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181 The Only Thing She Wished For

 Hue Chi slowly let go of Yu Sha's arms after warning her not to find trouble. Although he felt she was not confident with her answer, at least she would be cautious if she defied his warning.

Hue Chi walked out and went to the office while the hotel kitchen staff prepped the balcony for a full course royal meal. The Queen and Kao Sheng found their seat in the living area and chat to comfort each other. They both were in discomfort and felt distressed of the scene they saw today.

It was not until after Hue Chi settled down in the office that the Queen summoned enough courage to go chat with Hue Chi.

Just as the Queen entered the office door, Yu Sha came out of her room fully dressed and made her way to the door. She looked at the Queen and bowed in respect before walking out of the penthouse.

Still had the dissatisfied look on her face, the Queen ignored Yu Sha and walked into the office. Running away? A part of her wanted Yu Sha to stay so she could observe the woman of lowly background but a part of her didn't want to either.

"Hue Chi, your friend is not staying for lunch? Isn't that a little rude of her to just leave?"

Hue Chi looked at his mother. "You only invited me to have lunch."

She bit her lips feeling frustrated. "Don't challenge me."

"I'm busy. Don't come unannounced again, unless it's urgent matters." He added.

The Queen huffed at his comment. He must not be busy enough to have time dragging that woman with him. She was respectful of his time and space that she allowed him to do as he pleases too much for too long. She bore him, she should never have to make an appointment to see him. "You've become rebellious towards your mother."

Hue Chi sighed and touched his brows. He doesn't want to reply to her, afraid she may get worked up.

Kao Sheng who sat in the living room, heard the conversation between her Prince and the Queen. He even complained of his very own mother's behavior, something he had never done. She felt like he changed. He was not the quiet, calm and distant statue she used to know. Instead, he became more expressive, a person she never thought he could become.

Hue Chi's behavior made his Queen mother angry. Since day one, he had always been good. They never had arguments as son and mother but today was the first.

She would make him spew out the relationship between Yu Sha and him. She needs to hear it from him directly and so she asked loudly, "Do you like her?" To her knowledge, he never liked anyone. Allowing a woman to stay this close to him was a first. There was no denying that he does not have some feelings toward Yu Sha.

Hearing someone blatantly asked him this question felt strange. He has not thought about his feelings towards her, other than the fact he enjoyed her near him. He also found her actions and behavior amusing. Is that what they called like? He was not sure of the feeling Yu Sha evoked in his heart every time when she was around. Hue Chi remained silent to the Queen's question, as he was not quite sure how he felt about her.

Both Kao Sheng and the Queen held their breath, anticipating an answer from him, but all they got was silence. After a moment of no answer from him, the Queen asked again. "Do you like her?"

He knew that he had to give an answer or his mother would never drop the subject. "I'll give you the answer next time."

"Hue Chi!" The Queen shouted frustratedly. "Why her?" She was his mother, the apples of her eyes and knew his personality well. Her woman's intuition told her that Yu Sha had a place in his heart. If she had other sons, other children, she wouldn't care much of who he liked or wanted to marry. Unfortunately, he was her only child and will one day take over the country. Oh, how she wished, he could pick someone more suitable for him. The only thing she ever truly asked was for him to marry someone who can support and help him run the country. Someone who had manner, royal etiquette, knowledgeable of how the country worked, be his pillar of support, and backbone.

Prestige ladies were not far from reach, but Hue Chi kept his distance from them as if they never existed. No matter how beautiful, talented they are, they did not appear in his vision as if he long given his heart away. He paid no attention to them, no matter how glamorous they are in terms of look and wealth.

Out in the living area, Kao Sheng's heart quenched in pain from what could possibly be in her prince's heart. She has always been passive when it came to him as she felt that if she pushed, he'll pulled back. Afraid to lose him even before she even entered his sight, she was patient, secretly loved him from afar. She never knew that the day would probably never arrive.

Soon, a staff notify Kao Sheng, interrupting her that that the food was ready and then headed to the office to invite the Queen and Hue Chi.

The meal that afternoon was spoiled for both the Queen and Kao Sheng. They didn't have much appetite, and they never succeeded in what they originally wanted to.

Prince Hue Chi was quiet the whole time and only spoke when asked. Even then, he summed things in a few words almost as he was answering a closed-ended question.

Yu Sha had a nice quiet lunch by herself and was dropped off at the cruise. She met up with Su Na and the crew that afternoon to catch up.

Late at night while everyone was sleeping, Yu Sha hacked the computer and retrieved surveillance clips for traces of Lali's father. It took some times, but she found his location in an underground casino.