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192 In Loop With The Prince

 'No seat in the plane?!!' Yu Sha looked around frantically and there were indeed, no more seats! 'No way am I staying in this erotic position. Who knows how long this ride will be before we can switch plane?'

'What the hell I got myself into?' She pressed her palms on his chest and pushed herself away. "I... I can stand."

Hue Chi forcefully pulled her closer and tighter this time. "No. It's dangerous."

As she now was kneeling, making her head about the same height as his, his sudden pulled jolted her forward at him and her lips brushed against his.

Her eyes sprung opened, shocked that she had just kissed him. Her heart pulsated at a faster rate than normal. She pulled her head to look at him and shook in denial.

She gulped and stuttered, "I.. I didn't mean to."

Hue Chi let out a satisfied smile and wink at her. "Didn't mean to what?" He knew what she meant but wanted her to say the end of the sentence.

Yu Sha pressed her hands on his chest and planned to push herself off again, but this time, she felt his sturdy muscles underneath the layers of clothes that sent sparkles across her palms.

Traumatized by the feelings that invoked in her, she put up her hands, not wanting to touch him any more.

She gulped as her eyes stared intently at him, figuring why does the sensation felt different this time? Was it because she was still startled from the accidental kiss?

He irked and eyebrow at her and let up a smile that he enjoyed the actions so far.

"You!" Yu Sha glared at Hue Chi. She had a feeling that he was doing this on purpose. Her hand formed into fists and she pounded his chest and accused. "You did it on purpose huh?!"

He let out a chuckle and allowed her to vent.

The men in the helicopter gasped. One even slapped himself to wake him up. What parallel universe they woke up to today?! The prince smiled, not once, not twice, but three times within a short amount of time! He casually flirted with a woman in front of them!

Frustrated, she moved one of her legs out to search for the floor to assist her in getting out of his grip.

As she struggled to pull herself away, a ripped sound echoed through the plane, making Yu Sha's heart lurched at the sound. Nervousness took over her face, she turned her head behind to examine the skirt and noticed the little slit up part had ripped up farther when she reached her leg out to help push herself off.

"Ahh... My skirt ripped!" She cried and reached her hand down to hold the ripped part. Due to their career, Yu Sha and Su Na are used to wearing business style clothing, which often involved skirts and blouses. Since today, Yu Sha was not working at the beach, she threw on a casual skirt, blouse, heels and headed out to Prestique Shopping Mall.

He didn't think things would turn out this way. If she struggled a little more, he was going to give in and allowed her to have the seat. Her shuffling around on top of him was giving him too much action and his self-control was near depletion.

Yu Sha looked at him with her sad big silver eyes as if the cause of her misfortunes were all done by him.

Seeing her accused him with her saddened face, he felt helpless and sighed. He stood up and at the same time, lifted her along with the motion and then turned around to gently put her down on the seat.

There were two seats and a bench behind. The two guards were sitting on the bench and then the captain guard sat on the seat next to Hue Chi so he could brief the prince.

There was no way the captain would let the prince stand, so he offered his seat. "Prince, you take my seat." Now there was a woman in the plane, he wasn't sure if he should continue with the plan and discuss matters with the Prince.

The pilot and bodyguards were still speechless with what they experienced. They never thought they would live to see what just happened today, a woman clung to their Prince, refusing to leave. He even openly flirted with her. The part that shocked them the most was that he allowed it to happen!

Their prince was a man to be reckoned with! All it took was for a woman to sit on top of him and then her skirt ripped apart. That was what they took away from what they saw.

Yu Sha looked dumbfounded at the captain. Why didn't he offer her his seat earlier? But now that their Prince was standing, he quickly offered his seat? "I see how they play. These people..." She glared at them, making them nervous. They were not even in the loop with the Prince's scheme. They were too occupied by shock that they had no time to think of such things. But somehow, they felt threatened by her glare because she thought they were acting with their prince.

Hue Chi cleared his throat and spoke, "Well, now you need to go back and change." He insisted that since she does not have proper clothes anymore, she should stay behind.

"Where are you going? All these men of yours are in gears." She was referring to their suit. They are fully equipped as they are heading for the battlefield.

"I can't tell you."

"Then I'm going." She insisted.

"You are an outsider. I can't take you."

"Then hire me as your bodyguard." She spoke like it is an easy thing to just pick up someone and make them a bodyguard.

"I can't take a woman with a ripped skirt to a dangerous place."

Yu Sha turned around to face Hue Chi. "Now you admit, you're going somewhere dangerous?"

Even if he didn't admit it, Yu Sha could easily guess and somewhere in his heart, he felt the need to come clean with her.

She continued, "You're a Prince, do something about it."

Hue Chi paused briefly and replied, "Take you behind closed door and take the skirt off?"