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183 Our Lord Lady Is Kind

 Yu Sha knocked out the group that mobbed Lali's father and returned to the same place to check his condition. Seemed like he was hit in the head pretty hard. Although that was her original plan, she didn't intend to cause extreme internal injury. She just wanted to scare him and threatened him a little so he would never search for his wife and children. He had never been the father he was supposed to be, protect and love them. There was no need for him to be in their life when he contributed nothing. Seeing his condition, she lost the will to do anything further.

Yu Sha picked him up and threw him by the roadside. She went back to hide in the tree and waited. Her plan was to see if a car would come by and discovered him. Since it was late at night and the city was on the outer skirt, few cars traveled by. If no car drive by in the several minutes, she'll have to take Plan B.

A few minutes had passed with no sight of cars. Yu Sha got a little worried. There was no house near but a few smaller businesses across the road.

Agitated that she had to take this matter into her own hand and can't stall longer. Just as she stood up from the branch about to jump across the road, beaming from one side of the road was a head light coming.

She sighed a breath of relief and jumped down from the branch and found a thick bush to hide. She picked up a rock and planned to throw the rock across the road to distract the driver, hoping the driver would slow down to notice the human lump on the ground.

In the end, she didn't even have to retort to that method. Lali's father was on the roadside, anyone driving by wouldn't miss. She saw the car slowed down and stopped. The moment the car stopped, an elderly man got out of his car, looking panicky that someone was dead.

The elderly man stumbled his way out of the car, trembling in fear of the worse possible as he checked out the man lying on the road. When he saw the condition of the man on the ground, the elderly man reached for his phone in his pocket to dial for help.

After assuring the situation was under control, she left and took the money with her. At a tiny, smelly room in a run down motel, Yu Sha searched for Lali and his mother's identification information.

Back at the crime scene, paramedics came and provided first aid for Lali's father. The police also came and surveyed the vicinity. To their surprise, they also found three other men knocked unconscious nearby and was taken into custody for further investigation.

Bright and early the next day at Harvest center, Lali woke up and there was a bag next to his pillow. Surprised, not sure if it was from his mother, he looked down to ask his mother. They slept on the bunk bed below while he slept on top. What he saw, was his baby sister asleep soundly on the bed and his mother was nowhere to be found.

He looked at the bag and decided to check what's inside. Inside the bag, there were stashes of cash and their identification information. All the important papers of them are safe. The last thing was a piece of note, "Present from your big sis" with a smiley face.

The day before the weekend start, Yu Sha was back at the construction site with the crew. As everyone gathered outside before assembling to their appropriate group, Cheng asked the crew.

"Did you guys saw the news this morning? What a crazy thing. In Red Rock City, a man was found on the road with multiple internal injuries and then not far from the vicinity, 3 more men were found unconscious with the injured man's wallet."

Tong replied, "Yea, it was pretty crazy. If those three were the one who injured the other man, then how did the 3 men ended up knocked out? Was there a fourth person among the three-unconscious person? The police are still investigating this mystery."

Cheng chimed in, "Yea, and the crazy part is the injured man was also wanted for domestic violence. I don't think anyone of those 4 people were innocent." Cheng looked up at the sky and rubbed his chin. "The real mystery is the fifth person. There has to be another person."

Yu Sha heard the guys discussed the cold case at Red Rock City and inputted, "It... it truly is mysterious. I'm very curious as well."

At Ether Penthouse, Dao Txu arrived back to report update to Hue Chi when the news hit him. But first, it needed something to gossip. Even though what he heard wasn't much to gossip about, he was still excited. "Eh, what, what? She what? Aww... So, she originally planned to go threatened him, but after he got beaten into a pulp, she felt bad and even rescue him? So, our Lord Lady's heart is not as dangerous as her skill?"

Hue Chi overheard the conversation between his men and felt glad that Yu Sha was kind. She had the heart to help those in need, those less fortunate. He also researched SNYS and found out they donated 15% of their income to help build and sustain orphanage across Lyon and on the side, Yu Sha also took a pay cut to establish educational programs. No wonder her grandmother said she was a kind girl.

Just as everyone assembled outside the ship, Su Na was the last one to come out. After she came out, the group jumped into their assigned jeep and drove off to the site. Yu Sha and Su Na stayed behind to brief the progress. Outside the ship in the middle point where the two halves started were tables and canopies. Yu Sha and Su Na went inside the canopy as it had a roof to cover them from the extreme sun ray. They both sat down on the table and before Su Na could start, Yu Sha interrupted.

"Um... I have a request."

"Yes?" Su Na replied.