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208 Nightmares Of Losing Her

 The next day, around noon, Yu Sha lazily opened her eyes to scan the room. 'Where am I? This does not look like my bed.' She looked around the room before her eyes landed at Hue Chi, who was gazing deeply at her, like he had been watching her for a long, long time, guarding her.

Startled of the current situation, Yu Sha jumped up from the bed. The moment she sat up, a surge of light-headed settled in, causing her to feel unsteady and she fell back onto the bed. Just as she settled down, she remembered something important she must do today. She had to pick Yu Ping! Yu Sha looked around frantically for the phone but couldn't find it.

Hue Chi handed her a warm tea cup on the nightstand next to the bed. "Drink this warm tonic tea."

Yu Sha shyly accepted the glass and made herself drink the glass.

"I assigned Keng to pick your brother and take him to Harvest Shelter. You can call him later." He explained.

Yu Sha timidly replied, "Thanks. Sorry. I don't remember what happened yesterday after I drank the liquor bottle."

She darted her eyes and looked away. "Sorry if I caused any inconveniences."

"You were fine." Hue Chi replied, hiding details of last night. He didn't want to cause her more distress.

Yu Sha felt surprised that she didn't wreak havoc. Usually it was not typical of her to not create chaos on a drunken night. But she took his words with the grain of salt and scooted out of bed.

"I'm going to take a shower." This time, she moved slow as she had not recovered from drunkenness.

As she walked away, Hue Chi got up and held onto her hand. Inching closer behind, he whispered softly on the side of her ear, "Get better soon."

His warm breath and the soft gentle whispered next to her ears send chills through her body. She rested a hand on her chest to feel the fluttering heartbeat. 'What was wrong with my body? Why is it reacting to every word and action from him? Why do I feel like this body no longer belongs to me?' She does not even know why she took such a hard blow from his confession yesterday?

A part of her felt happy but a part of her wanted to run away and pretend it never happened. She felt like there was this force controlling her to want his presence.

Hue Chi released her hand and watched her back moving farther away. There were a thousand things he wanted to ask her but held back. 'Yu Sha, if I told you I have loved you before I first laid eyes on you, would you believe me?'

In the shower, Yu Sha stood still dazed, feeling like she forgot something very important. Her earlobe still tingled from his hot breath, his soft gentle whispers still echoed in the depth of her mind, the warm touch of his hands still lingered on her skin.

She reached for the shower knob to turn up the cold water before looking at the ceiling and allowed the water to run down her body, hoping it'll wash away all the unexplained emotions boiling from her soul. She was unable to grasp this feeling of longing that felt so innate. One must have lived through love and lost in order to feel this unexplainable yearning, yet, it was almost as if her very core understood this feeling first hand.

After sometimes, Yu Sha came out. She looked more refreshed but still felt hung over. She drank too much and too fast, the effect hit twice as strong.

Hue Chi already had the hotel kitchen staff prepared special made soup for hang over. When she came out, he instructed her to the dining table.

"These will help make you feel better. Eat some." He felt guilty for stirring up the emotions that laid deep asleep in the bottom of her heart.

Yu Sha avoided looking directly at Hue Chi, but she nodded in response to his instruction. He pulled the chair out for her and then opened the cover of a warm bowl of tonic soup.

"Take your time. I'll be in the office." Hue Chi didn't want to rush her but made sure she knew that she could take her time and he'll wait forever long as she needed.

Slowly, she forced herself to finish the soup. She walked to find Hue Chi and bid him farewell. "Um... Thank you for taking care of me. I will take my leave now to Harvest Shelter."

His natural instant stood up instantly, wanting to stop her. He wanted to make her stay longer if he could, but knew it wouldn't look right. In the end, he could only send her off. "I have a car prepared for you. You sure you don't want to rest a little more?"

"Um... No. I should be fine in a few hours."

"Mm... I'll take you to the entrance."

Yu Sha raised her hand to stop him. "No need to bother with something this small. I can go by myself."

"It's fine. I have Peng wait for you in the back. I'll take you." Hue Chi suggested.

Unable to decline, she reluctantly agreed and allowed him to take her.

Hue Chi walked Yu Sha via the back route and into the car PengXu was waiting in. Dao Txu arrived to provide backup support. Hue Chi now assigned both his shadow guards to secretly follow Yu Sha with PengXu acting as the driver and Dao Txu hiding in the shadow.

Until he can find a weakness, a way to combat Atlas, he was walking on eggshell afraid she will disappear without a trace.

He was afraid, General Atlas will take her from him. Although Atlas scorn still ring in his ears of his inability to make her happy, the fear of losing her overpowered his incompetency. The nightmares of losing her time after time was too traumatizing.

And so, even if he does not deserve to love her, he'll make sure to protect the happiness she has and people she cares, even if she will never love him again.