much energy. She tossed a few times and soon fell deep asleep without a worry.

Late into the night when the lights were out, outside, mists formed and before long, the mists got denser. The temperature dropped below zero, crystallizing the sea surface. Everything felt so quiet as if there was no beings alive.

Yu Sha tossed and turned in discomfort, similar to the few times she had unpleasant dreams.

Approaching her, a hand with black shiny finger nails reached for her face.

Quietly, she lunged her hand into Yu Sha's face. An inch before the hand reached Yu Sha, a blow came out of nowhere, intersecting the hand. Another kick pushed the figure away from Yu Sha. She was a deep sleeper. Her most vulnerable moment was when she is sleeping.

Before the mysterious person could react, another kick forced the mysterious person to the wall through to the other side and out to the sea. The figure didn't smash into the wall but dematerialized through.

The sea surface had crystalized so the mysterious person could stand on top of the sea. The person regathered to face the culprit who was powerful enough to break the barriers was placed around the vicinity.

Standing on top of Yu Sha's balcony rail was Hue Chi. His posture tall, crossing his arms, and expressionless almost as if he knew he already won this fight. His eyes were so cold, colder than the ice that had frozen the sea surface.

"Who are you?" He asked icily. His glares could pierce through a comet. Just when he got a good glance, the mysterious person was a woman? Did the woman came for Yu Sha? Why? She grew up in the light, had no mysterious enemies, unless this woman was enemies of her parents?

The mysterious woman glared back, unblinking before she slowly opened her mouth and spoke coldly.

"Hm.. Just like before. I will see this to the very end and see if you can protect her." The second before she finished her last word, Hue Chi vanished and reappeared right in front of her and land another kick. She blocked the kick and retreated, giving enough distance. The surroundings changed instantly. The clouds are below them and the ground above them but the ground felt like water ripples.

Hue Chi asked icily again, "Who are you?" He had not felt this kind of power before. This presence and feeling are a first. Was she the leader of the unknown organization that has been targeting the royal family? But that doesn't make sense. Why would they go after Yu Sha who had no ties to the royal? So she must not have any ties with the organization.

Hue Chi glared at the woman and demanded loudly, "State your purpose!"

The woman broke out an evil curdling laugh. "Hahahaha... I want her to perish eternally!"

That cold piercing scream sounded deafening and destroyed one's ears if they hear. So much darkness and hatred behind the words spoken.

She released an energy ring that whipped eternally slicing through Hue Chi's waist immobilizing him.

Hue Chi struggled to release his energy. One downfall of his ability was that he needed to release it before the enemy released theirs. He wasn't able to cancel out her immobilized spell.  He froze unable to move while the mysterious woman walked step by step closer to him. There are moments when she looked at him endearingly and moments when she looked at him angrily almost as if there are two personality fighting within her.

She sneered and asked angrily, "You love her huh?"

Hue Chi didn't hesitate to reply. "If I only have one life, I would give up this one life just for her."

Hearing this, the woman laughs hysterically. A black tear drop flow down her eye. She flew fast forward and pierced her hand through Hue Chi's chest.

Hue Chi felt the impact of the strike but before neither one could react, a sword made of pure energy slashed the mysterious woman's arm in half. Black blood gushed out, and she retreated. No one should be able to invade her space!

She put a distance before taking a good look. The person was her immortal enemy, Yu Sha!

'How? How was she able to enter the barrier?'

Hue Chi pulled out the detached arm and slump down to his knee. Blood gushed out from his chest. He took a critical blow, which he didn't foresee in his calculation.

"Hue Chi!" Yu Sha shouted nervously. She then glared at the mysterious woman! "Bitch! Who are you?!"

The woman laughed hysterically again and then disappeared. The surrounding disappeared, bringing Yu Sha and Hue Chi back to their reality. The ice started to melt off from the sea surface.

Yu Sha realized they are on top of the sea surface not far from the ship. She quickly rushed to aid Hue Chi and carried him back to her balcony where PengXu was waiting in disguised.

They got off the surface just in time before the ice melted.

Blood seeped through his wound and stained not only his clothes but Yu Sha's as she carried him back to her place.

PengXu has never seen his Lord injured this bad! He felt nervous not sure how he should face the King and Queen if something bad happened to the Prince.

"My Lord!" He rushed forward to support Hue Chi to lie down.

PengXu dashed to the cabinet and took out the first aid box. He has to stop the bleeding while someone called for help.

Hue Chi had not lost consciousness yet and was still alert enough to not collapse.

Yu Sha knew that PengXu intended to wrap the wound and stop the bleeding. She assisted PengXu, grabbed the gauze to cover the wound and wrap around the body while PengXu supported his Lord.