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201 Only If You Knew

 Although it was the first time she heard the name, there was a pause in her movement. "That's a wonderful name!" She complimented without knowing why.

Atlas smiled so ever brightly, his eyes showed a longing expression. "Thank you." 'Your name is even more beautiful. Only if you knew.'

"Let me borrow your fishing pole." She asked, unaware of the deep gazed in his eyes.

Atlas handed her the fishing pole. Yu Sha wrapped the hook string around the end of the stick and walked up the stream.

Atlas watched her action, feeling like they've gone back to the past. They had a beautiful moment, catching fishes similar to this time. She may come back in a different form, but her auras and personality remained the same. How he wanted to keep her here forever.

She scanned the river and aimed the stick at the river with fierce smooth force. The stick pricked through a fish. She reeled the fish and put it in the bucket. She threw the stick at the river again and reeled in another fish. Her aim was right on target, even moving targets. Before they knew it, she filled the bucket with fishes.

Atlas gave her the unbelievable, what the hell are you look. Yu Sha could tell by his expression, she tried to explain herself. "I'm..."

He interrupted excitingly, as the look he gave was part of acting. He knew full well of her capability. "I am amazed. You should teach me!"

Yu Sha smiled, knowing he didn't think weirdly of her, but wanted to learn from her. "Ok. Whenever you want to learn, I'll teach you."

"Where did you learn to fish?"

Yu Sha thought about the best way to reply. "Well... I was a weakling so my father had me train some martial arts. I've fished with him like this before in my younger years when we camped."

"And your skills has not dull?" He asked but what he truly wanted was to compliment her.

"Well.. I tried to be active whenever I have time. It's harder now that I'm working."

Atlas shook his head as he understood her current life situation.

He poke around in the bucket and held it up slightly. "Well, I got more than I needed so you should stay over and help me eat some." He needed a reason to keep her longer. He had felt her presence when she arrived in the city and kept tabs on her. To his surprise, she came directly to his place.

Since she had some times to kill, she agreed to go over. She never turn down free food. Anyone can lure her with free yummy food. "Ok, I can stay for a few hours but I have to get back to the city tonight."

He exclaimed, "Perfect! I will cook for you."

The two walked to the entrance where Yu Sha first entered the last time she was here. They walked through the dark tunnel.

While walking, Yu Sha strike a conversation to make the trip more eventful and also to learn more about him. "Atlas, do you ever go out and explore the world?"

"Of course! I've traveled to many places, but in the end, nature and quietness suits me best." 'I've traveled through time and space to find you. Just when I thought I'll never see you again, you tumbled in.'

"Hm... I see." She doesn't like to see people feel lonely.


"Nothing, I thought it would be lonely to be all by yourself here."

Atlas looked at Yu Sha, his expression solemner. 'I can be in a place filled with people, but without you, no matter where I am, I'll still be lonely. If only you knew, there is no place lonelier with the absence of your presence.'

To not worry her that he indeed had been lonely through time and space searching for her, he assured, "I'm preferred peace and quiet. When I want to get away, I visited the cities for a few days."

She nodded her head to let him know she understood.

Before long, they arrived at Atlas's house. He invited her inside and asked her to wait in the living room while he prepped the fishes.

Yu Sha nodded in agreement. She was not good with kitchen work and her parents never forced her to learn. She walked into the living room and looked around. The living room was simple, a couch, sofa, a table in the middle and flower vases by the window. A lot of simplicity and not much commodities. Her eyes moved around the living room and then came upon a huge painting portrait of a woman by the wall. If one sits on the couch, the painting is directly across.

The painting intrigued Yu Sha. She felt drawn in by the painting, a force that manipulated her to go up to the painting. She studied details of the painting and noticed the woman had a scar across her eyes. Although her eyes are opened, one can tell her eyes, had scars still visible, on the top lids and past outer eye corners.

Yu Sha felt heavy hearted, emotionally affected by the stories behind the scars, although she does not even know the story behind it.

Atlas entered the living room to call Yu Sha only to see her looking intently in close proximity with the portrait. He stood silently, observing her until Yu Sha turned around and noticed him.

"I finished prepping the fishes. Lets go to the back. I'll lite up the bonfire and grill the fishes." Atlas explained.

"Did you paint this?" She asked.

He nodded, "Mm..."

"Is she a real person?"

"Mm.. She was." He replied in a hoarse voice.

Yu Sha understood his replied, 'she was' meaning she no longer was around. "If you don't mind me asking, what happened to her eyes?" She was curious.

"Someone was jealous of her and injured her eyes on purpose."

Yu Sha was empathetic by nature, so tears naturally swelled in her eyes, knowing that true cruelty existed in the world to wonderful people.