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182 Act In Utmost Secrecy

 Yu Sha hacked the web system for records of his daily bad habits and gathered enough information to find the usual routes he tended to take. She wanted to approach him. She like to avoid crowded places as much as she can to cover up her act.

With the advanced technology, it was hard to commit crimes in public places without being caught, and since the Perverted Prince warned her, she had to act in utmost secrecy. Before she left, she hacked the bank's database and deactivated all the credit cards in Lali's father's possessions. She removed him as one of the account holders, erased all traces of him and issued a new card to be sent to Harvest shelter for Lali's mother.

Yu Sha disappeared from her room after she gathered enough data.

Lali's father was gambling in an underground casino, gambling away every penny of Lali's mother's hard-earned money. After he caught them trying to escape, he brutally hit his wife and took away her wallet with the credit cards and their identifications information.

In the VIP suite, a few floors above. PengXu called Hue Chi to notify His Lord of Yu Sha's status. "My Lord, she left."

Long Kue who was on the smaller desk in the office spoke while typing in a bunch of codes on his laptop, "Prince, how do you know that she has hacking skill?"

Prince Hue Chi thought of that night Yu Sha snuck into his room and was caught by him. After their verbal agreement of the plan, someone hacked into Ether's database, but only the file folder containing staff's employee was touched. He had his suspicions but now finally could confirm. He glanced at the phone next to his laptop and pondered for a brief moment and instructed, "PengXu, follow her. Stay far enough to avoid being found."

PengXu agreed and vanished from the room.

"Long Kue, erased all of her activities in the web. And find out more about this underground casino." Hue Chi ordered.

Long Kue looked at his Prince and nodded. "Prince, within a few minutes, she committed a few crimes. Is she going to really commit crimes in a foreign country?" He thought if that was the case, they would have to suppress the crime and hushed certain people. It was not like that has not happened and can't happen but Yu Sha was not someone with status and power and not only that, she was a foreigner.

Dao Txu was away meeting Xolai, investigating an unknown organization's movement. That unknown organization had been after the royal family for a long, long time. Hue Chi planned to find out who they were and put an end to them. He organized his own secret guards and designated certain people for this secret mission.

Long Kue hacked the data Yu Sha gathered and figured out where she might be. With the help of all the black satellites placed around the country, they were able to pinpoint the location she was waiting at.

In the casino, a man in his mid-thirties with unkept hairs and unshaved face was sitting on a card dealing table, holding some cards in his hand. He looked like he had not left the place for days! After some times of playing many rounds, he put on a smirk and pushed all his chips into the center, creeping all the other men out. He was a regular at the casino and in the last 4 days, he won some, lose some, but this time he betted all his chips. It was hard for the others to gage whether he was bluffing or for real.

Soon, everyone had to unfold their cards, and Lali's father had the best cards. He raked in all the chips conceitedly. He had been at the casino for 2 days straight and away from home for almost a week. He should head home soon to see his wife and kids so he cashed out and left. He had a tendency to go back to the motel and count his money while drinking his favorite liquor. Every time when he went home angry was because he lost all the money and when he went home in a good mood was when he made money.

He left the casino and walked about ten minutes before approaching the park. In between the underground casino to the motel Lali's father stayed at was about 20 minutes walk if cut right through a park. And since he wanted to save time, he cut through the park as usual to the same run down motel he had been staying at.

While walking through the wooded area, someone hit him from behind. Before he could react, a few more hits landed on him, not giving him the chance to retaliate. The hit didn't stop until he fell onto the ground and didn't make any sound. The attacker assumed he was out for good. Then someone reached for his bag and took all of his money. He wasn't sure if it was his blurry vision or there are actually a few people beating him down. His head bled, mouth and nose bled from the blows as he laid on the ground listlessly. The group of people robbed him and left him to death on the ground.

Yu Sha who was lying on a tree branch, saw what happened. She smacked her lips, "Damn, those bastards took my job away from me." She leaped away and went after the group. She would not let them get away either. Nobody was innocent tonight and they should all get caught together.

Lali's father laid on the ground bleeding, his conscious fading away. Looking at the moon as his life flashed through his eyes, images of the many times he landed those punches on his wife and children. How painful it must have been to them and how they managed to survive after all these times was unknown to him.

Soon, the image of the moon blurred out more and more. He thought he was meeting his end soon. The split second before he lost conscious, he saw a thin feminine shadow appeared and then lost the last shred of consciousness.