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194 Go For A Walk

 Shortly after, the door opened and Yu Sha jumped down all changed into pants, shirt, and shoes that are easy to move around.

"So where are we going?" She asked while flexing her legs and arms to loosen up.

Hue Chi glanced at her before proceeding towards the vehicle, "Let's go."

Yu Sha quickly followed him into the militant vehicle. She didn't want to be left behind, since she followed him this far.

Everyone got in their assigned vehicle and dispersed heading at different directions.

Inside the vehicle, Hue Chi sat quietly. He looked like he was meditating, but he was going over the plans in his mind. He had to change plan last minute because he somehow couldn't find it in his heart to get rid of Yu Sha and reluctantly allowed her to come. So instead of joining his men, he changed plan to observe from afar with her.

Although he knew she was capable of protecting herself, his men weren't able to gather enough information about the organization, its people, their ability, and true goals. So he need to be careful with his actions. He was practical, logical and meticulous and never fully reveal himself to his enemy.

A while later, Yu Sha felt the vehicle stopped. She waited for instructions from Hue Chi, but he sat there with his eyes closed as if he's resting his mind.

Anxious, she asked, "Are we here? Who are we after?"

Hue Chi remained quiet for a moment and replied, "We're going to wait here."

In fact, in the distance, there was another group dispatched way earlier and was waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive before taking action.

"What? Wait here? For what?" Yu Sha gave a priceless expression look at Hue Chi. She wanted to be useful, but instead he told her to sit quietly. He had not given her any information. Could it be that there was secret information he does not want her to know? Although she can be nosy and loud, she felt he seemed focused and tensed this whole time. Usually he would tease her and make irritating remarks, but he felt different today, making it hard for her to misbehave and demand answers.

Hue Chi crossed his arms with his eyes closed, doing a mental focus while Yu Sha felt antsy. She kept looking at him and then looked at the driver and front passenger. They were looking at the tracking device and gave necessary verbatim instructions to some men in mission.

In a secluded area of nowhere stood an older bronze looking mansion. The building was surrounded and covered with lots of tall trees blending it with the jungles, making it hard to spot.

Approaching the mansion was Hue Chi's men. Although there were a few, a handful he organized himself for secret missions like this, they are men expert in this field. Hue Chi founded these men in secret to hunt down this unknown organization that had subtly targeted the Royal Family.

The men approached closer and surrounded the mansion, hiding behind trees and bushes while four men barged into the mansion. The leader of the squad kicked the door open and waited for reactions from inside the mansion. The other three were in defense mode, ready for combat.

There were no movements from inside. The leader walked in and looked around to what seemed like an old abandoned and empty place. The men searched inside the mansion and to their disappointment, it was devoid of life. Could they have gotten the wrong information? According to Xolai's report, he found evidence of unknown men going inside the mansion, although since then, no one had come out.

After searching every inch and corners of the house, they found no one and there was no secret passage anywhere. They found no traces of human occupying the mansion, and they had to start from square one again.

They relayed an update to Hue Chi. His facial expression did not change but remained stoic for a moment before ordering the driver to drive farther southeast towards the ocean coast.

It appalled Yu Sha at how far they were from the city after hearing Hue Chi's instructions. The city was more north, but closer to the center and west of country. Southeast was in the opposite directions of the construction site. Aires was the biggest country, followed by Cleotara. Although when she thought about it, they were airlifted, then switched plane and drove more. They literally spent more than half of their time in the air and commuting.

The driver complied and drove the militant vehicle in the direction Hue Chi instructed.

Some times later, Hue Chi instructed the driver to stop the vehicle. He got out of the vehicle and asked, "Let's go for a walk." At this point, the sun was going down, spreading prism colors across the sky.

Yu Sha was confused but complied and hastily followed behind Hue Chi. After they put some distance, she asked, "Can't you just tell me what's going on? I'm not a mind reader."

"We're going for a walk." He replied nonchalantly.

"That's it? But why this late?" She was even more confused at his odd behavior pattern, but she does smell fresh sea in the airs to what she assumed they were getting closer to the sea.

The couple continues to walk for another 2 miles until they arrive upon a small house on the hillside before the ocean. The area was quiet, serene and beautiful.

By this time, the sun was setting, darkening the path by the minute. On the side of the house was an open outside shower. The couple could hear the water running as they approached the little house.

Hue Chi assumed there must be a person washing something or showering so he walked around the corner to peak at the side house. Yu Sha also followed behind to inspect the water running only to have her eyes covered by a big hand, but she got a quick second glimpse of a man in his sling underwear showering the residual sand off.

Irritated at Hue Chi who suddenly covered up her eyes, she tried to peel his hands away.

Seeing her resisted his hand, he spoke, "Children shouldn't look."

"Tsk, I'm no children."

Their conversation alerted the man showering. He turned his attention to them, "Oh, how can I help you?"

Hue Chi shielded Yu Sha with his tall and broad body so she couldn't see the naked man showering.

"Our car stopped working a few miles down the road. We've called for help services but the day was late they are not able to come until tomorrow. We hiked the area to see if there is a place, we could spend the night at."