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210 Dating Spree

 Leo was not one to let things go without knowing the reasons. He loved gossip, drama, and is the King of know it all. His nickname since grade school.

Leo rushed closer to Keo and put on his detective cap.

"I assumed, must be woman problem?"

Startled as Leo almost nailed the matter. Keo had been indifferent about woman, but there was one that particularly mattered the most to him. But he had suppressed those feelings for many years as what they had going on between them were more than enough. He was afraid to destroy the beautiful relationship they built over the years. He didn't think anyone out there would know his heart, though Keo knew that Leo has always been sharp in the intuition department despite the fact that he acted dopey most of the time, his senses are sharp.

Leo pressed a button on the phone and called Katie to bring in liquor. Soon, Katie stumbled in with a liquor bottle and two glasses.

Keo stared at the liquor, "It's the middle of the day. I'm not drinking with you." As the older brother, although only by 20 minutes, he had to shoulder more responsibility, which made him more uptight. He was not as expressive as Leo. Failure was never an option for him.

"Just a little. You've not yet to celebrate my victory at the Universal Fashion Competition event."

"You never invited me and I sent my congratulation."

"That's because you were out for meetings." Leo explained his reason for not bothering his brother.

Leo poured two shot glasses and pushed one over to Keo. "You have to drink three shots for me. Everyone does so."

Keo reluctantly reached for the glass and gulp the shot.

Leo poured two more shots for his older brother before proceeding to ask.

"So what woman is making you distressed?"

"Do I look like it?" Keo didn't know he was that distracted from the dream.

"Last I heard, mom and dad were setting you up with Riya, Lexen Corporation's oldest daughter... hehehe..." Leo couldn't hold in his laughter seeing his brother struggled to get out of marriage talk.

Leo had a way to get out of marriage talk. He always appears in paparazzi with women left and right so his parents weren't too worry about him.

As for Keo, he has his eyes set on one woman and had never liked anyone.

Keo massaged his temples. The older he gets, the more pressures he received from his parents. "I know you're just playing with women to get away. I can tell on you."

Leo retaliated back, "How rude! I wasn't playing with women to get away. I was serious!"

"Serious with your dating spree?"

Leo flaunted his hairs and straightened his postures. "Look at me. A fine man like me was not created to preserve myself for one woman. I'm not stingy with my love. I love everyone. Spread the love."

Keo felt dumbfounded at his idiot brother's reasoning. He doesn't know what to say anymore. He reached his glass for another shot.

Leo happily poured another shot. "So how was your date?"

"Same as always."

"Hm... I knew that."

Keo looked at Leo as he brought the shot glass closer to his lips, "Then why you asked?"

"Just tell mom and dad you already have someone you love."

Hearing Leo spoke of his heart, startled him even more, making the cup slipped, and some liquor spilled on him. "Wh... what are you talking about?"

Leo smiled haughtily at his brother. "Hehe.. I knew who you like forever now. Do you want me to tell you who you like?"

"What..." Keo couldn't deny. His brother has long known?!

"It wasn't the marriage talk that make you look distressed, but must be related to her. Nothing in life make you lose your composure other than her."

Keo couldn't say anything but remained silent devouring the words his brother spewed at him. Leo was right regarding his feelings but the man in his dream last night, that man's feeling was just as strong or even stronger. But somehow, he felt like that man was him, those emotions feel so innate to him, almost overshadowing his current feelings.

"Na.. Leo, do you believe in dreams?"

Leo could feel the change in the airs around Keo. Must be something serious. He replied without hesitation, "I believe in dreams, I believe in fate, I believe in destiny."

Keo looked surprised and stupefied. He doesn't know if his idiot twin brother was serious or just stupid. How could he believe in so much nonsense things? But then his memory took him to the time he overheard Su Na on the phone with Yu Sha's father about Yu Sha floating on top of the balcony rails. Maybe Leo was not stupid but actually a genius? There are things existed in this world that he wasn't aware of, like that time he overheard Su Na.

"So, what kind of evil has crept into my brother's dream at night? Spell out!"

Keo remained silent for sometimes before talking. "Sometimes dreams are copycat of what we see in our everyday life or televisions. Sometimes, dreams are of our fears and deep conscious. But..." Keo paused making Leo even more anxious.

Leo's eyes looked like puppies' eyes thirsty for food.

"But... I had a weird dream yesterday, dream felt so real. Even now."

Perplexed, Leo asked, "Oh... What's it of?"

"There was a man that felt like me, but does not look like me in a battlefield. Behind me or that man, a spear appeared from nowhere and then a woman came in between. She protected me, the spear pierced below her right chest and she collapsed in front of me." Keo spoke with slight anxiety having forced to relieve the experience from his dream.

Leo looked lost, unable to find words to explain. He can tell his brother felt serious about the dream. The look in his eyes, facial expression, and airs around Keo somehow make him felt that Keo was seriously affected by the dream.

"Keo, let's wait and see if you dream anymore. I will check back with you in a week." Leo hurriedly got up and left.

The hell? He gave me liquors and forced me to open up. After I told him, he got up and left. "Tsch.." Keo was agitated.