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211 Come Here

 Early morning, Yu Sha met Su Na outside the construction site. The foundation frame was done and now the crew moved to install solid floors and walls. Yu Sha and Su Na stayed in the canopy that was in the middle of the two halves.

"Yu Ping is here?" Su Na asked as she sipped the coffee cup.

"Mm.. He's staying near Harvest Shelter until he completed his project there."

"Yu Sha, I finished the final draft of my empire. I'll send it to you. Review when you have time."

Excited, she reconfirmed. "You did?"

"Mm.. without you bothering me for the last week, I was able to get it done."

"Tsch... How rude!" Yu Sha accused and then she remembered she has to go back home. "Oh, I'm going back home soon. Mom and grammy will be back briefly."

"Oh... Okay. Say hi to them for me."

"Mm... You want to visit Floating Cloud before I visit home?"

"Hm... I would like to depending on workload in the next few days."

A few days later, everyone wrapped up work. Su Na and Yu Sha was able to visit Floating Cloud Spa for the weekend. Peng drove them both there and secretly stayed to guard them. Dao Txu and another junior also hid in the vicinity.

Because of the encounter last time with Atlas, Hue Chi had both his shadow guards and an extra guard to secretly guard Yu Sha. He lived minute by minute afraid someone may snatched her away. It was only when his eyes could see her that he felt relaxed.

The girls shared a room together so Yu Sha couldn't sneak around and their schedule was packed with spa services, hiking, soaking in the hot spring, doing classes; yoga to relieve stress, and art classes. Before they knew it, their weekend ended.

The ladies arrived back at the cruise and unpacked their luggage, met up for dinner at Lili Garden and went to sleep.

Around midnight, as the world slept, like most nights, Yu Sha couldn't sleep. She got up to the third level deck to get some fresh airs and full view of the night skies. Since she got back, she hasn't heard any news of Hue Chi. She was occupied enough to not think of him, but she was going home in a few days. Why was it that he usually disturbed her mind during times when the world sleeps? Yu Sha hopped on top of the elevator roof and laid on her back.

Though she had not heard from Hue Chi, he heard of her all the time. His subordinate reported her activities to him, big or small. Sometimes, he even stalked her via the satellites nearby which he was doing at this moment.

Yu Sha felt a buzz in her pocket. She reached for the phone and looked at the text message.

Startled of what appeared on her screen, the phone slipped and dropped on her face when the number registered in her mind. "Ouch... Di.. Did he read my mind even when he's away?"

Yu Sha sat right up and quickly read the message. Although she hasn't saved his phone and name onto her contact list, she recognized the number.

"Don't go wandering around in the middle of the night. You will get wrinkles." -Night Owl

She looked around frantically to see if he was nearby spying on her but she didn't feel or noticed anything odd. Yu Sha gasped nervously, does he read mind? How does he know?

She typed in a reply; "Where are you?"

He replied back; "Home."

She responded; "Home? Your home?"

He sent another text with a location; Come here at this attached location. People are sleeping. No one will notice you.

Yu Sha pondered on it for a bit and then she vanished.

Dao Txu's tracker showed his target has moved at a very fast pace. "Whoa.. what? Where is she going? How am I supposed to go after her at this pace?!" Then all the bodyguards received a text from their Lord. The in-house guards were to stay hidden and undetected. PengXu and Dao Txu are to stay at post.

Dao Txu hopped back into the suite and turned on the computer to track Yu Sha but PengXu was already on it.

It seemed like she was heading for the Royal Palace, more specifically, towards the Prince Mansion.

"Ohh.. hooo..." Dao Txu couldn't help but exclaimed excitedly while his dirty mind guessed what's up.

"Turn on the satellites and find her!" He ordered PengXu.

"I don't want to."

Dao Txu pushed PengXu aside and turned on the satellite. Although it can't catch anything right now as Yu Sha was on the move, but she's bound to stop at the Prince's mansion. Sooner or later, the satellite will be able to capture Yu Sha and his Lord together. Dao Txu laughed hysterically just thinking about them. His mind predicted different scenarios of the things he thought he would see, when a man and woman meet up at night.

PengXu shook his head looking at Dao Txu's expressions. 'This idiot is beyond saving.'

Butler Zeu brought in tea to set up on the Prince's balcony deck. Suddenly the Prince asked for tea on the balcony, so unlike before where it used to be in the office. Butler Zeu can only abide.

Hue Chi quickly pushed the table and chairs closer to the edge rail.

He sat on the chair, flipping through his phone tracking Yu Sha's distance. A smile crept on his face as he waited for her arrival. His smile made him looked like the night angel, brightening the night world around.

Before long, Yu Sha appeared on the outer edge of the marble rails of the deck.

"What's up?" She asked as she folded her arms on top of the marble rail and perched her arms on it.

Hue Chi's bedroom has a nice, large and spacious marble balcony. The rail was heavy and sturdy, with large footing platforms and the height was almost up to Yu Sha's neck.