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178 Making Tea

 Yu Sha understood that not all needs can be met at once. She thanked the founders for its dedication to help people and bid her farewell.

While in the car, she was in deep thought about the whole situation. She didn't move at all, like a robot looking through the window with a stoic expression. What ran through her mind, only she knew.

At Ether hotel, Yu Sha made her way up to the penthouse followed by the bodyguard.

By this time, it was late morning, almost noon. After lunch, she was to go back to the cruise and catch up with Su Na before Su Na called her. No contacts from Yu Sha after a few days are always a bad omen for Su Na. Her worries are not so much in that Yu Sha might be in danger but more so that that other people's lives could be in danger. Yu Sha has a tendency to be a little rough and get in trouble when she encountered ignorant people.

Before the penthouse door, Tsong reported. "Miss Yu Sha, Prince Hue Chi will be back in an hour."

Yu Sha nodded and went inside. She had time to bathe and get ready. Upon entering her room, she changed and headed straight to the bathtub and took a bath. She was in the bath for a good while before getting out to blow dry her hairs and then threw on a bathrobe.

After having been in the hot bath for a while, her throat felt dry and since yesterday afternoon, she had not had a proper meal. Yu Sha poured herself some water and quickly gulped down the water but felt it wasn't enough to replenish her mind. She decided that she would make some tea and proceeded to search for tea cans. Refreshing teas can help revive one's energy and was also medicinal to the body.

Yu Sha searched through the drawers first and then the cabinets. To get a better view of all the different shelves, she leaped on the counter so her head could be at the cabinet's level. Being short could be challenging sometimes. She knelt on her knees while moving things around in the cabinet shelves. Just then, the main door beeped opened and Hue Chi walked in to see Yu Sha kneeling on the counter in her bathrobes.

"What are you doing?"

She paused to meet him and replied, "Looking for teas. Aren't you a little early?"

"They are not up there. And I finished a little early." He walked to the kitchen. Next to the stove, he opened the cabinet door and took a tin can from the cabinet next to the stove.

Yu Sha was lost for words about how he knew where it was. She started at the cabinet closest to her. The kitchen was so big with many drawers and cabinet, so she had just looked through the first two cabinets.

"I haven't had the chance to get over there yet." She jumped down from the cabinet and walked over to Hue Chi.

She took the can from him and then searched for a cup in the dishwasher. She scooped a teaspoon into the cup before Hue Chi interrupted.

"What are you doing?"

She gave him a blank look and commented, "Can't you tell? I'm making some tea." 'He was a prince. He probably never seen someone make tea before?'

He continued to stare at her lost. "With what?" One need hot boiling water to make tea. She hasn't boiled water, was she going to do that after?

Yu Sha saw his lost expression, "This cup and hot water from the coffee maker?"

Although, Hue Chi has never made tea, he saw the women around him made teas so he at least knew the proper way to make it. He chimed. "Um.. I don't think that's how you make tea."

Yu Sha looked at Hue Chi and smiled, "This is how I make it. It's just the teas I made are always prepacked. I seeped the tea bag into some hot water."

Hue Chi has never drank prepacked tea. His teas were often made differently from the best quality and made by the people who served him. Although he never personally brewed tea before, from the look of it, he might probably be more knowledgeable than Yu Sha. He walked to the drawer and took out a pot, added water into the pot and turned on the stove.

Yu Sha looked at him feeling a little surprised. "Are you going to make some tea?"

"Hmm... The way you planned to make this tea will not do justice to the tea. The coffee maker's preheated water is not hot enough to bring out the taste of the tea."

Yu Sha felt surprised that a prince knew how to make tea or maybe he was just picky about the quality taste of the tea if not brewed properly? "I'm not picky."

He looked at her unconvinced at the comment, "not picky." He had a feeling she could be one picky person with certain things.

Seeing how he looked at her, she added, "I'm serious. I know how to make tea. It's just that I've always had instant prepacked tea in the past and this is how I usually make them."

"I didn't think you would be back before noon today." Hue Chi commented before going around the corner to the living area and dropped off his briefcase in the office.

Yu Sha hastily followed behind and almost bumped into Hue Chi when he turned around after putting his briefcase gently on the desk.

They looked like a married couple, where the husband had just came home from a long day of work and the wife was a homemaker.

He stood still looking at Yu Sha, studying her closely. He had seen the video Tsong sent him, heard her convincing sentences and promises.

She was very admirable, a person who grew in the light doing everything she can to help those in need, even spent time to convince the other person. Few people who grew up having everything would help those in need, stayed with them, and helped straighten things out before leaving.

Noticing that Hue Chi was looking at her weirdly, Yu Sha quickly stepped away feeling a little nervous, "Wh.. what is wrong?" But what she wanted to ask is why are you looking at me weirdly?