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200 You No Longer Need To See Me

 She lightly slapped his chest and leaned back to the chair. "Don't joke around. I just feel bad for her. She really likes you. You should consider her feelings."

"Why are you asking suddenly?"

"Because I think we could be friends but I don't want to have enemies. So, you should clear my name." She demanded innocence to her name. If he made it known that they don't have an ambiguous relationship, she maybe could even make friends here.

"Well, I haven't decided if I want to be friends with you yet." Hue Chi replied. The intention behind this statement was he was not sure if he should hold onto her and keep her next to him. Does he even have the right to love her after all? He does not trust his ability to make her happy.

If someone else can give her happiness, and if she is happy with that person, the best he could do for her, was let her be, be happy. Let her forget the painful past and move on. This must be what it meant to love someone so much that their happiness comes before yours even if it meant to lose them to someone else forever.

"Fine. We don't have to be friends. We're just employer and employee and that end after my work is done." Somehow, she felt dejected. She grew up easily liked by classmates and people. Although she was not desperate for likes, when he put it that way, she felt slightly affected. She thought maybe it was because she's never dealt with rejection before.

"Yu Sha... I'll have someone send you back. You no longer need to come by. I now annulled our contract agreement."

Although she should feel happy, she couldn't jump for joy like how she imagined herself to be. Hasn't this day been what she always wanted? Although it was not time yet, he let her go? Why was there a twinge of sorrow in my heart when he said I no longer needed to go see him?

In the end, Yu Sha could only utter two words. "Oh... Okay."

"Let's go eat and you can leave after." Hue Chi stood up, reaching his hand down to offer pulling her up.

Her mind declined giving her hand but before she was aware, her hand sought his and he clasped hers firmly, pulling her up.

Hue Chi took Yu Sha to a different room for their meal before sending her off. For the first time, he ordered PengXu to leave his side to escort her back.

"Hello Miss Yu Sha. I'm Peng and will escort you back." PengXu introduced himself as he opened the door for her.

Yu Sha nodded and got in the car.

Once the car took off, she asked, "Peng, can you drop me off in Red Rock city since it's on the way? I want to visit Floating Cloud and then I'll catch a taxi to the city. There is someone I have to pick up at the airport tomorrow so I want to be in the city."

PengXu was to take her to a private airport and then have the plane take her straight back to the ship, but she wanted to take a detour. He must check with his lord first.

He put the car on auto drive and message his Lord for permission. It didn't take long for Hue Chi to give the okay. He thought she must like that place since she was there before and that was where she found Lali. It was only natural that she wanted to go back.

PengXu looked at the rearview mirror and spoke. "Miss Yu Sha, the plan was to airlift you directly to the ship but I can airlift you to Red Rock city instead."

"Airlift?" It was this moment, she remembered. They spent almost a whole day to travel! "How long will it take to get back?"

"Direct flight will be shorter, about 4 hours."

She looked at her watch, it's only mid morning. As long as she gets back to the city by night time there shouldn't be a problem. "Okay, take me to Red Rock city."


The wind was blowing in their favor and less than 4 hours later, Yu Sha arrived at Red Rock city. The airplane landed, and she got in the car heading towards Floating Cloud Spa.

Yu Sha did not check in at the spa but headed for the Waterfall hiking trail. With her speed, it didn't take long for her to reach the waterfall. She made her way to the very top of the waterfall and sat nearby to calm her mind. The sound of falling water was soothing for her. She listened to the water flow and occasionally, scanned the landscapes in the distance looking for a beautiful place to heal the restlessness feelings in her heart.

Yu Sha thought about visiting the man in the cave who she forgot to ask for his name. She remembered he invited her so maybe she should go see him. While debating to go, she heard footsteps approaching behind. She turned around and saw the man she was thinking of visiting.

Astound, she stood up and asked, "Hi, what are you doing here?"

He lifted his fishing bucket. "Doing some catch for dinner What about you?"

Yu Sha's eyes sparkled, "Did you catch some?"

He peeked in his bucket and pursed his lips, "Not much luck today?"

"Oh..." She looked inside the bucket and there was only one fish swarming. She felt sorry for him. "Don't you worry. I got you." Yu Sha looked around for sticks she could use. "Do you have a knife?"

"Mm.. I brought a small one in case I need to use it." He reached for a knife in the bag he carried.

Yu Sha took the knife and sharpened one of the few sticks she picked off. As she was sharpening the last one, she recalled, she hasn't introduced herself. "Oh, by the way, I'm Yu Sha. What's your name?"

The man smiled, "Atlas."