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187 Live Long, Live Proud

 After showing Lali and his mother how to use the new high-tech phone, Yu Sha brought them out to the entrance. Other women and children were already out there waiting anxiously. Children love getting new toys, and since these children have little, they were hyped and restless. The trucks appeared around the bend of the road going towards them. The children stopped playing and stopped to keep their eyes on the trucks.

The trucks rolled up and stopped in front of them. The driver got out of the truck and opened the back. He pushed the board down, creating a slope from the truck to the ground before wheeling the racks and shelves full of supplies down to the ground. It stunned harvest staff at how many items the truck had.

When Harvest Shelter staff noticed the brand of the clothes, it shocked them even more. All the items were new and high-end brands. A couple of them knew of the brands but they could never once in a lifetime be able to buy. Those brands were foreign to some victim survivors. Many of them didn't grow with privileged, luxury to know and experience fashions. For some women, they've only heard the brand names through TV shows they saw here and there. Although such luxuries were presented to them, they put their children first. They helped picked out clothes for their children before they picked for themselves.

Yu Sha instructed the staff to get each for themselves, but they denied. Per company policy, they cannot accept donated items.

She understood the reasons behind the policy well. It was placed to make sure staff were not taking items that are meant for the survivors. But that was not the only reason the staff denied the offer. They are people who have a big heart to help those less fortunate than them, and some were survivors themselves. Otherwise, they wouldn't be working in a place with little funding and meager salary. It was the work that was rewarding and soulful to them.

Regardless of what reasons it was for each of the staff, Yu Sha made them each pick one. "Don't worry, I'll talk to Bella for you all. You all worked hard, I truly believe you deserve a reward too."

All six staff who worked that weekend shift smiled happily and accepted Yu Sha's offered. They each picked a set of clothes for themselves.

"Oh, and if you have children at home, bring them each a toy and a set of clothes." She urged the staff to not forget their children at home. She purposely bought items from Prestique not because she wanted to show off to these victims, but because she wanted to create a show for those who held contempt for her.

After all the families got their clothes and toys, the leftovers are for future survivors and will be stored away. The families thanked Yu Sha one after another for the gifts.

"You all don't have to thank me. I didn't buy these to get thanks from everyone. I didn't buy these out of pity or obligations. I believe each and everyone of you deserve more than these gifts for having the will to overcome your struggles. These are just my ways of showing you all that I'm very proud of the life you've lived and excited to see the life you will live. My only wish is for everyone to live long and live proud!" Those are often words her parents used to encourage her when she was young and going in and out of the hospital. They wanted her to live freely, live long, and live proudly.

Unbeknown to Yu Sha and the shelter staff, one truck had a security camera and everything was recorded and streamed over to Prince Hue Chi. Someone was constantly working undercover around her and she had no clue.

Most of the people were so touched by Yu Sha's words of encouragement that they cried. They cried to let out years of sufferings and years of self-hate. Some were ashamed of the life they lived, some are closed to the end of giving up on living, but to hear her said she was proud of the life they've lived and looked forward to see the life they will live had given them new meanings to life. And those who were already strong enough to overcome self-shame mindsets felt even more empowered by her encouragement.

"I'm only here to work for a while, so, I'll try to visit as often as I can. I wish nothing but good things and good luck for everyone in case some of you moved out before I come again next time."

People started going back inside to their room with their gifts. The shelter staff and truck driver helped took the leftover clothes and toys to the small storage. The staff will have to organize the gifts when they have downtime to make more space.

Yu Sha said her goodbye to Lali and his mother before parting. She reminded them they can always call her whenever. She will answer if she was not busy or in a meeting. And even if she can't at the time of call, she will always call them back later. They were happy with how far she would go for them, but they didn't want to intrude her life more than they already did, unless necessary. They understood she had a career and worked a lot. She wouldn't be the person she was today if she didn't work hard.

A few hours later, Yu Sha arrived at Ether hotel. She dreaded going to meet the Perverted Prince, but she understood she did something bold today in retaliation of him and his Royal Mother. She initially planned to buy gifts for the families at Harvest Shelter like she usually does in the past, but this time, she purposely shopped at Prestique, a place known to frequent by the super wealthy people of Aires and Royal Family.