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197 Constant Reminder of Crime, Constant Reminder of Regre

 The base was in a secluded, remote area. The technology they have on hand were advanced though they couldn't have a full house of modern technology but they had enough to help them problem solve certain things.

Hue Chi went out to meet up with his S class shadow guard, Xolai. The man he founded to lead all the S class shadow guards. He didn't want to let General Va Tong's son be in charge of the "S" class, so he took charge of all the S class guards, assigning Xolai as the lead. Very few of the regular shadow guards work directly under Xolai and Hue Chi, otherwise, all the shadow guards are under General Va Tong's son.

In his private office space, Xolai was looking at the new data that was just transmitted in. He looked in his thirties, with silver hairs, eyes as turquois as the deep sea. On his left cheek was a thunder mark. He wore a glistening silver thunder earring on his right ear.

"My Lord," Xolai greeted when Hue Chi arrived.

Hue Chi raised his hand to acknowledge the greeting. "I have Dao Txu keep his eyes on Jul and Ark."

"We needed to find a diviner if we want to infiltrate this mysterious organization. None of us here have diviner intervention ability." Xolai suggested.

Hue Chi slowly nodded his head twice before Yu Sha's grandma popped in his mind. Maybe he could ask her more information about her grandmother's ability. She mentioned that her grandmother was a shaman. Are shamans and diviner the same thing? Unfortunately, this is a field he is not familiar with, and he will need to do more research.

If he could meet with Yu Sha's grandmother, he could learn a thing or two that may be useful for them. One can spend time to research and experiment or talk to the source directly. Sometimes learning from the source was the fastest way to gain skill and knowledge.

"Understand. Keep researching." Hue Chi instructed and rushed back to Yu Sha's room. He now had the urge to ask her what her grandmother's true ability is. If her grandmother can divine, maybe he can bargain a deal with her to have him meet her grandmother.

Hue Chi rushed back towards her room and slammed the door open to only noticed her applying lotions onto her naked torso. Her hairs were tied up in a bun so she could easily apply lotion without the hairs all over the place blending in with the lotions.

It was then he had a clear look at her body, without the hot steams, without the hairs covering most of her private front, underneath her right breast, was a star like shape birthmark. Even though she had no clothes on and was completely defenseless, he only noticed the star shape like birth mark.

When the birthmark entered his vision, pain that felt like inferno flame burned wildly in his left-hand, which then traveled instantly up to his heart. His face cringed unable to contain the pain that burned him. Didn't want her to see his struggles, he slammed the door shut.

Hue Chi stumbled his way to his room while images of his past self floated before his eyes. The left hand that held a golden spear mistakenly pierced through her chest. If his guessed was correct, she was almost blind, she can only see vague figures and not details. The woman in his dreams was her all along?! The left hand that killed her in that lifetime?

Hue Chi's body trembled, drowned in loss and regrets, while his heart and hand throbs violently. He sought refuge in his room to calm down the truth he discovered. He shuts the door and slumped on the ground while bearing the pain, waiting for the pain to subside.

Barely with any strength, he slowly took off the custom-made human skin palm gloves off his right hand. A mark of a sword wound was there since birth. The sword wound was from the man behind his woman, who stabbed him after he pierced her.

Was the mark the aftereffect from the pain and hatred of that man? He hadn't forgiven himself, he could understand if the man that stabbed him didn't forgive him. The mark must have stayed to remind him of the crime he committed.

A tear rolled down his face, the mark on his right hand was a constant reminder of his crime and the pain that throbs from time to time in his left hand and heart was a constant reminder of regret. Regret of killing the woman he ever loved. She was the only one he wanted to protect yet he couldn't.

Intense emotions swelled in him as if he were being burned alive. He couldn't sit properly but fell on the ground, clutching his heart suffering intense pain. Sweats formed layers on his face and a vein popped on his temple as he tried to suppress the pain. She had been the woman he loved, time after time. No matter what lifetime, what forms, what universe they're in, it had always been her. Right from the beginning, he was drawn to her, because his soul and heart had decided on her, many, many lifetimes ago.

He should have recognized her from the start, but failed to. Visions flashed in front of him, his past and their past together. All the emotions he ever felt, from past to present, divulged and engulfed him.

Yu Sha stood in her room, dumbfounded. She rushed to the long-standing mirror to look at herself trying to figure why he had a painful, ugly look after seeing her naked. If any, she should be the one with the painful, ugly look for being seen nude. He should be the one in the wrong but instead, it felt like she was in the wrong for being naked? He barged into her room at the wrong time. It was not like she timed it so that she could be naked when he entered her room.

Not happy with the conclusion she came up with, she threw on some clothes and went out to search for him. She didn't know what room he stayed in, but she would find him even if she had to raid the entire base.