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190 What Kind Of Dream?

 "You.. You..." the Queen couldn't refute her son's comment. He reminded her that not everyone will automatically respect her because of her title. She would have to earn it first. Sometimes when one's in a position where respects were a given, one often forget that not everyone will respect you the same way.

"What kind of work that woman is doing for you that other women can't?" The Queen asked. She needed to make sure that there were no other reasons her son was keeping Yu Sha near him other than work. Even if that was so, it was still hard to believe that her son would keep a woman he just met near him and allowed her to live in the same room. Although she hated it, he was a grown man who made decisions of his own. She could only voiced her opinions but can't make him choose. He was her only child and a part of her was afraid of repercussion, that if she pushed him too hard, she may lose him forever.

"Mother, someday when I figured all these out, you will know. I need to change and get going." Hue Chi excused himself to his room, leaving his mother alone in the living room. He couldn't answer her questions when he couldn't answer for himself yet. Why his mind, heart, and body yearned for her. And only when she was near and in his sight that he felt content and complete.

After sometimes, Hue Chi walked out all dressed in a classic black suit. He didn't see his Queen Mother in the living room to which he assumed she must have left. He walked to Yu Sha's room and called her but didn't hear a reply. He wanted to take her out for dinner as a thank you for what she did today but when there was no answer, he opened the door and let himself inside her room.

There, he saw her sleeping, curled up in a fetus position on the edge of the bed. Her knees stuck out of the bed that she could fall off if she moved. Hue Chi approached closer to observe her sleeping face. The last time he saw her sleeping figure was when she fell asleep in the bathtub, but this was the first time he saw her face clearly.

He observed her soft pale skin, her eyes that even closed, still seemed beautiful as if it held the entire cosmic. His eyes moved over to the tip of her nose down to her rose petal lips and petite sleeping figure. As being moved by an unknown force, his body naturally gravitated closer to her about to lean down to kiss her rose petal lips.

Then she moved slightly and her brows twitched as if she felt uncomfortable and in pain. Startled of her sudden action, he jolted back thinking what was he planning to do just then? Was he that into her he would be tranced to kiss her at her most vulnerable moment?

Afraid she might move and fell off the bed he stepped closer to her, reached his hands planning to push her farther into the bed, but Yu Sha suddenly swung his hands off her like she was misdirecting a flying object at her.

She stood up and at the same time quickly covered her chest with her hands checking herself for wounds. She looked frantically and then noticed that Hue Chi was in her room looking at her with a shock expression.

Startled seeing him inside her room, and god know to do what, she shouted, "What are you doing in here?!"

He was just as startled of her sudden reaction. He asked, "What are you doing?" Directing his eyes at the hands pressing her chest.

She then noticed what she was doing and quickly dropped her hands and explained, "I was having a nightmare."

He didn't like her shocked and tensed expression and so he teased, hoping that it would loosen the airs. "You sure you're not having a perverted dream?"

"HUH?" Yu Sha hissed irritatedly, "NEVER!" She understood why he said that because of how she touched her chest, but that was not it. Why can't he think straight for once?

Seeing that she calmed down, he chuckled. "What kind of dream were you having then?" He believed her when she said she was having a nightmare, but he wanted to kill off the mood she was emitting. He didn't like it when she had that kind of look and airs to her. He much preferred the arrogant, crazy personality that talked nonstop and usually nonsense.

"A spear pierced right through me." She gestured with her hands on her chest again.

Hue Chi chuckled and teased, "You sure it's not someone else hands while doing the deeds?"

She instantly knew what he was inferring to. He assumed that she was having a sex dream! His annoying level is off the chart, more so than Leo! She lunged forward and threw a punch right at Hue Chi's chest.

Instead of blocking and deflecting, he allowed her to punch him and then grab hold of her hand and pulled her in closer to him.

He wrapped his other hand around her waist to lock her movement.

Unable to move and too close to the Perverted Prince, Yu Sha shouted angrily, "Let me go, you're violating the agreement."

Hue Chi whispered back, "But your hand touched my body first. What was I supposed to do when you initiated?" He was referring to her punch that landed on his chest first before he pulled her in closer.

Shocked at how he took her every action as an impure thing, she couldn't retort. She attempted to say something, but could only stuttered, "That... That was..." She did touched him first, but that was because he annoyed her!

"Who was the person in your dream?" He asked. If he remembered correctly, one of his dreams, he was using a golden rod spear in battle and pierced the woman he loved right through the chest.