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215 Whats Your Relationship

 Yu Sha escorted Su Na to the airport. It is almost time for her to go home, but Su Na's mother came first. If worse case come, she'll fly back home for a few days to visit Su Na's mother and have Yu Ping hold down the fort.

The next day, Yu Sha explained to the crew that Su Na had to take a sudden leave home for family emergency. SNYS Consultant's office assistant may be here to overseas in the case she, too, has to leave for a few days.

While everyone else was working, Yu Sha sat on the table outside the ship, looking over at Su Na's empire draft and all the contractors she, herself drafted. 'Su Na worked so hard all her life to build this dream for auntie. If something should ever happen to auntie, Su Na's world would crumble down. It was her only purpose in life.'

The more Yu Sha thought about it, the more depressed she felt. She sighed and pushed everything aside and leaned her head on her hand looking out to the distance spaced out.

Dao Txu knew how to play with people's emotions. He was best at psychological warfare. With his high spec camera, he snapped a picture of Yu Sha looking distress and sent it to his Lord.

Prince Hue Chi was currently in a monthly meeting with the Social Elite Circle when his phone beeped. In front of the men and his King father, he interrupted the meeting by looking at the phone.

Since leaving Dao Txu and PengXu to keep tabs on Yu Sha, Dao Txu often updated him everything around the clock. So, he had gotten into the habit of checking his phone every time it beeped.

On the message was a picture of Yu Sha gazing into the distance as if she was lost in her own world no one could reach. Below the picture was a short message, 'The Miss has been sighing and distracted all morning. What could possibly cause her to look sorrowful?'

Hue Chi's distant, unwavering eyes softened as he gently brushed his thumb over her face on the screen. Although it was brief, a split seconds only, most men in the room understood the look in his eyes. They all are perceptive just as much, as being in their position in society required them to be so. They had never seen that expression not even the King. Everyone automatically guessed, it was related to Yu Sha.

Dissatisfied, the King spoke, "Hue Chi, what else is more important at this moment?" He wanted to let his son know that this meeting was more important over whatever was on his phone.

Hue Chi put the phone back in his shirt pocket. "Do I need to be here?" Usually he does not contribute much for he felt this festival was more for them than for him. But every year he sat and listened to them. He does not have much to chime in unless they discussed about problems related to the country or new creation.

Everyone looked stunned. Since the founding of their country, every year this time around, they have to discuss the National Fall Harvest Festival Holiday. Although preparations are in gear, they usually spend their time in this meeting to finalize the event.

To Hue Chi, it felt the same thing every year. He does not see why every year they have to spend one whole meeting talking about this event. But to the elites, it was about a chance to introduce their children to society, although they can host their own party to introduce their children, but this event, the Royal family was present. So, in a way, it felt more special to them.

The King's facial expression firmer and eyes darker than the abyss. He glared at Hue Chi and in a low icy tone, "Don't challenge me."

General Va Tong quickly calmed, "My King, anger is not good. Hue Chi has been in this same meeting year after year. I think he was bored listening to us old man." He then turned to Hue Chi, "My Prince, the meeting will be over soon. Bear with us until then."

It was the best he could do to reduce tension between the King and Prince who seemed to be bolder these days in public. They started to see a side of him that was new to them. He has been the same old person all these years and then the sudden appearance of Yu Sha changed him entirely. Everyone can feel it and some witnessed it a few times.


Yu Sha huffed again and switched hand to support her head. She leaned on the other side with her hand supporting her head until a soft delicate voice called her name from behind.

Yu Sha quickly turned around. To her surprise, a cute girl who seems a couple years younger than her carrying a beige purse took a few steps towards her before stopping.

She does not look like a maid in the cruise. She looked cute with straight silky hairs and bangs. Had straight, composed postures of those wealthy people. 'Who is she? How does she know my name?' "Yes... Can I help you?"

She seems timid and nervous. She feel more conflicted now that she finally arrived, but eventually muttered enough courage. She spent countless days, battling over coming to see Yu Sha in person or not. She finally made her resolve after contemplating about it for days, she finally arrived. There was one thing she needed to confirm. Unless she know the answer, her heart won't rest. "Wh... What is your re... relationship with the Prince?"

Yu Sha stood right up from her chair feeling speechless. Someone asked her blatantly. "Who are you?"

"What is your relationship with the Prince?" The girl asked again.

"Ahh... Employee?" She was confused as to why she should answer the question. Was the girl someone from the Elite Circles?

"Are you asking me or answering me?"