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206 Liquor Courage

 The cheers made Yu Sha's body temperature rose a few degrees. Her face instantly turned redder than red roses while her mind screamed, 'What stunt is he pulling? Wh... what... is he planning? Is he joking or for real?' His confessions created chaos in her heart, making her heart fluttered unable to make sense why she felt moved.

As her mind went crazy of all the possibilities, her order was ready. She grabbed the bag and went out, and while on the way out, an older lady spoke loudly. "Must be nice to be loved!"

Hue Chi stood right outside the door, smiling brightly at Yu Sha's reaction, like he took her out tonight to find out what brings him joy.

Yu Sha walked out the door and saw Hue Chi laughing. 'Bastard! What was he thinking? She landed a punch on his chest and walked past not daring to look at him in the face.' She didn't know how to react to a confession. She had always received challenges throughout her life and proudly accepted them. A confession, words of love as man to woman, her inexperienced heart was not used to.

Hue Chi let out a shriek from her punch. 'It looked like she evolved with each passing lifetime. She's getting more violent towards me.'

He followed her until she sat on a bench along the road. She had been quiet and haven't spoken a word to him. When they arrived on a bench, without looking at him, she ordered, "Let's eat." They had to sit somewhere and eat.

He sat next to her and ate the food that he had never once eaten. He was not sure if he'll like, but it was the food she eaten so that itself is enough for him to like the food.

Yu Sha, still shaken from the confession earlier, gulped the food in a few bites, then popped the water bottle open and downed the entire bottle. She let out a sigh, "Wait here. I'll be back."

And ran into a convenient store. After a few minutes, she came out holding a liquor bottle.

Hue Chi saw Yu Sha intended to down the whole bottle. He puts the food aside and got up to take the bottle away. "Don't drink the whole bottle."

Yu Sha scooted away from him and downed half the bottle before Hue Chi grabbed hold of the bottle.

She went back to the bench and sat down, while exhaling a big breath. "I'm such a mess."

"Why are you such a mess?"

Why is the root cause of my mess asking me why? Yu Sha glared at him until she saw the bottle and reached for it only to be stopped.

She snickered, "Oh, just let me have some of that. I need some liquor courage." She wanted some liquor courage so she could face him and asked about the confession in the fast food joint. She wanted to know if that was a true confession or he was just playing as usual.

"Liquor courage?"

Yu Sha snatched the bottle away and took a few more gulps before Hue Chi confiscated the bottle from her. "That's enough." He tossed the bottle into a trash can near. Too much drinking isn't good.

He raised his hand and a black car stopped in front. He lifted Yu Sha and put her in the car. Less than 5 minutes later, they arrived back at Ether.

Yu Sha shouted, "Oh... I'm in the mood for bar hopping. Why are we back?" The alcohol was kicking in as she was being more expressive and assertive.

The driver, PengXu, raised an eye at Hue Chi if he should follow her order.

Hue Chi shook his head to imply, they're not going to the bar.

Hue Chi carried Yu Sha via the back route and took the back elevator to the penthouse.

"I'm sorry, I don't know why I'm being complicated." Yu Sha apologized. Her emotions are all messed up. She had always know who she is, but at times with him, she felt lost and confused as if she was having identity crisis.

"I know. You are always being a genuine bother. Let's get some airs out in the balcony." He led Yu Sha by the hand and lifted her up to sit on the high stool by the high round table.

The moon was almost full and the breeze felt calm. They said, before the full moon, people are usually honest as the moon controlled people's emotions. If one tends to bottle things up, they will be more expressive and explode. If one have words of confession, they tended to speak their mind under a full moon. If they're in pain, their pain will intensify when the moon is round.

Hue Chi parted a strand of hairs from Yu Sha's face and gently coaxed, "I'm sorry if what I did earlier distress you." He was referring to the incident at the fast food joint.

Yu Sha at this point, was feeling the effect of the alcohol. She narrowed her eyes confusedly at Hue Chi, "Have we met before?"

Startled, unsure of how to answer. "Why do you ask?" Yes, they have met, many times before, in different times and different realms.

She sighed, "Just a feeling. I keep having fleeting feelings."

He gazed at her endearingly at a loss of what to say next. His fingertips gently parted her hairs again, observing her facial features, her expressions, and the emotions portrayed through her eyes.

"You must think I'm crazy huh?" Yu Sha asked after Hue Chi didn't answer her.

In a soft low gentle tone he replied, "I've not once thought you are."

"Have we met before?" Yu Sha asked again.

Unsure how to answer, he asked, "What do you think?"

On his face, she ran her fingertips from one place after another like a blinded person studying the features of the person she loved beyond the pit of hell and stars of the infinite universe. "Somewhere in my heart, I feel like I've known you."

In his mind, he asked, is this the current you or the past you talking?

She gazed at Hue Chi's eyes, "Why do I feel miserable? Why do I feel restless? Why does your presence affect me so much?" A tear dropped from her eye.