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205 Fast Food Join

 She threw herself on the couch lazily while Hue Chi walked to the office and replied to some emails.

She turned over on her back and reached her hand towards the ceiling unable to get rid of the portrait image. 'Why am I being affected so much from that single portrait? It was as I feel her sadness within me.' Yu Sha pulled down her hand and turned over on her stomach, perching her head onto her arms. She was so lost in thought and forgot about Hue Chi, who now was standing by her foot gazing warmly.

She seemed distress to him although he does not know what was the root cause, but he could tell when she feel angry, happy, sad, and distressed.

Unable to watch the woman of his heart looked depressed, he mumbled, "Let's go."

Yu Sha lifted her head to look behind and saw Hue Chi standing at the foot. She quickly sat up and asked, "Where?"

"Anywhere that brings you joy."

"Do I look depressed to you?"

"Why are you depressed?"

"Fine, I'll let you take me out." Yu Sha didn't want to explain she made a new friend and somehow was affected by a single portrait.

Hue Chi followed, but she suddenly stopped and turned around to size him up. Yu Sha shook her head and swayed her hand in front of him. "You... you can't go out looking like that. Do something about your image. I don't want to be caught in a scandal with the Prince."

He smiled brightly and nodded. "Mm... Give me a minute," and strolled off into the bedroom.

A few minutes later, he came out changed, wearing a long sleeve black shirt, gray vast with black jeans and a black cap.

Yu Sha scanned up and down and nodded. "The colors are still boring as usual, but the style worked. Let's go."

Hue Chi smiled and smacked his lips. 'Why is her blunt behavior still so cute?'

Out in the night street, Hue Chi continued to follow closely behind, like he had done so, many times in the past, watching from a distance, giving her the space to be wild and free.

"Have you eaten?" She yelled. She ate at Atlas's place but was not sure if Hue Chi has.

"Not yet."

Yu Sha leaned in closer and raised one brow to ask, "Okay, let's grab something to eat, fast food. Bet you haven't had fast food your whole life?" She finished of her question cheerfully. She felt like this would be adventurous for the Prince, doing things he had never done, things commoner do dailies.

Hue Chi remained silent since she was correct. Everything in his life was planned, from the clothes he wears to the food he eats, handpicked and planned by the very best people that worked for the royals.

She laughed, "Don't worry, I'll show you how it's done. Let's go." She pointed at a fast food joint place across the street.

"Wait... Let me do it." Her laughed was so soothing and she finally smiled, so he wanted to impress her.

"What do you mean?"

"I'll order."

"You?" She felt surprised. 'Does he even know how these things works? Does he even know what he wants?'

"Hm... I want to try. Would you like something?"

There is a first to everything and since he wanted to give it a try, she wanted to encourage him. Yu Sha quickly shook her head, "Um... You get what you want and I'll get something for myself."

They entered the fast food joint only to mesmerize everyone. The aura emitting from them was enough to captivate the workers and customers. Although Hue Chi wore casual clothing and had a cap on, making it hard for ordinary people to differentiate his identity, they were still awed by his height and physiques, a man of a different caliber!

Yu Sha on the other hand, although she was a little short and petite, her glistening eyes, pale glowy skin complemented Hue Chi who was more distant and darker. A smile on her face could melt their heart as if she was the goddess of happiness. That virus smiles of hers, brought warmth and good feelings to everyone in the restaurant.

"Are they a celebrity couple on disguised?!"

"But how come we have not seen the girl before? Which celebrity is she?!"

People whispered among themselves.

Pressing her hand on his shoulder to help heightened her closer to his ear. She tiptoed all her might and whispered softly into his ears. "Look at the menu up there and decide what you want. Tell the register your order." The warmth of her breath zapped his earlobes and instantly traveled through his body. He remained frozen, listening to the soft melody whispering to his ear accompanied by her warmth and fragrance. If she could remember who she was, he wouldn't refrain himself but take her behind close door and have his way with her.

His mind was busy thinking of the what if and had not responded to her. Yu Sha leaned her head in his sight and interrupted him. "Do you understand?" He looked dazed to her, she wasn't sure if what she said made sense to him.

"Mm... I think I got it." Hue Chi replied and walked up.

Yu Sha watched from behind the waiting line, feeling so excited like a parent watching their baby graduated from school.

Hue Chi gave the register his orders and then leaned in closer to whisper something to the register boy. The young boy face turned red, and he struggled to nod. All the customers also blushed and feel fluttery at the sight, wishing it was them he whispered to.

She was focused on Hue Chi that she forgot to pick her order so she let the next person go ahead of her and took a moment to look at the menu.

When Yu Sha went up to the register to put in her order, Hue Chi had gotten his order and took the bag with his order and walked out. Since rush hour passed, it didn't take long to get the food.

Yu Sha put in her order and then reached the bag for money, but the register interrupted. His face flushed with shyness and spoke, "Um.. Miss... The handsome man that came in with you already paid for whatever you will get."

The young boy paused and proceeded, "He said you're exceptionally beautiful, a rare gem, he searched far and wide, but you're the only one that catches his eyes."

The young boy turned around as soon as he finished to cover his face that was as red as flame.

Yu Sha covered her mouth bewildered, while the customers and workers cheered. "OOohhhh."