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198 A Mad Woman

 Hue Chi felt movement in his pocket to which he assumed it must be a phone call. He reached to pull out the phone, and it was Butler Zeu calling on the other line. The pain was still prominent. He couldn't answer the call right away and let the call went to voicemail.

After a while, the pain subsided, Hue Chi finally called Butler Zeu back.

"Prince, you asked me to make an appointment for you. I couldn't find time in your schedule so I had your appointment schedule in two days when there was a window of opportunity."

Hue Chi remembered last time he thought he had gone crazy, so he asked Butler Zeu to make an appointment for him to check his mental state. He had just solved the mysteries. "Cancel it. I no longer needed it."

"Are you sure?" Butler Zeu asked curiously. It was the first time the Prince initiated to see a therapist. He was happy that maybe they could discover something but didn't think the prince wanted to cancelled it at now.


"Okay... then, I will cancel it." All he could do was complied.

"Please do."

Xolai was deciphering codes when a subordinate ran anxiously to inform him, "Thr.. There is a mad woman barging into the men's shower room looking for the prince!"

Many of them don't dare to talk to the prince directly so they relayed the message to someone they report to, in this case Xolai.

Xolai heard rumors that his Lord brought back a woman but forgot to ask earlier. "Where is she right now?"

"She's heading this way and demanded to meet our superior."

"Tsk.. Women are so troublesome. What is the Lord of mine thinking?"

Just then, the door slammed open. "Hue Chi!" Yu Sha shouted angrily.

Xolai was stupefied while the guard shriek with fears. No one ever yelled out the Prince's name before other than the Queen and King. Even then, they add Prince when in public and only called his name when it's just the Royal family themselves or with close trusted confidants.

Somehow the rumors spread, and a text alerted Hue Chi, who then came running towards Xolai work room.

"Miss," The guard kneeled while trembling.

"Tell that idiot prince of yours to meet me." Yu Sha demanded.

Xolai couldn't find a comeback. She called his Lord an idiot. He wanted to laugh, but there were too many blows in a short time, he didn't know how to react accordingly.

Soon, Hue Chi arrived, his expression frightened of the possibility that could go wrong. "Yu Sha?"

Seeing he has arrived, she narrowed her eyes angrily at him. "What the hell was that for?" She demanded an explanation. He saw her naked, how could he have a painful, ugly expression on his face after seeing her naked body. No matter what angle she thought from, she felt offended. If he saw her naked body and liked it, she would still be mad. If he saw her naked body and look disgusted, any woman would be angry. Either way, he can't escape her wrath.

"Why do you walk into men's shower?" He asked unhappily.

"To look for you of course!" She shouted.

"I told you it's not appro." Before he could finish, she cuts him off.

"Don't worry, I saw your naked body and wasn't even moved. These men are just the same." She huffed irritably.

Hue Chi had a feeling that this was no simple matter. Instead of letting her throw tantrums in front of his men and distracted them from working, he scooped her onto his shoulder and took her away. "Let's talk somewhere else."

Dao Txu entered the room after Hue Chi disappeared with Yu Sha on his shoulder. He laughed with his mouth wide open, "Hahaha... Life has gotten more interesting since she arrived."

Xolai replied worriedly. "I hope she does not distract him from his mission."

"Dao Txu fanned his hand. "Relax, he won't. She's not the kind of girl that would lead him astray. If any, she'll be the leader and he'll be the follower when it comes to mission." He felt that she was definitely the type that would take the lead.

Hue Chi took Yu Sha back to her room and put her on the table. She was still glaring at him fuming fires in her eyes.

He felt helpless at the madness she gave him, sighed and touched his brows before speaking. "I didn't mean to walk in on you. I have a heart condition and the pain kicked in at the moment. If I offended you, I'm sorry." Hue Chi apologized sincerely to her. He never had to explain himself but he was coaxing her and taking time to explain things to her. Although what he experienced earlier was more psychological and emotional versus Yu Sha's whose condition was more physical.

Hearing his genuine explanation and apology, her anger quickly dissipated. She forgot the reasons she was angry and now was worried about him. She reached her hand to touch his heart. "So, are you okay now?" She had her share of having heart troubles so she was truly worried about him.

"Mm.. I'm better now." Hue Chi replied, looking at her with his deep golden eyes. In his vision, there were a thousand things he wanted to say more, hundreds things he wanted to explain to her to amend all the misunderstandings in the past but couldn't.

He felt so implicated, not sure what action to take next. Pretend that they were never lovers, watched her from afar and protect her from the distance? Give her the chance to find new love who could bring her the happiness he never could give all these different lifetimes, or hold on to her no matter what the future brings? He has never protected her when she most needs him, no matter what life, what universe, they were always separated with unsolved misunderstandings.

If this was punishments, for him to remember their love while she moved on and forgot about them, so be it. He would bear it all, even in her place so that she could live freely.