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212 Something Wrong With The Image Here

 Hue Chi smiled and turned to his right to face Yu Sha. He's sitting on the chair, but still taller than her. He brought his face closer to hers and asked softly.

"What's bothering you tonight?"

"Nothing." She brushed off. "Why do you want me to come here?"

"Because I rather you be here than wandering around looking for trouble."

"Tsch..." Yu Sha observed around. "This is your place?"

He nodded, "Mm.."

"Why did you tell me your address? Isn't it usually a secret thing?"

Hue Chi pondered. The citizen doesn't know the real address of the Royals. The Royals have a royal place where they make public appearances, greet important guests but they don't live there. The real place is hidden secretly and protected with multiple layers of security systems.

She continued, "Aren't you afraid I will kidnap you if you exposed your location?"

"It would be a dream come true?" He loved for her to kidnap him.

"Ehhh?? Don't joke around. I didn't spot a single guard. I could really kidnap you."

"Then will you?" He had been the one that wanted to kidnap her but if she wanted to kidnap him, he'll encourage and even help her.

Yu Sha's mind imagined what it'll be like if she kidnapped the prince of the country. All the single ladies will cry and the skies will rain of heart breaks. She would be labeled as a criminal! The witch that snatched their prince away and they will haunt her down forever. Yu Sha quickly shook her head of the thoughts.

"Even if you beg me, I refused. There are too many ladies who wanted to kidnap you. Ask one of them." Yu Sha declined. She much preferred the peace and quiet life.

Pretended to be all surprised that he wasn't expecting her to declined, he replied snarkly, "Ehhh... You don't want to?"


Hue Chi smiled warmly, gazing at Yu Sha. 'But I do. If I could, I would kidnap you, encased you in my world, free of people. Freeze time and keep you to myself. But you shine most brightly when you are free and so time after time, I fight to create a world where you could be yourself.'


In the suite, Dao Txu looked at the image of his Lord and Yu Sha. She was still standing on the rail, perched her head on the rail while Hue Chi sat on the chair leaning down closer to her, gazing at her.

"Na... PengXu... Doesn't this image look off to you? Shouldn't the role be reversed in this situation?"

"I don't know." PengXu replied.

"Who's the male in this relationship?" Dao Txu asked for another opinion.

PengXu is the least knowledgeable in this area. "Does it matter?"

Dao Txu stood up and let out his frustration. "Of course! It does matter? Look, look! The man should be the one sneaking into the woman's property trying to court her. Look at this image. She's the one standing on the outer rail while he's sitting comfortably."

"Ahh..." PengXu finally understood what bothers Dao Txu.


Hue Chi asked, "Then how about I kidnap you?"

"Don't joke around. My dad wouldn't be happy it."

Hue Chi froze for a moment. He remembered in the research, her father was a doting father. "Um... come up and sit."

Yu Sha pushed herself up to sit on top of the rail. "It's okay. I'm more comfortable here." She had her fair share of sneaking into his bedroom that she much preferred to be where she was as not to cross boundary, although she technically crossed the boundary when she decided to visit his palace.

Yu Sha now was sitting on top of the rail, making her slightly taller than Hue Chi. She fluttered her legs slowly and looked around.

"Do you usually sleep this late?"

"I used to a lot."

"So you don't anymore?"

"Not so much anymore."

"Heh, why?"

Hue Chi leaned back onto his chair and pretended to think seriously. "Hmm... Ever since this girl came into my country and create disorders, I've been trying to keep her tame and out of trouble that it just drains me. So, I've been sleeping well recently."

Yu Sha gave him the death stares. She knew he was talking about her. Bothered by his response, she swung her legs around and turned her back towards him.

"Fine, I won't bother you anymore."

"Yu Sha, you're going home in a few days?"

Hue Chi blurted out of desperation wanting to know why. He can only keep tabs of her when she was in his country but he can't do the same when she is back home. He can send spies, but he felt her family was not ordinary. He may be found out.

She paused and turned around, "How do you know? Don't tell me?" 'Was he spying on me? How does he know?'

Hue Chi knew he slipped up and so he quickly made an excuse. "I'm the prince of this country. It's only natural I know when the important guests are going in and out of the country."

Yu Sha paused and thought that made sense.

"So, something wrong with your family you have to go back home in the middle of a project?" Hue Chi probed.

"No, my mom and grandma will be home. I don't see them often and my dad asked me to go home."

"Oh... Your mom, grandma and you don't live together?"

"No, grandma is in the countryside. Mom is usually outstation for work. I know. My family is not normal." Usually most household have their in-laws and both parents but Yu Sha's family is different. So, she admitted openly, that her family is different.

"Hmm.. How's your father then?"

Yu Sha rolled her eyes and sighed. "He's weird, annoying, but he's the father every children wished to have."

Hue Chi smiles and secretly felt happy. She was blessed, blessed to have a loving family and great friends. Her life was so perfect as it is. What right does he have to disturb the peace she currently has?