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203 No Trace Left Behind

 Hue Chi has to do the same thing, control his ability just enough to withstand the power of the wave but not let his power seeped too much to destroy the lightening wave.

A light glowed from inside Xolai while light waves formed around him like electric sparks. Within a second, he released a lightning wave out of his fists and aimed towards the sky at the direction of Red Rock City. The moment he released, Hue Chi hopped on top of the wave before the wave propel and shots upward at an angle like a rocket shooting into space.

Dao Txu arrived on the scene in time to see Hue Chi took off. His jaw dropped, face froze in awe. He recovered his shocked expression when Xolai turned around.

Saddened, "Aww.. man! I want to go too!" He smelled drama and wanted to join Hue Chi but was left behind. As much as he wanted to, there was no way he could ride the wave although he could go by plane but would take a few hours to reach Red Rock City.

"You can if you want to get roasted." Xolai replied as he walked past.

In Dao Txu's mind, he imagined himself similar to a roasted pig, except in a human figure. He shook his head violently. "That image doesn't suit the awesome me."

The lightning waves ascended upward. When the wave hit peak, it descended downward and dissipated when the wave reached tree tops. Hue Chi allowed himself to fall down elegantly onto the ground.

PengXu watched the tracker and was amazed at how fast his Lord was traveling towards his direction. He can't think of anything that could travel that fast other than Xolai's lightening but to his knowledge, only Xolai could ride the wave.

Prince Hue Chi followed the tracker to PengXu, who was waiting patiently on the parking lot next to the gate.

PengXu shook his head, indicating he had no luck in finding her.

The sun was shifting downward and PengXu can only suspect that she left using her technique. But Hue Chi knew they can't pick her phone signal. If she had left this place, they would still track her even if she went back to the city. There had to be something odd going on here as the last time they could track her was at this area.

"I'll sweep through the area." An invisible barrier dispersed from his feet like a ripple effect and covered almost the entire city.

After covering a large area, he listened to any areas that may have presence of her. A moment later, not only he can't sense her but traces of her was erased entirely, not even the residual energy remained. It was as she no longer existed in the first place. What is going on here? His face gloomed and became icier than glaciers, the airs colder than the deepest part of the snowy mountains. His mind almost went into a blank state, losing all of his sense of reasoning. Images of the many times when she vanished flooded his mind, making his heart clenched violently. Hue Chi staggered, unable to stand straight, almost losing balance.

"My Lord!" PengXu felt scared. He had not seen the Lord in bad health before and can't allow anything to happen on his watch. 'Was Yu Sha significant enough in his life that her presence could affect his mental state?'

After calming down his emotions and reassessing the area again, Hue Chi sensed a slight peculiarity at the mountains above the waterfall. He calmed down enough to head towards that direction at full speed.

PengXu followed behind but put a distance as his job was to always stay nearby or in disguise. He also sensed something oddly wrong with Lord Hue Chi, fear and angers mixed together. And the culprit was her. He hoped that she didn't go missing. Not only would it affect his lord but could cause country relation issue.

On the way to the waterfall, Hue Chi rushed in hope to beat the sun before the sun falls behind the horizon. Then, Yu Sha appeared coming down the trail, carrying her bag behind her back like she was on an evening stroll.

Seeing her figure in sight, melted away all the emotions rotating violently inside him. What was he to do if she disappeared just like that? He has not amended all the things in the past. A big relief left his body while he stared at her. Thank you for coming back. Thank you for being okay. I can't believe you're back? I thought I lost you again.

The sun finally hit the horizon, a warm glow of light illuminated the world underneath, enough to see the path.

Yu Sha saw Hue Chi's pale gaze looking at her. She furrowed her brows, 'what's he doing here? Do we like the same places? Why is he here looking at me oddly? What's with the relief look on his face? Is he looking at me?' She paused to look around in case he was looking at someone else other than her but there was no one.

Then she remembered, didn't he told her not to see him anymore? Somehow, she still felt bothered by that sentence, but the only path back to the resort was where he was standing. She had to walk down towards him to get back.

Hue Chi was still reeling in the wondrous feeling of her coming back, like an idiot falling in love at first sight and having his feeling reciprocated.

Yu Sha walked right past him and ignored him entirely.

He reached to grab her hand as she passed him.

Startled, she looked at him before frowning and yanked her hand off. She felt better after hanging out with Atlas. Did he come to make her feel bad again? She didn't say a word and continued walking down. He turned around following her and grabbed her hand again, afraid she would turn to sands escaping his grasp.

Angry, she glared, what is his problem now? "Tsch... What do you want?"