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191 Waiting For The Signal

 His phone rang and the sound quickly dispelled them both off each other.

Hue Chi let go of Yu Sha and reached for the phone in his pocket. Appeared on the phone screen, was Xolai's name. Anytime when seeing that name meant serious business. His facial expression froze slightly and guessed it must be updates of the stakeout mission. He walked out of her room before answering.

"What's happening?"

Yu Sha was curious. She could feel the airs are off the moment he saw the name calling him. Though he doesn't portray much emotion on his face, she instinctively knew that it might be serious matters.

Yu Sha tiptoed out of her room and tried to eavesdrop, but Hue Chi was far out on the balcony. She couldn't hear anything. When she got to the screen door, he already hung up and walked back inside.

Yu Sha stood by the entrance, waiting for a verdict. It was not like he would tell her anything important other than poking fun of her. But she waited to find out.

He looked at her face and sighed a relief, loosening his body language before speaking. "I was going to treat you to a thank you meal but I have to leave. You have the entire weekend to yourself and I won't count it against you."

First, she was happy and then she became curious. Although she disliked him, this was the first time she sensed something does not feel right with him. She asked, "Where are you going?"

"Working." Hue Chi replied not wanting to go into details of serious secret matters to Yu Sha who was an outsider. The less she knew, the better and safer for her.

Within a minute, a helicopter descended closer to the balcony, creating strong winds blowing off anything that was loose and light nearby. Hue Chi turned around and walked towards the edge to the helicopter.

Yu Sha stood there, looking at his retreating figure. A long hard pinch lurched in her heart as she watched the sight of his back moving further away. To disturb the pain in her heart, she exhaled a big breath hoping it would calm her down. This feeling, the sight, she does not like, why? Although, this was the first time she saw this scene somehow her heart had a familiarity to this retreating back of his. Her mind search crazily for reasons and before she knew it, her body moved.

Hue Chi hopped onto the rail and jumped into the helicopter. In this instant, he felt a breeze passed him. When he landed inside, Yu Sha was sitting on a seat inside. The pilot and three guards were shocked of the unknown woman who suddenly appeared from thin air.

He didn't want to drag her into this issue as it was a top-secret problem that he had been trying to unravel for a long, long time. Hue Chi frowned and ordered, "Get out."

Yu Sha pretended she didn't hear him and turned her head the other side, not budging an inch.

Hue Chi walked to the seat and lifted Yu Sha off the chair like picking up a feather. He planned to take her back.

She knew what he was planning and no way in hell would she let him leave her behind. He can't force her into his life then leave her halfway. He was the one that dragged her into everything and now he wanted to abandon her. Over her dead body.

Knowing that he would take her back down on the balcony, Yu Sha clung onto him like an octopus, wrapping her legs and arms around him limiting his movement, and at the same time shouting, "I refused to stay behind. I'm going too!"

The pilot almost lost control of the helicopter while the other bodyguards looked stupefied seeing a woman glued herself onto their prince while he struggled to unpeel her off.

They didn't know if they should help him in this situation or let him handle it himself. They weren't trained in this field but only in combat.

Hue Chi knew no matter what he said, she would not get off, so he signaled for the pilot to take off.

He cupped her waist with an arm and sat down on the seat. Because she cradled her legs and arms around him, now that he was sitting on the bottom. It made them looked like a couple about to make love, with the woman on top.

The bodyguards froze, not breathing, not moving, like mannequins, only their eyes observing their prince and the beauty in such a sight to be hold of.

'Who was she? She was so bold with the nerve to refuse his instruction!' No men on the field ever denied a command from him. If he told them to jump off the cliff, they would jump off the cliff. But she was fearless!

When Yu Sha opened her eyes and looked around, the helicopter already took off and Hue Chi was sitting on a chair. Her legs still cradled around his waist. She also noticed the two bodyguards looking dumbfounded at them.

Yu Sha soon realized what their face meant. She let go of her arms around his shoulder and uncradled her legs, placing her knees on the two side so she could push herself off him. But Hue Chi held her waist, mounting her body on top of him.

Yu Sha wiggled and whispered with an embarrassed expression. "Let me go? Aren't you ashamed in front of your men?"

"Why should I? You're the one who jumped onto me."

None of the men in the helicopter dare to speak or move a single muscles yet. They still have not quite grasped what they just saw. They were waiting for the signal from their prince first before speaking or making any movement.

She whispered back in a low, frustrated tone. "Okay, okay, my fault. I take the blame. Release me now."

"You can't."


"There are no more seats in here for you. You'll have to remain like this until we switched to another plane."