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185 Buy Your Store

 At the end of the day as everyone wrapped up work, Yu Sha contacted Yu Ping to fly to Aires as soon as possible. She had another project for him to do before he can start working on Aqua Illusion Project to which Yu Ping agreed to leave in the next couple of days. After they finished chatting, he booked a ticket to leave Lyon in a few days.

Knowing that the weekend around the corner, Yu Sha turned to Su Na and asked, "Do you want to do anything for the next two days?"

After the weekend, Lue Han was scheduled to visit the progress, so Su Na needed to prepare some reports to update him, plus she needed to work on her empire. They had visited the city a few times and will still have more time to explore, so she opted to stay in at the cruise to do some work. "No, let's stay in. I got some stuff to do."

The next day, late morning, the two besties ate lunch together and then went to their own room. Su Na needed time to concentrate on works for professional and personal reasons. She was almost done finalizing their new headquarter, while Yu Sha was assigned to look at the potential jobs they needed to hire for their new space.

Yu Sha was working on her bed but she couldn't concentrate, so she decided that she would visit Harvest Women Shelter. She had yet to follow up with Lali and his mother after leaving them at the shelter, and she felt responsible to make sure she secured a bright future for them. She reached for her phone and sent a text to Su Na that she will be gone for a couple days and will pick up Yu Ping at the airport for a side project.

Su Na was aware of Yu Sha behavior and predicted that she would be gone for a few days. That behavior was very typical of her beast friend to which she was familiar with after being friends for almost two decades. That traits of her beast friend is what she liked the most and was what made Yu Sha a very humble and kind person.

After sending the text to Su Na, Yu Sha left the cruise and headed towards the city with Keng as her driver. Keng drove Yu Sha to the famous shopping district, Prestique Shopping Mall, where mostly the wealthy shopped at. Yu Sha and Su Na had shopped there during their first weekend when they visited the city.

The first shop was a phone store. After browsing through a few phones, she decided on two newest phones that recently came out. The staff helped get the phone and rings up the phones. Yu Sha took the bag and proceeded to the next shop, Rose Valley clothing store.

Yu Sha stood in the middle of the store, contemplating on something only she knew. After noticing that she has not moved and seemed to be in a dilemma, the store staff walked over to check with Yu Sha and asked, "Hello Miss, is there anything I can help you with today?"

Yu Sha nodded her head slowly and replied, "I'll buy your entire store."

Having heard that phrase for the first time, the staff was taken aback unable to process what Yu Sha just said. She cleared her throat and asked again to make sure she didn't heard it wrong. "Um, Miss, what did you said?" Guessing that maybe Yu Sha meant something else.

"I'll buy everything in your store. Please have it deliver to Harvest Women Shelter."

This time Yu Sha spoke clearly and she was able to hear the whole thing. Her heart trembled and her voice shook, "Um.. You want to buy everything in our store?"

Yu Sha nodded. "Mm.. I like everything delivered to Harvest Women Shelter."

Shocked and surprised she replied, "O.. okay. Wait a minute, let me do an inventory run, and... and I will ring up your card."

Yu Sha followed the reception staff to the counter. After notifying the other staff, a few staffs started taking the items off the shelf and racks while a couple other staff went to the back and packed the in stock items. Yu Sha paid for the stuff and walked out to the next place. The staffs thanked Yu Sha for her wonderful business and then put up the closed sign for the store. They have no more inventory and will have to wait for more supplies to deliver. For that day and maybe the next day, they will not be in business but they made a lump sale and will probably even get some bonuses for next pay check. The store employees couldn't be any happier.

Yu Sha proceeded to the next store, clothes for kids. She bought all the items in the store that the store has to be closed for the next two business days just like the first store. After that, she went to a toy store and bought all the toys, and have it delivered to Harvest Women Shelter.

Shortly later, news spread throughout the mall like wildfire. Anyone who shopped in that mall district usually are the super wealthy people and no one had ever done something so brazen. Why would a person from another country care about other countries? Many of them are not stupid, they can put 1 and 1 together to get 2. She must be donating all the items she bought to Harvest Shelter, but why wouldn't she go to a cheaper place? Her action does not make sense to the store staff.

The mall staff started researching her but there was barely any information of her in the web other than she was an employee of SNYS Consultant. They also found out that SNYS Consultant has donated a lot of money to several non-profit organizations throughout Lyon and usually those places are impoverished.

Harvest Women Shelter was more on the impoverished side. Their building looked run down, with no security and they do what they can with the small amount of resources they have. Sometimes, two families have to share one small room in times when they have overflows of women and children in hardship.

As Yu Sha walked out of the mall district, the other store wished how she could buy items from their store too. They all rushed to their store entrance just to catch a glimpse of the woman from Lyon who one would never have guessed that she had so much money.

After she left, from the top floor of Prestique, a glamorous social elite event ended. The Queen and the other housewives who attended the event on the roof top bid their goodbyes.