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207 Why Does My Heart Want You?

 Hue Chi gently wiped Yu Sha's tear drops away and only uttered two words, "I'm sorry."

'It was because of me, you suffered time and time again.'

'It was because of me, you've never truly found happiness.'

'It was only because of me, you continued to shed meaningless tears.'

'If giving up the existence of my life would bring you happiness, I would give up my life in a heartbeat, solely for your happiness.'

'If I could create a universe just for you, I would create a universe to shield you from all these pain and suffering. I wanted to tell you how much you meant to me, and how much I love you, beyond what words can describe.'

'I've loved you since the creation and existence of our souls.'

The hundreds, thousands word he wanted to tell her, he could not, afraid he would trigger the past, painful memories. He remained silent and continued to wipe the tears rolling down her cheeks.

Yu Sha cupped Hue Chi's face and gently moved her fingers from his cheeks to the nose and down to his lips. She gazed at him, "Why does my heart want you?"

Hue Chi's pupils dilated, his chest tightened at those words. He grabbed her delicate hand and planted a few kisses. 'I want you for a long, long time ago too.'

His tender touch and gentle kisses on her delicate hand made her heart beat faster.

Yu Sha leaned in closer and planted a kiss on Hue Chi's lips.

He unconsciously kissed her back while the other hand reached behind her head to support the kisses. Hue Chi returned a few kisses before parting way from her mouth and kissed her chin down to her neck. Just then, he felt something landed on his shoulder and noticed, she fell asleep.

Hue Chi sighed. He almost got lost in the moment and went further with a drunken girl.

Feeling helpless, he touched the area between his brows and let out a big sigh. 'What was I planning to do with a drunk girl? My self-reservation has gotten weak over time.' He let out another sigh of relief before sensing something peculiar behind.

Hue Chi turned around only to see the guy from the other night, a man emitting an immortal feeling, long black hairs and ruby eyes.

The man was floating in midair. "General Atlas." The man he tried to pierce with the golden rod spear, but his beloved woman came in between.

"General Zion." Atlas said icily.

Hue Chi was at a lost on how the guy still existed after all these times.

Atlas continued, "You will never bring her happiness. You failed so miserably each time. You should know by now, the best thing you can do is let her go."

An explosive white energy instantly released from Hue Chi's feet, creating a barrier.

"General Zion, you can't touch me with your mere power. If one day, I decided to take her with me, no matter how much wealth and power you accumulated, you wouldn't be able to trace a single residual related to her."

Hue Chi suddenly thought of the time earlier today when he could not trace her. Just then, PengXu dropped from the roof.

PengXu kicked Atlas only for Atlas to block the kick and released internal force sending PengXu flying towards the balcony. Atlas moved away from the balcony, but PengXu was persistent. He shifted his body before landing on the wall and thrust forward to land another hit, but this hit went through Atlas. PengXu retreated to land on the balcony rail.

"My Lord, what is he?"

Atlas smiled and disintegrated into thin air.

"My Lord, my ability is not enough to combat wizardy." It was the best PengXu can put into words.

"Keep watch and call Dao Txu back to assist." Hue Chi commanded.


Hue Chi carried Yu Sha back to the penthouse, but this time, he puts her on his bed. Slowly, he took off her shoes, then pulled the cover over while contemplated about the encounter with Atlas.

He can't make out how Atlas managed to survive through centuries and into this realm, although Atlas had different eyes now.

In a battlefield, everyone was fighting. A man with black hair and a headband was fighting his enemies when a golden rod spears appeared from behind. Before he could turn around, standing in front was the beloved woman he had loved for a long time, his light, his sunshine. She stood before him and shielded him. The spear pierced through her right sided torso. He shouted with all his might, "Lani!" And thrusted his sword towards the enemy who then blocked the sword with their hand.

As soon as he shouted the name Lani, the enemy also stumbled and loosened the spear grip. Lani's mask fell off exposing her face to the enemy holding the spear. He too, shouted her name at the top of his lungs with so much pain and angers. A tear dropped from his eye in disbelief at the hand that just pierced through her, the woman he had ever love. Then, he noticed the scars across her eyes. What happened to her? Who hurt her?

She reached her hands toward the enemy's face and gently touched one area from another and muttered, "This battle, I give to you. My only wish is that you bring peace to this world." She pulled the spear completely out and stumbled back to the man behind her who shouted her name nonstop.

In a dark spacious room, a man, jerked up from his bed frantically. He turned on the light and breathed heavily. "What the hell was that dream about?"

He got out of bed and made his way to the kitchen.

The servant on night shift saw him walking down the corridor and ask, "Master Keo, would you like anything?"

Keo looked at the servant and replied, "I need a cold glass of water."

"Master Keo, please go back to your room and I'll bring the water to you."