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218 Vengeance

 At the Herr's Hospital in Lyon, Su Na's mother regained consciousness. Su Na's grandmother was at the bedside and when she noticed her daughter woke up. She earnestly held her daughter's hand with great concerns in her eyes.

"Du Xi? What happened to you?"

"Mom?" Du Xi's conscious became clearer by the minute.

Teardrops rolled down Su Na's grandmother's face. "What happened to you?" With all the medical treatments, her daughter was supposed to be completely better.

The doctors couldn't find anything abnormal other than the speculation that she may have experienced shocks. What could possibly shocked her daughter so bad to have such an extreme panic attack? No matter how old one's child get, in their eyes, their child will be a baby to them forever. Su Na's grandmother made herself live this long because she knew her daughter had no one and needed her.

She felt sad that she was a widowed and powerless to help her daughter obtained a bright future. Though when her daughter married the Song's heir, she knew that life would be tough. Never did she expect that tough was an understatement but life was hell.

Su Na was walking back to her mother's suite after picking up some nutritious food and drinks for her grandma and mother. She quietly let herself in not wanting to disturb her mother but before she closed the door, she heard her mother's voice trembling.

"They came into the shop."

"Who?" Su Na's grandma asked.

"The men who kidnapped me over 22 years ago."

Su Na knew that something bad happened to her mother while her mother was pregnant with her. She had a hunch it could be related to her father's second wife. But she wasn't able to get solid evidence, but she had her own speculation.

Her grandma asked, "Where did you see them?"

"Two of them stopped by the shop." Du Xi cried and trembled in her mother's arms.

Su Na could hear the terror in her mother's voice.

Du Xi cried while grasping her mother's hand. "Mother, it's been over 22 years, why am I still so weak just seeing them?" She thought her nightmares would heal over time, but time heals nothing! Just the sight of them brought her so much terrors and painful memories.

Su Na haven't close the door completely when she heard the conversation between her mother and grandma.

Leo walked over with a bouquet and fruit basket about to enter but stopped when he saw Su Na through the small glass window on the door. She stood still and her eyes filled with rage. He too quiet and listened. He heard the conversation between the two grown women in the room, which brought his memory to the time when Su Na asked for his help. She asked for first class VIP limos and his red car for her.

The woman who looked scary and serious all the time, carry an unspeakable burden, protecting the people she cherished. Her mother and grandmother were her everything, a bond that no heaven could break.

Su Na's hand balled into a fist so tight that her nails dug into her skin. A strong surge of angers swelled in her heart, she was quietly wheezing for airs. If she doesn't get out now to cool down, she'll lose her sanity.

Seeing Su Na moved, Leo quickly ran to hide around the corner, just in time when Su Na walked out.

Leo noticed that there was no trace of humanity left in Su Na's eyes. She looked like a corpse with no emotions.

Unaware of her surroundings, in front of her, she saw nothing but hatred and vengeance. Su Na left the hospital and headed for the florist shop.

Nervous for having a gist understanding of Su Na's situation, Leo felt he had to do something.

"What are you doing?" Someone called behind him, making Leo jumped.

Noticing it was Keo, Leo hushed. "Shhh...."

Keo looked around, "What?" Why are you being so secretive?"

Leo forced the flower bouquet and fruit basket onto Keo's arms. "Here, you go visit aunt and grandma first. I just remember there is something urgent to do."

With that, Leo left in a flash following after Su Na. He needed to know what she was scheming. He was afraid of the worse thing possible.

"What? Why is he so weird?" Keo shook his head unable to understand Leo sometimes before proceeding to Su Na's mother's suite.

Su Na drove like a maniac and arrived at the shop. She went in through the backdoor to the back room to turned on the surveillance monitor. The goal was to find the people her mother saw before her mother went into panic attack. If she can identify them and get her hand on them, she could get solid evidence on who was behind them. Though, she has her own speculations, she needs solid evidence to bring them down and openly declared her mother's innocence.

After she landed her first project, she had surveillance cameras setup around the shop and inside so she could keep an eye on her mother and grandma from time to time. It was the only way to keep her mind at ease to help her focus on work. Su Na browsed the file to the day her mother saw those men.

A few days ago, while her grandma was taking out the trashes, two men entered the shop. Her mother was assorting flowers bouquet for a delivery when she heard the doorbell rang.

The men walked towards her direction. She turned around to greet them but as they approached her, she realized who the men were. The horrific memories flooded her mind. The flower bouquet fell on the floor and she soon staggered searching for the table nearby to support herself. In her unsteady posture, her hand hit a flowerpot off the table, created a crashing sound.

Su Na's grandma walked in from the back door in time to hear the crashing noise. Not knowing what happened, she yelled from the backdoor asking if everything was okayed. The yelled scared the men who then ran out before getting detected. They thought she was alone, but wasn't expecting others to be in the shop from the back.