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195 Liked To Visit Her

 Yu Sha stood frozen, confused why he lied so smoothly. Does this have anything to do with the issue at hand today? Their car didn't die, he simply led them here today.

The man showering looked at the couple and knew that there were no other places near. Seeing that it was getting dark, he has no choice but to offer his home for these two strangers.

"There are no places nearby. If you want, you two are welcome to stay here for the night. There is only one room available, so you two may need to share a bed."

When Yu Sha heard "share the same bed," it alerted her danger siren, which instantly made her change her mind. She pushed Hue Chi aside and stepped up about to blurt out that they will keep walking, but Hue Chi sensed her movement and again covered her eyes and mouth with his big hand.

"Children shouldn't look at grown men showering." He said unhappily.

Irritated for being blocked the second time, she yanked his hands off her face. "What is wrong with you?!"

Seeing Hue Chi so protective of Yu Sha's virgin eyes, the man laughed and grabbed a towel to cover himself up and chuckled, "Ha ha... My name is Jul, come inside." He led Yu Sha and Hue Chi inside his home.

Inside the house was another man prepping dinner. He was a little shorter with a long braided ponytail hairs. He looked shock but quickly gained his composure. "Jul, I didn't know you invited people over?"

"Ha ha.. Their car broke down a few miles down the road and help services won't come till tomorrow. They're stranded and tumbled upon our place so I let them spend the night here."

"Oh in that case, I'll need to add a little more portion to the dishes I'm making."

Jul turned to Hue Chi and Yu Sha, "This is my roommate, Ark."

"Hello, thanks for letting us stay in tonight." Hue Chi greeted, acting courteous like how a guest would be.

Yu Sha looked around the house and feeling curious, she asked, "Jul and Ark, this place is kind of secluded. You two live here alone?"

"Yes," Jul replied respectfully.

"How far is the nearest town?" She asked.

"About two hours, although there are remote houses in this area as well."

"Hmm.. It must be lonely here." She commented.

"You get used to the quiet life after a while. You don't like it?" Jul asked with curiosity.

Yu Sha replied proudly, "Well, I'm a city girl through and through, although I do have my moments of wanting the peaceful and solitary life."

"Ha ha ha. What is a city girl doing here?" Jul asked.

The question implicated her. She herself was not sure either. Yu Sha gave a blank stare and then Hue Chi interrupted, "We're here for work, doing errand run."

His reply was enough information for people and hard for anyone to ask further. If the person giving the answer does not want to go into details, the other person can't probe for more information as the statement alone was enough and a mere stranger have no right to pry for details related to someone's work. It's called respect of the other person's privacy and work confidentiality.

That night, Yu Sha and Hue Chi had dinner with Jul and Ark. Jul prepared the empty room for them. He was considerate enough to prepare a mat on the floor for Hue Chi while leaving the bed for Yu Sha or that's what he intended.

Hue Chi stood glaring at the mat on the floor.

Yu Sha looked at Hue Chi's complicated expression, she arrogantly commented, "If you want me to sleep on the floor, you better tell me what's up." She had a hunch that these two people are related to whatever they had been traveling all day for. So, she held herself back the entire time until she could confirm with him. Although she was nosy at time, she knew when to hold herself back and when to get her way.

Hue Chi looked at Yu Sha who had been dying for an answer from him and so he opted to sleep on the floor to provoke her more. He bent down and sat on the mat to indicate he will not tell her.

She frowned, seeing that he chose the floor. "Tsch... Freakin boulder." She thought she could use the comfy of the bed to bribe him for information, but he was so unmoved.

"Go to bed." Hue Chi suggested.

"You better stay on the floor all night!" Yu Sha ordered and plopped on the bed, covering all of herself up with the blanket.

Hue Chi leaned against the wall instead of lying on the floor.

Yu Sha tossed and turned around to glimpse at Hue Chi in the dark. In the dark blurry vision, she could make out that he was not lying on the mat. She asked, "You never slept on the floor?"

"If you keep talking, I will join you in bed." Hue Chi threatened.

Discerning that he might be serious with his tone, she obediently complied, shut her mouth instantly. Although there are a lot of things she wanted to ask, she decided to be quiet.

Past midnight, while everyone was deep asleep, someone emerged through the wall Hue Chi was leaning against and land a kick on Hue Chi. He felt the presence and blocked the kick. He returned the favor with a swing and punched the man forcing the man to fly back towards the window to which he dematerialized out through the close solid window. Hue Chi cracked the window open and chased after.

Yu Sha remained deep asleep. The wall where the bed was, a man materialized through, reaching his hand down to touch Yu Sha. His face warmed and hand gentle as if she was the person he yearned for.

"I didn't know people like to visit her while she slept." Hue Chi commented sitting on the window.

The man looked surprised. To what he knew, Hue Chi was supposed to be distracted with his companion. Hue Chi looked at the man who had no trace of mortals in him, beautiful glowy pale skin, black luscious hairs and ruby eyes.

"Who are you?"

The immortal looking man paused and looked over before grinning confidently. "She's my Little Bird. She will come find me soon." With that he dispersed and disintegrated into thin air.