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175 You Cant Understand

 Yu Sha knocked on the door and shouted, "Hello?"

She waited for a moment and heard silence. She knocked again and waited for answers. Her gut told her she can't let this be until she found out more about the situation of the boy.

In the room next door, the little boy tended to an older woman and a baby girl. When he heard the knocks and someone called, his motion stiffened. 'Did that woman follow me home?' He ran at full speed. Any normal person wouldn't be able to catch up to him even a grown man.

The woman lying on the bed with a toddler sleeping in her arms perked her head up to the voice calling outside the front door.

Looking exhausted but her eyes worried, she stuttered, "Lali, is someone here?"

Lali, the little boy slightly nodded his head, "Mama, I think someone might have followed me when I went out to play."

He lied that he went out to play to ease her mind. "I'll go out and check."

At this moment, Yu Sha jolted the door open and let herself inside the rusty little house. She observed the inside, which looked ordinary plain. There is barely anything in the living area, then a hallway that led to the kitchen area. Nothing seems out of place.

Across the living area was the door where she saw the boy went into earlier. Just when she took a step towards the room, the doorknob turned. The little boy came out of the room to see Yu Sha standing inside the house already.

His facial expression froze not understanding how she got in when he clearly locked the door! He does not remember seeing her face at the inn. She was either a new employee or a guest.

With a guilty expression. "Who are you? I didn't steal anything." His body trembled, afraid he could get in trouble for digging the trash.

Seeing his tiny, timid body, her heart felt unsettled. Before opening her mouth to reply, she inhaled a breath of helplessness. "I haven't said anything." She walked closer to the boy and leaned down to his height. "I'm not going to harm you. Are you alone here?"

The boy's body tensed up remaining motionless and silent in a dilemma of what to say.

She could tell that he didn't have an answer for her but she had a clear visual of him to observe for clues. Then her eyes spotted something that looked like the edge of a mark on his left shoulder by the base of the neck.

She reached her arms to pull the collar shirt for a closer look. Bewildered at the evidence on his body, she lifted his shirt and saw more marks.

Lali shouted, "What are you doing? Let me go." He tried to free himself from her hold while trying to cover up the marks on his body.

The door to the room next door opened and a woman who looked skinny, pale and exhausted stood leaning on the door to investigate the commotion.

Yu Sha turned her head to observe the woman and on her body was more of similar marks. Her right hand was wrapped in old bandages. 'This looked like marks of abuse! If I'm not wrong, the boy and the woman could be victims of domestic abuse! There has to be another person, the cause of these bruises.'

Yu Sha walked up to the woman and in a cold tone, she asked, "Where is your husband?"

The woman lowered her head and avoided eye contact in a timid low tone, she murmured, "He's currently not home."

"When will he be home?"

"I.. I'm not sure." The woman answered with uncertainty. She does not know when he'll come back plus, she does not know the identity of the woman barging into her house, so she couldn't give an explanation.

Soon, a voice of a baby cried from inside the room. The voice started both Yu Sha and the woman.

There was another child in the room?! Is the child okay?

The woman quickly turned around, went inside to check up on her child.

Wanting to know the condition of the child, Yu Sha also followed after the woman.

In the parking lot outside of Floating Cloud Spa parking lot, Keng and the bodyguard waited patiently for Yu Sha to come out. They looked at their watch and it's been a while past the time Yu Sha told them to meet her.

Anxious, the bodyguard took out a hand size device to check if Yu Sha was still inside the inn and hopefully, she was just running behind schedule.

When he turned on the device, he saw that her location was not inside the inn but roughly 20 minutes away from the inn towards the express freeway. He zoomed in the location in satellite view and it looked like Yu Sha was inside the little house. "How in the world did she get there? How does she know that a house is there?"

Afraid that something ominous might happen, he ordered Keng to drive towards the direction.

Keng took off at high speed. Not long later, they arrived at the destination. The bodyguard got his weapon and body camera on and headed towards the house.

The bodyguard approached the house cautiously and listened for noise. He went up to the door, which was propped open. He can see part of the living room through the gap.

He slowly opened the door and poked his head in the living room but didn't see anyone. The area seemed safe to step inside. Then, he heard a woman's voice sobbing begging from the room across.

"I can't. Your life is surrounded by light, what can you possibly understand?"

Yu Sha paused, unable to retort. No one had blatantly pointed out how blessed she was. That's right. She had a wonderful life. She lived in the light, surrounded by love and kindness. She wouldn't know what she would be like living in the repeated cycle of abuse, but what was wrong with wanting to give someone the same light?