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219 Find Those Men

 Su Na screen captured photos of those men and sent those to her phone. She had her own plan to identify and go after them.

Keo poked his head through the door crack, feeling nervous. Su Na was one who does not get mad easily, but when she does, she cannot be stopped. She can be scary when it was matters related to her mother and grandma. She lived her life proud and prideful. Must be the influence from Uncle Mong Zong. Keo instantly feel depressed. He felt scared to confront and approach them.

"Ah.. both the girls are proud and prideful. Both girls are scary in their own way."

When Keo saw Su Na turned off the monitor, he ran out to his car. Though he was nervous, from guessing what she was going to do and from knowing something of her family, he called her to probe what she was doing. He doesn't want her to know yet that he knew.

"S.. Su Na! Where are you? Why aren't you at the hospital?"

"I have urgent matters to attend. I'll see you later." She hung up the phone before getting into the car and sped off.

Leo got in his car and followed Su Na before her car vanished into the distance. He couldn't help but felt nervous of what she might be up, and that could be something dangerous. He didn't know the history of what happened to Su Na's mother. The news was shocking and knowing how she is, he guessed she planned to go after those men. She rarely asked for help unless she has way out. Was she going to do this alone?

After some times, Su Na came upon a shady, run down house.

Leo witnessed Su Na went inside the shady, run down house. He snapped a picture of the place and send it to his trusted aid, who was supposed to be a bodyguard, but he doesn't use the bodyguard like one.

"Beni, find out what's this place."

After sending the picture, Leo tiptoed around looking for a spot to eavesdrop. He walked around the place but didn't find a spot to eavesdrop. He could not hear through walls or door. The only thing he could do was poked through the window corner to see what room of the building Su Na was in. He didn't see either her either or who she was meeting.

Leo paced around impatiently, not sure to invade the place or wait secretly.

Inside the house, Su Na stared eye to eye with an older man who seemed to be in his 40s. He has long dread locks and unshaved beard. She pulled out 4 envelopes and threw one on the table.

"This first envelope is deposit. Find out the identity of these men and then you get the second envelope." She observed the man's facial reaction and then continued. "Find out who hired them to kidnap a pregnant woman 22 years ago if you want the third envelope."

Su Na inched closer to the table, her eyes unwavered, she whispered, "If you bring them to me, the check inside the envelope is yours. You can live comfortably for the rest of your life."

"Yo Missy. Killing is against my motto."

"I only asked you to bring them to me, not kill them. If you can bring them to me, your task is over. You will not be responsible for anything that happened after that."

"What do you plan to do with them?" The man asked.

"What I do with them is none of your business."

Su Na sent the photos to the man's phone and got up. "I hope to hear good news." She exited the room and out the house to her car.

Leo hid around the corner when he heard the sound of the inner door opened.

As he hid, he received a reply from Beni. The owner of the house does odd detective jobs without proper licensing. Su Na probably found him in the dark web.

He watched Su Na drove out of sight before approaching the entrance.

"Today must be a good day. Another customer?" The man spoke when he saw Leo.

"Mister, I want to know what the lady just left ask you to do." Leo went straight to the point.

The man replied, "I can't tell you. That violate the Miss privacy matter."

Leo glared at the detective man and ordered. "You will tell me."

The man rejected. "Who are you? Why should I tell you?"

Leo looked around observing the place like he owned the world. "You're doing this kind of job without a proper license, I could report you." He threatened.

The man pulled back and stuttered, "Wh.. who are you?" He has been running this kind of business for years. All the customers don't care of such things as long as he completed the task.

"My identity you don't need to know, but I am that Missy's friend."

"If you're her friend, why does she come to me?"

"Tsch!" Leo feels irritated. Su Na should've asked him for help. He lent her VIP class limos and his favorite car and she kept him in the dark. Just thinking about it makes him angry and offended.

"She brought you pictures of two men. I can give you twice of what she gives you if you give me those pictures."

Leo thought of researching about those men in the picture if he could get his hand on them.

Something doesn't feel right to the older man. 'Could it be that this arrogant dude here is stealing work from me? But if so, he wouldn't offer me twice as much. Is he bluffing?' The older man studied Leo.

"What are you going to do with those photos?"

"Don't ask too much question. Are you giving them to me or not? If you don't, I'll shut down your place." Leo smiled devilishly.

The older man shook up, "What are you? Are you from the police?"