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202 You Can Stay Here

 Atlas gazed at her sad eyes. 'If you cried, I would owe the heavens too much.' "Please don't cry. She lived a beautiful life regardless." He cajoled her as his mind thought of all the beautiful moments she had lived. Although it wasn't fully true as she suffered a terrible fate, but he wanted to assure Yu Sha. He can't stand seeing her sad, not then, not now or ever!

Out in the back, Atlas lit up the bonfire while Yu Sha laid on her stomach on the foam mat kicking her legs while she watched him grill, unable to get her mind off the portrait. That woman must be a very important person to him. Every stroke of colors were carefully smeared of warm colors.

While in deep thoughts a beautiful white bird with rainbow feather tail descended from the airs. The bird perched in front of Yu Sha, catching her attention.

Never seen a bird of that kind, she exclaimed, "Atlas! What kind of bird is this?" She inched closer to observe the bird for a better look. The bird didn't fly away but stayed still for Yu Sha to admire its beauty.

"Well... This place has pure untainted energy that sometimes attracts rare animals. They visit from time to time." He explained in ways that wouldn't make she think otherwise. Rare animals sometimes inhabit places with pure energy often not seen by ordinary people. She knew because her grandparent's place were somewhat similar too.

The next couple hours Yu Sha ate and hung out with Atlas on his porch. Because he was not someone of high status and professionals of some sorts, she felt relaxed with him. She does not have to hold herself back, put an act in front of people. She can just be her crazy self, talked anything that came to mind.

"You know, this is a nice place to get away and just relax." Yu Sha commented.

"If you want, you can even stay here." Atlas suggested before laughing it off as a joke. He was serious about having her stay, but she now came in as a different person with different memories. Although her personality does not change much, how was he supposed to tell her he has been searching for her, unable to move beyond the lifetime he served her?

"Hmm... Are you sure? I can build a house right next to yours. We can be neighbors!" Yu Sha joked back. Her home was in Lyon, but since he joked first, she replied jokingly. Although the thought of having a vacation home here did brushed her mind.

PengXu waited for Yu Sha on the parking lot per his Lord's order to which he forgot to tell her that he'll wait for her. A room was booked back in the city, and the order was to take her to the destination safely.

He sent her a text but got no reply and assumed that she was still in the spa service so he went inside to have a staff relay the message to her. The staff told him, she never checked in and suggested maybe she went hiking instead.

That's odd? With her speed, there is no hike here that would take several hours. PengXu scanned the different hiking trails and surrounding areas but didn't see her.

He sent an update message to Hue Chi. He was not sure whether she left back to the city using her technique, which was unlike her. She does not use her ability in broad daylights, especially in crowded areas. Hue Chi ordered one of his men to track her phone and found no signal as if her phone never existed.

Somehow an image of the men who appeared the other night popped in his mind. In that instant, pain lurched in his heart, unsettling. What he said, that she will find her way back to him. Could it be that she was with him?

Hue Chi doesn't like to talk much. He usually sends text to command people but this time he called PengXu. "Continue to survey the surrounding. I'll be over soon."

Hue Chi hung up and walked to Xolai's work room, "I have a command."

Startled, they have not made plans to act further, but his Lord now had a command? "What is your order?"

"Send me to Red Rock city!"

Xolai stood right up from his chair. "You found something there?"

"Maybe." It was purely based on speculation. Yu Sha had disappeared after arriving there. He knew that for a fact, but whether if the enemy was there, he was not sure.

Confused, Hue Chi never used maybe before. It was either yes or no but this time, his Lord felt unsure?

"Or is this related to her?" Xolai was referring to Yu Sha. Last he heard, PengXu was to escort her back, but wasn't aware they made a stop at Red Rock city.

From watching them interact for a brief moment, only she can make him change his mind in a heartbeat. "You understand what that means, right?"

"I do?"

"No one has been able to ride my lightening wave other than me."

"Send your lightening wave at that direction, I'll manage." Hue Chi suggested.

"Must you go there via this method?"

"This can't wait." Hue Chi replied and walked outside. Just the thought of her forever gone again pains his every fibers. Earlier, he questioned his own competency and debated whether he should keep her close. But now that her presence no longer traceable, he knew that no matter what, he wanted to have her.

Xolai knew there was no way he could persuade his Lord, so he began to garner inner energy while following Hue Chi to the outdoor.

The clouds moved around like time lapses while the wind picked up swirling the surroundings. Xolai stood next to Hue Chi collecting inner energy. He needed to release just enough power based on height and distance of the targeted place so that the waves would slowly descend and dissipates when it arrived near the targeted destination. He had only used the traveling lightening waves on himself as no one was able to withstand the power of the waves.