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188 Can Move Freely

 The bodyguard, Tsong, fetched Yu Sha at the entrance and led her to the penthouse. When they arrived in front of the door, she inhaled a big breath to brace her entrance, preparing herself for battle if Prince Hue Chi should ever say anything about her action today.

Once inside the penthouse, she didn't see a single person in sight. She walked toward the living room and poked her head in the office halfway. still no sign of human. "Hm.. Am I the only one here? Is that Perverted Prince not here?"

Yu Sha checked every nooks of the penthouse and celebrated the alone time she would have before he came back. She ran to the balcony and saw no one, then to the swimming pool room, still no one. She walked back and paused her step just as she was about to walk past the door to his room, an idea popped in her mind.

"Helloo?" She whispered softly outside of the door. Still no noise. She opened the door and poked her head inside the spacious bedroom. "No one." Relieved, she stepped inside and the nosy side of her kicked in. She peeked around the room trying to see if she could find a weakness to use against him, but the room was sparkly cleaned! "Hm.. at least he does not have poor taste in magazines in here." Yu Sha muttered.

The room was too clean with no speck of anything that would help her, almost as he was a detective, leaving no evidence behind. She left, planning to celebrate her victory today. Yu Sha turned around about to leave when standing behind her, was the Perverted Prince who is half naked.

She shrieked, "Ahhh!" and quickly turned around to avoid seeing his half-naked body. He's too close! If she had taken two more steps, she would bump into him.

"Hm... You seem to have a weird hobby, sneaking into men's room." Hue Chi commented.

Yu Sha's heart beat fast, face reddened, with her back turned towards him, she replied, "No, it's not like that. You got the wrong idea."

"How so? This is the second time you are caught red-handed sneaking in a man's room. If not so, could it be you only like my room?"

Nervous and not wanting to give him the wrong idea, but she also irritated, mostly at herself, she retorted, "It's not like that. An... and... Where did you come from?"

He replied feeling satisfied with her expression. "The shower."

"Liars! I checked the whole place."

He irked his brows when he heard that she checked the place for him. "Oh... why? You missed me that much?"

His remark agitated Yu Sha. That was not the reason she searched for him. She just wanted to make sure he was not around before she went on full crazy mode, just be her crazy self, talking to herself, and doing weird dance moves.

Yu Sha smacked her lips as she turned to glare at him, "Tsch..." It was only then, she realized that he was still half naked and hastily turned away to look elsewhere. In the midst of her quick angers, she forgot that he was not fully clothed yet. "Why aren't you wearing clothes?"

"I just got out of the shower."

"Who showers at this time of day?"

"I was working out and had to shower. Why do I feel like I'm in the wrong here? Shouldn't you be the one in the wrong?"

She glimpsed at Hue Chi again before realizing that behind him was what seemed like a hallway to the bathroom and shower. She couldn't think of anything else to retort. She had never seen his room, not all the rooms in the penthouse came with their own bathroom and shower. Although if she thought about it, if anyone, he would be the one that had the best room with everything included!

Hue Chi noticed where Yu Sha was looking at, that she now realized the bathroom far behind him, giving him the perfect opportunity to tease her. He took a suggestive step closer to Yu Sha and said, "Hm... I should get a reward for being wrongly accused."

His actions and words sent Yu Sha's radar screaming! She took a caution step back, "What are you trying to say?" Next thing she vanished from the spot.

Hue Chi chuckled lightly while shaking his head. Somewhere in his mind, he thought she was very cute. He never had to try hard to give her the wrong ideas. She talked big and act tough sometimes but deep down, she was still a young woman who felt bashful seeing a half-naked man. She felt easily scared when the matter came to anything related to intimacy with the other sex, or maybe it could be only because the other person was him.

In the living room, Yu Sha patted her chest feeling relieved she escaped. She was afraid what his actions and suggestions might lead to. Then, she realized that she just used her ability! "I can use Light Technique now?!" To make sure it was not just a fluke, Yu Sha tested out her ability.

In a couple of seconds, she moved to the balcony and back to the living room a few times. "OMG, I can move freely." To test it even further, she moved to the rooftop and then back into her room. Since it was late afternoon and there are many people out everywhere, she does not want to move freely in the crowds, so she moved to the places where she most likely will not be seen.

Feeling excited that she no longer was restricted, she dashed out of her room to Hue Chi's room. She slammed the door opened, wanting to ask him if it was his doing. It has only been roughly one minute since she flashed out of his room and now, she barged right back into his room again. Hue Chi had just finished putting on his undershorts and nothing else.

"You..." Yu Sha was about to ask him if he was not using his power, but soon saw he was barely clothed. BAM! The door shut close as soon as she barged in. Then she shouted from the other side of the door, "Hurry up and put some clothes on!"