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214 Take Responsibility For Me

 How he kissed her earlier was his desire to have her. But leading her around the nose and turning the table back on her was his specialty. Hue Chi cleared his throat and commented.

"Of course, there was no way you could've kissed me the way I kissed you. I don't have amateur skill like you so I couldn't reproduce how you kissed me. But the fact that you forced yourself on me was true."

Dao Txu almost explode from the action he saw on the white marble balcony. He covered his mouth in disbelief and exclaimed loudly. "Oh my Lord! He's not an idiot at all! He... He's the master of courtship!"

Dao Txu shook up, digesting the newly discovered skills of his lord. He thought the idiot lord of his lack dating skills but his skill far surpassed everyone! "He doesn't even need my books! He far exceeded those beginners books!"

PengXu left a little ago to read his book on the bed and left the monitoring to Dao Txu. He does not want to be near the dramatic Dao Txu and so he missed all the actions. He only heard Dao Txu riled up in the living room and occasionally shook his head helplessly when Dao Txu made commotion.

Yu Sha cornered herself at the corner of the balcony about to lose her mind. She tried to process what she had done, though she couldn't remember what she did. The victim opened up his experience, which she felt must took lots of courage. She was in turmoils of what to believe, yet at the same time, shocked of everything unfolded to her. Maybe she'll just quit drinking for good?

Some times have passed, Yu Sha finally regained some composure back. Looking guilty, she uttered, "Um... I apologized for my behavior." She felt embarrassed unable to look at Hue Chi while he quite enjoyed her expressions.

Just when he thought he succeeded in misdirecting his deep emotional need of her, she gave him a fierce glare and said coldly.

"But, if I should ever find out that it never happened, you'll pay." What if he purposely did it so he could kiss her, take advantages of her? That was also a possibility. He was an opportunistic guy in the past. Though she felt he had changed and became more decent, old habits are hard to rid of.

Hue Chi chuckled and smiled dazzlingly. "I can only pay with my body. Since you tainted it, you should take responsibility for it."

Embarrassed, she huffed, "What?! D.. Don.. Don't be absurd!" She was the one that has more to loose, why should she be responsible for him.

Still giving her his cheerful endearing smiled, he replied, "I'm serious."

She huffed. "You're too much. I'm going back." She vanished from her spot within that second.

Sensing that she left farther away, Hue Chi's expression becomes solemn. The atmosphere stale, quiet and dark. His cheerful smile becomes stoic and his eyes shone a glint of deep sadness.

Slowly, he lifted his fingers to touch his lips. 'Yu Sha, these lips have touched your lips countless times. What would you do if you could remember the amount of times we kissed and made love? The wonderful and hard times we experienced, I remember them all. Although I keep asking myself if I have the right to disturb your peace, I've done nothing but stirred your emotion as if a part of me want you to have these same memories.'

His mind and heart are like oil and fire, fighting each other constantly. One refused to give in to the other as one wanted to let her be, yet one refused, and his action contradicted himself constantly. Was it because his resolved was weak that he never managed to keep her to the very end?

Many thoughts crossed through Hue Chi's mind. It was only after some times that he exhaled a big breath and rested his head on his hand feeling at a lost.

Shortly later, Yu Sha arrived back to the cruise fuming. "What? Responsible for him? I don't remember doing anything to him. Why should I feel bad?"

Yu Sha pouted angrily until his kiss invaded her mind. She remembered the kiss clear as day. He gazed lovely into her eyes, then next thing she recalled, his lips cupped hers. Her natural reaction was to shout, but he took the opportunity to slip his tongue inside her mouth, sweeping around thoroughly.

His kiss was deep and passionate as if he wanted to devour her whole. Just the thought of the actions, made her heart fluttered and blood boiled. Yu Sha felt hot recalling the details. "What the hell was I thinking?" She cursed herself.

She rushed to the fridge and devoured a cold bottle of water hoping to cool down, but the images haven't left her mind.

Yu Sha shook her head furiously to get rid of the image and drop the nasty thought. She pressed a hand to feel her chest, "Why is my body feeling weird? Am I sick." She looked frantically around before digging through the drawer.

Finally! She found a thermometer and measured her body temperature to see if she was having a fever. She pulled the thermometer closer for a look when it beeped. "Hmm... It's normal."

Tap, tap, tap.

The knock on the door interrupted Yu Sha. "The sun has yet to rise. Who could it be?"

She ran to the door and saw Su Na standing emptily.

"Su Na? What's wrong?"

Su Na's expression pale and deprived of life. "My mom collapsed. I need to go home."

Yu Sha sighed worriedly. "I'm so sorry." She lunged to hug Su Na tightly and muttered. "I prayed for aunt to be okayed. I believe she will be okayed."

"Mm.. Thank you."

"Go, go now. Don't worry about work. I'll take care of everything. Let me help you pack and take you to the airport." Yu Sha walked Su Na to her room and helped her get ready.