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209 Whats He Like?

 In the car, Yu Sha checked her phone and saw several missed calls from Yu Ping. "Tsch..." She threw her phone to the side, feeling angry at herself.

A little later, Yu Sha arrived at Harvest Shelter. Yu Ping was inspecting outside and surrounding area creating a security plan in his mind and waited for to Yu Sha arrive. When Yu Sha darted out of the car., Yu Ping jumped from the top of the building and landed in front of her. "Why didn't you pick up?" Then he saw her state. "You went out drinking last night?!"

She scratched her head and sighed, "Mm... how is it?" She asked in regards to putting in security measure to Harvest Shelter.

"I think I can get it done soon. Can I look inside too?" He didn't want to go inside, afraid his unannounced entrance would startle the staff. So he idled around waiting for her. He was a wonderful kid, who had a lot of patience with his sister.

"Sure." Yu Sha led Yu Ping inside. She hasn't told them she planned to add additional items to the facility. She thought she would explain when she brought Yu Ping with her.

Maly saw Yu Sha through the door and greeted.

"Hi Maly, this is my brother Yu Ping. I asked him to come do some upgrade to Harvest Shelter. Sorry, I didn't notify Harvest first. Can I have permission?"

Surprised, Maly thought what Yu Sha did last time was more than enough. But now she came back to do more. Knowing that Yu Sha will always have their best interest, Maly didn't hesitate. She could only graciously accept the help. "Sure, I'll let Bella know. Do as you see fit."

"Ok." Yu Sha give the go head look to Yu Ping who then strolled through the building.

She went to meet up with Lali and his mother. Lali's mother opened the door and saw Yu Sha standing. "Ah Yu Sha. You're here?"

"Mm... How's everything going?"

"Everything's great. Lali is in school. He won't be back til later."

"I see. How is he doing in school?"

"I think he is doing well? He hasn't said anything, so I can only assume." Lali's mother replied guiltily.

It should be her responsibility to follow up with her son's progress, but even when she asked him, he'll never tell her his struggles. Because of their circumstances, Lali was very mature and never complained or asked for anything. He kept to himself and always tried to be as helpful as he can. though he didn't grow up in a peaceful environment, he knew he wanted to be different than his father. He wanted to study hard and make a lot of money to help his mom and sister.

After checking in with Lali's mother, Yu Sha went to the lobby and met up with Yu Ping.

"I'll be in the city for a few days and catch up with you at the construction site towards the end of the week."

Yu Sha nodded, "Okay, call me if you need anything."


Yu Sha bid good by to Maly before going out. She met with Keng and asked if Keng could drive her brother around.

Keng replied humbly, "Miss Yu Sha, I was instructed to drive Yu Ping until he finished his project for Harvest Shelter. Sorry if you weren't told yet."

"Um.. No I was not... but thank you for doing so." She was not aware and assumed it must be the command of Hue Chi.

She walked back to the car PengXu drove and asked him to take her to the cruise. Yu Sha pondered about how Hue Chi truly felt. He often teased her, making it hard for her to discern when he is serious or playing around. Though deep in her heart, she knew he had been kind to her, in his words and in his actions.

She looked out the windows for sometimes before asking, "Peng, do you know the Prince well?" He must know the Prince for the Prince to instruct him.

"A little."

"What's he like?"

PengXu didn't know how to answer. PengXu don't have great people skills or good at conversing. The Prince he knew was different when with Yu Sha. If he said the Prince was stern, of sound mind, quiet, distant, and serious, what would she think? Those are characters Yu Sha didn't see.

Yu Sha has only seen the playful, flirty, and talkative side of the Prince, which he himself witnessed only recently. It was hard for him to even digest the side of the Prince he never thought existed.

PengXu was quiet for a while. Yu Sha thought he would not reply to her question, but then he slowly spoke. "He is... just as you see him."

Huh? Just as I see him. That's weird. She felt that Peng didn't want to tell her the full truth. But she didn't want to put him in a tough position so she dropped the topic. Subordinates would never bad mouth their superior to others even if their superior was an awful person.


In Lyon, at the Herrs' Corporate, Keo sat on his desk pondering on the dream last night. Why did he have such an odd dream? He felt like he was the man in the headband and the woman was someone he cared deeply. The feeling of loss still felt so surreal that he sighed one after another.

Leo was standing at the door when Keo was lost in thought. Keo was so focused that he didn't even notice his twin brother's presence.

Leo stood at the entrance observing Keo. This was the first time he saw his brother seriously lost in thought. Intrigued, he observed from afar, figuring the potential causes until Keo did nothing but kept sighing. Fed up, he asked from afar.

"There are matters that would make my brother this lost?" Leo asked as he walked towards his brother and slumped on the couch across. "Young man, tell me your trouble!!" He commanded.

Keo looked over and ignored his brother but the bothersome feelings haven't left his mind.