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204 Extra Bonus

 "Where have you been?" He asked helplessly.

Seeing the worrisome and pale expression on his face, her angers disappeared. 'Why does it feel like I'm the one at fault again?' "What? I.. I went for a hike." She wriggled her hand out of his hold. "Why are you here?" She thought came true, the moment she took a closer look at his face, she indeed felt bad.

"I heard you disappeared, so I flew here to find you."

Puzzled, "Says who? Wait? You what?! You flew here?! How did you get here so soon?" She threw one question after another at him.

"Peng was still waiting for you." Hue Chi didn't want to go into details how he got here so quick.

"What? I didn't know anything about it?" Had she knew, she would not make him wait for her. She probably would ask him to leave or she'll shortened her trip.

"Mm... I instructed him to escort you to the reserved room we booked for you in the city."

Yu Sha felt slightly happy of that statement. She was not aware that they coordinate accommodation for her. Although happy, she wanted to give him a hard time. She quickly changed her attitude and arrogantly pouted, "Why?"

"Are you mad at me?"

She continued walking and ignored him as she replied to his question, "For what?"

"When I said you no longer need to come see me."

Stunned that he saw through her, she almost stumbled. He had always read her like an open book. She quickened her steps trying to lose him. "I have no reasons to." Afraid the closer she is to him, the more he'll know her heart.

Hue Chi smiled, how could he not know the behaviors of the one and only woman he came to love time and time again. "Yu Sha..."

She ignored him.

"Yu Sha..." he called out again.


"I'm sorry if I was not being clear earlier."

Curious to know what he was not clear about, she turned around for more. "About?" She wanted him to properly explain himself.

"What I meant was, I want you to come see me because you wanted to, not because we are bounded by a contract."

Those words moved her heart. Inside, she felt ecstatic, but all she did was remained quiet while she digest what he said and nodded her head signifying, she understood.

The couple continued to walk down the hiking path. Her aura felt calmer and merrier. The sun had already set and they're relying on the dim light from the moon to lead them the way.

PengXu was back at the parking lot waiting for them. Soon he saw Yu Sha and Hue Chi walk down the stairs to the parking lot. He drove the car to the front of the stairs. Hue Chi opened the door and allowed Yu Sha to get in before going in himself.

As soon as she sat down, she apologized. "Peng, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were waiting. I wouldn't take my sweet time if I had known."

PengXu didn't know how to react to her apologies. It was his fault. He forgot to tell her before she darted out of the car. "Miss Yu Sha, it's okay. It was my fault too."

"So where is the hotel I'm going to?" She heard Hue Chi said they booked a room for her and wanted to know where.

PengXu didn't know how to answer. Originally, it was a different hotel closer to the airport but now that his Lord was coming, maybe it could be back at Ether. He wasn't given a report of what to do next yet. So he allowed Hue chi to answer her question, and indirectly tell him where to drop them both off.

Hue Chi replied, "Back at Ether."

"Ehh... so far from the airport?" She planned to stay up a little late tonight and didn't want to stay too far from the airport to cut travel time. Although Yu Ping can come to the hotel himself, but she needed him for a favor. So she must go meet him and they can head to Harvest Shelter from the airport.

"Well, your stuff is back there."

She realized some of her stuff was indeed back there. "Oh... Yea, I guess that's fine too."

"Who are you picking at the airport?"

"My brother."

"What's he here for?"

"To visit me of course, and to install some securities for Harvest Shelter."

He raised his brows looking at Yu Sha, "You're still at it?" He thought she was done doing her part.

"Well, of course, when I decided to help someone, I go all the way in. I don't do things half-heartedly." She replied proudly of her own character traits.

Hue Chi smiled silently to himself. 'She had always been this way and is still the same. When she decided to help someone or do something, she sees it through till the end.' He turned to look at her, and felt the need to do something special. He knew it wouldn't be able to compensate her genuine heart as when she help people, she does so from the goodness of her heart and not for praise or reward. "SNYS has done more than what we asked for. I'll be sure to add an extra bonus in the final payment." It was the only thing he could think of at this point. He knew, SNYS had a bigger goal and wouldn't mind receiving the extra cash.

The money sign instantly replaced Yu Sha's big round eyes. She moved closer to him, her mouth drools as if she was money hungry. "Are you for real?"

Hue Chi glanced at Yu Sha who now looked like puppy drooling over a piece of steak. "Mm..."

"Really, really?" She reconfirmed excitedly.


"You can't go back on your word!"

"I won't."

Soon, PengXu drove the car to Ether's entrance. Yu Sha and Hue Chi walked to the penthouse.

"This must be kept a secret from Su Na. I want it to be a surprise for her, the bonus." Yu Sha continued.

"Mm... As you wish." Hue Chi complied obediently.