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186 Do You Want Me to Investigate?

 The Queen bid farewell to other Elite housewives before being led out by lots of bodyguards. There was back passage that led to the back VIP parking for people who attend events on the rooftop. As the Queen walked through the ramp skyway when she saw the commotions in the back parking of the mall. Although the commotion locations were at two different back entrances, the staff had almost the same behaviors. There are employees pacing in and out of the mall backdoor rolling carts full of bagged supplies and they exude a happy, merry body language. It would make sense to see items being wheeled from the trucks inside the store but this time, the role was reversed. The items were being wheeled out from the store to the trucks waiting on the docking station.

Due to the reversed role and odd behaviors of the staff, the Queen felt curious, she asked one of the guards, "What's happening down there?"

Being bodyguards of the Royal Family means, they have to constantly be informed of any activities, big or small. So, when questioned or asked by the Royal Family, they can readily answer. One bodyguard bowed his head in respect before speaking, "Um... Miss Yu Sha of SNYS Consultant bought out three stores and ordered those items to deliver to Harvest Women Shelter."

Hearing this, the Queen huffed full of mix emotions, her eyes as deep as the dark abyss. If Yu Sha wanted to donate to Harvest Shelter, she could have gone to regular department stores, bought more stuff for cheaper prices, but why buy at Prestique?

The Queen felt like Yu Sha's action was a slap in the face to the Royal Family, but then, she was the first person to be so audacious with her donation. This action of her was unseen of even in the Elite Social Circle, no one has done such things. They usually donated money which was handled by their workers and never personally involved themselves in the donation process.

But then, again, could Yu Sha be competing against other potential women by flaunting her wealth? How could a measly worker of a small company compare to empires that had a solid foundation which was established thousands of years ago?

At Ether Hotel, the news was relayed to Prince Hue Chi. He had not gone home yet, as he does not want to have his parents visit him at his place. So, waiting until the very end of the weekend was the best time to go home.

Dao Txu whistled, "I very much like her style. I can see why she caught the eyes of that idiot Prince Kytos." He turned to his Lord, "My Lord, if you wish, I can find out what happened between them. All I need is your command."

Prince Hue Chi ignored Dao Txu, although a part of him wanted to know, but he felt, sooner or later he'll figure out himself. He dismissed everyone and reached for his phone. He looked at the screen for sometimes before clicking on Yu Sha's name to send her a text message. "Come to Ether after you finished your business." -Your Savior

Sitting in the car on the express route towards the edge of the busy big city, Yu Sha's phone beeped. She reached for her phone to look at the message and smacked her lips unhappily seeing "Your Savior." He was the cause of all her unpeaceful life.

After some times, Yu Sha arrived at the shelter. A female staff, Maly, greeted her when she saw Yu Sha came through the door. She remembered that Yu Sha was there the other day with a woman and her two children.

"Miss Yu Sha, you're here? Do you want me to get the family you're visiting?"

Yu Sha raised her hand to decline the gesture. "No need. I will go visit them myself. In a little bit, two trucks will come with clothes, shoes and toys. Find a space and some people to help you wheel in the supplies. Those are donated items from me and on behalf of SNYS Consultant to all the families here and future families."

Happy and shocked, Maly thanked Yu Sha and called for other staff.  Two trucks full of supplies must be a lot of stuff. Harvest Shelter may not have that big of a space. She was worried of the lack of space and thought it was best to have the in-house families come get some items so there would be fewer supplies to store.

Maly rounded up a few staffs to help notify all the families in the shelter to meet at the front.

Yu Sha continued to make her way to Lali's room. She arrived upon the room and knocked on the door. "It's me."

She can hear footsteps splatter towards the door and the door swung open. Lali greeted her with a happy expression, "Big sis?!"

Yu Sha smiled. "Yep. I got you and your mother something." She held up the bag in her hand. This is phones for you and your mother."

Lali's mother was feeding the baby on the chair when her face became solemn. She was gratified enough that Yu Sha took them away and now even came back with phones for them. In her life, she had never received so much help, full of sincerity behind every action. She stood up and thanked Yu Sha.

"Don't worry about the bill. I already prepaid one year worth of service. Hopefully, by then you are steady enough to take over."

Tears dropped from Lali's mother's eyes. She felt overwhelmed with so much kindness from just one single person.

Yu Sha added, "In a little bit here, we have to go out to the entrance. I bought a lot of clothes and toys for everyone."

Lali's pupils dilated with excitement, "Big sis, are you from a rich family?"

Yu Sha paused. She always has a hard time answering this kind of question, "Well, I work on big projects and make a lot of money."

Feeling even more excited, "What kind of work do you do?" He also wanted to work so he could earn a lot of money to help his mother.

Seeing young children interested in work, Yu Sha's eyes beamed brightly, "Well, I'm an architectural engineer."

Confused as he hadn't heard that language before, he asked curiously, "What is that?"

Yu Sha looked up and thought of the simplest way to tell a 6 years old so they would understand. She replied, "I design and build gigantic beautiful buildings that take people's breath away."

Lali listened intently and nodded his head while his eyes shone brightly that of the pure clouds. "Then I want to be an architectural engineer like big sis so I can make a lot of money."

He replied with so much determinations that all she could do was encourage him. She didn't want money to drive his source of career choice. She squatted down to his height and replied, "Well, if it's something that you love doing, then I'll be happy if you become one."