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176 The Cycle of Abuse

 Yu Sha looked straight at the sobbing woman, her eyes flickered a complicated feeling. Her blessings made her even more compassionate. She, unlike some others, does not take her blessings for granted. Instead, she spread them and shared if she could.

There are those who are oblivious to the suffering of the world, but there are those who are trying to make a difference using the resources and platform they have.

Yu Sha was the latter. She grew up loved and spoiled, but she grew up with a sense of justice, can gage between right and wrong. She stood up for the weak, stood up for what she felt is kind.

At a young age, she volunteered to be mentors at charity organizations. Her parents always raised her with compassions and believe that she'll one day grow up to make a difference in one way or another.

After some internal battle, she opened her mouth and spoke, "It is exactly of this light that I want to give others a piece of this light. If you trust me, I'll always have your back and show you how wonderful the light can be."

The woman looked at Yu Sha lost for words. She remembered her mother grew up having been in the same shoes as she was. The neighbors had done nothing when her father went on a rampage while her mother begged and screamed for help. She had always thought that was how the world function. The neighbors were afraid to meddle in someone else affairs, even when they could hear her mother and her screamed for help. Eventually, her mother passed away in one of those abuses.

In desperate to find a safe heaven, she met her husband, whom at that time, showered her with love and affections. She thought, she had finally found happiness and broke the cycle of abuse. But her happiness soon became a nightmare and the cycle of abuse repeated.

She had no one to rely on. Her husband was an alcoholic and gambler. She had to provide for him, her children, and herself. He would beat her up so bad until she couldn't work from the severe bruises. Then, while they shut themselves inside, he would take off with the money she earned only to return when he ran out of money.

The last time she tried escaping with her children. He hit her, threatened to take her children away, and that threat made her stay with him. But he wasn't satisfied with that. He hit her until she lost conciousness and when her son came to help her, he took his anger on their son too. It took courage beyond unimaginable to leave but for her who lived in the cycled of abuse, the thought of leaving was almost nonexistence in her mind. She came to accept that this was her fate and she couldn't change it.

Now even a total stranger who wanted to help her sounds suspicious.

The woman looked at Yu Sha's determined eyes, her presence so felt so assuring and safe. She finally conceded and dropped to the floor, sobbing her life away. She, who had always been in the dark never thought one day, she would be liberated from the cycle she saw her mother had lived and now herself lived. She never thought a total stranger would care enough to break into her shell. She cried tears of suffering, tears of pain and then tears of liberation. After shedding her weakness and embracing her resolved, she spoke in a soft low tone, "I'm willing to change for my children's future."

The bodyguard witnessed the entire incident. He was standing at the door trying to piece what happened prior to his arrival. Like a pro, she remained calmed and composed and could vaguely pieced what had happened.

Yu Sha realized she finally convinced the mother to leave with her. She reached for her phone to contact Keng and the bodyguard only to sense that someone was by the door.

She turned around and saw the bodyguard standing in the living room in front of the door. She asked the bodyguard to help her escort the family of three away for thorough check-ups at the hospital to which he complied.

After learning he was to head to the hospital, Keng called Long Kue to relay messages of their day and the delay in delivering Yu Sha back.

At the hospital, Yu Sha sat in the waiting room and took the phone to contact Long Kue. "Where is your boss?"

Long Kue was taken aback at the sudden change of tone but quickly came to his senses. "He's right here."

"Put the phone on speaker." Yu Sha ordered icily.

She was not in the mood to talk to anyone at this moment even the prince. He was the source of her irritation and now she was feeling even more irritated. Not meeting up with him was probably a good decision.

"Tell your boss I can't meet him on time tonight. I have more pressing matters." She spoke irritably.

Long Kue turned to look at Hue Chi. He had the phone on speaker but wasn't sure what to react. No one has ever rejected the Prince so decisively!

After she spoke, the line ended. Sweats dripped down Long Kue's forehead. He was not sure what to do but only force on a smile to calm the situation. He had not seen someone rejected his prince so arrogantly and was not sure how the prince would react. Even he felt a little nervous.

"Um... Prince, let's have dinner without her. At this point, we'll not have dinner on time unless you want to continue to wait?"

Prince Hue Chi remained silent but soon ordered.

"Have Tsong file a thorough investigation and send in resources for the family." Tsong was the bodyguard he assigned to follow Yu Sha.

When Tsong heard the order from Long Kue, he understood.

In the meantime, he'll contact the Women Shelter and Social Services to come take over. That would be the only way to put Yu Sha at ease.