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216 Annoying Bastard

 Her face firmer. She replied as if she was under no obligation to answer. "Who are you? Why should I tell you when I don't even know who you are?"

The girl took a stuttered loss for words. In fact, she had no right to demand an answer. She wanted to ask Yu Sha how Yu Sha attain success and caught the Prince interest and then asked for their relationship but pride got the better of her the moment she saw Yu Sha.

She had an impressive background, took lessons, trained since at a young age. She felt she did well throughout her life. She lacked nothing. As for Yu Sha, someone who grew up in an ordinary household, how was Yu Sha so much different from her that the prince would keep her close. And the first thing she saw Yu Sha, she demanded to know their relationship.

Yu Sha glared at the girl giving off an intimidating aura. What she hated most was being interrogated by unknown strangers. Feeling overwhelmed by Yu Sha's glared, she backed one more step before looking down.

Now Yu Sha felt like she was bullying the weak when the girl stepped back. She sighed and walked closer to the girl and inspected her from head to toe. "I assume you like the Prince?"

The girl blushed not answering. But her expression already gave the answer to Yu Sha.

"Whoa..." she shook her head before muttering to herself. "That idiot Prince must have many admirers? How could anyone like someone as annoying as him? My mind just couldn't find any justification."

Hearing Yu Sha scrutinized the Prince, the girl retorted. "He... he's annoying? Don't look down on him." She found it hard to believe someone found the Prince annoying and even bad mouthed him.

"Ahh... Everyone must be blind because he's a Prince." Yu Sha shook her head in disappointment. How could they like someone solely based on status and not personality? He was a wicked prince and took advantage of her. He was not as pure and clean as what everyone thought he was. Yu Sha shook her head disappointed that these people was duped by him.

The meeting continued for a little more before it ended. Hue Chi left Aires Royal Corporate Square and headed straight for the cruise.

It was when he sat in the car that he got an update from Dao Txu. "Shesha is here confronting the Miss." Hue Chi's eyes widened of the news and he called Dao Txu to hear the current update.

Sitting on top of the deck, overlooking the construction site, Dao Txu leisurely enjoyed a nice meal under the gorgeous sun. When his phone rang and saw the name on the screen, his face perked excitingly. "My Lord. Don't worry. I tapped most of the places the Miss tend to be at. I can tell you exactly what was happening based on the voice recorder."

Some of those tables have voice recorder ingrained in them and not a foreign object glued onto the object. The recorder was a very small chip. Unless one shattered the object into pieces, it was hard to tell.

"Speak." Hue Chi command irritably. The one thing about Dao Txu that annoyed him was Dao Txu has a tendency to ramble on too much.

"Shesha arrived and demanded, what's your relationship with the Prince? The Miss didn't budge and said that idiot Prince have too many admirers. She can't understand how anyone like someone so annoying." Dao Txu continued giving real time updates of the situation.

Finally, after some times, Shesha left with her driver and the bodyguard. She left with tears in her eyes. She didn't get the answer she needed but accusation of the prince.

Yu Sha was dumbfounded. All she did was bath mouthed the Prince. Was it too much for her to take? She felt like she just committed a sin. Feeling frustrated, she shook her head furiously. She just made a girl cry by badmouthing the girl's crush.

Suddenly, the phone buzzed. The phone buzzing distracted Yu Sha. She reached for the phone and answered hastily. She saw it was Su Na calling to which she assumed must be update about Su Na's mother.

"Oh Su Na. How's auntie?"

"She's in a stable condition. She's not up yet."

"Mm.. thanks for the update. Hope auntie recovers quickly. Don't worry about work here and stay until auntie feels better."

"Mm... thanks. I'll probably be here until mom is better."

"Okay. Don't stress out too much. Call me if you need anything. I'll fly to you in a flash no matter how far I am."

"Hahaha.. Don't be stupid."

"Hey... I'm being sincere."

"Okay, got it. Talk to you later."

Okay, bye." Yu Sha hung up on her end and sat the phone back on the table. "Good thing auntie is stable. Guess I won't have to go home then."

Soon the cruise workers came out to deliver lunch for the crew. They gave Yu Sha her portion first before heading towards the end of each half to drop off lunch.

While eating, the conversation with the girl earlier invaded her mind. Were the words she said too mean? The girl claimed that the Prince is cool, composed, smart, and so divine.

All she did was told her the truth of her experience with him. He was a dirty mind bastard, who annoyed her constantly whenever he was around. Although he was decent from time to time, like that one time he lost his composure, searching for her when she went for a leisure hike.. When she finished that sentence, the girl took off crying.

Yu Sha sighed and pushed the food aside. "I'm losing my appetite because of that bastard of a prince."

Suddenly, a voice asked from behind, "Who's the bastard of a prince?"

Yu Sha turned around and to her nightmare, the bastard of a prince was smiling dazzlingly while exuding airs that screamed punishment for her.