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174 The Rusty Little House

 Yu Sha looked at the time on her phone to see how much time she had left. She left the mountain top in a hurry and didn't check the time until she arrived at the resort.

"Shoot! There is only 15 minutes left before my hot spring time is up."

She rushed inside the inn to the check-in counter.

"Um.. sorry. My hike took longer than expected, but there is still time left. Can I use the remaining time left to soak for a little bit?"

The staff looked at Yu Sha's state and nodded. "Yes, follow me."

Yu Sha followed the inn staff, who led her to an isolated walk way and into another small building.

The building a dome shape, with glass window on the ceiling, allowing the person to sky gaze. The building was built around the hot spring, allowing the person bathing to have lots of privacy.

The staff then opened the hot spring for Yu Sha and handed her the door card.

"Miss, here is the key, there are brand new robes and towels on the shelf inside. Feel free to use as you like."

Yu Sha thanked the staff and went inside hastily. She didn't waste any time and quickly took her clothes off and dipped into the hot spring. The moment her whole body immersed in the hot spring, she felt like her soul was reborn anew.

Accompanying the Perverted Prince made her on high alert all the time that she had forgotten what it felt like to be relaxed. When she thought of the Perverted Prince, her mind and body dread going back.

Although she was away from him today, his bodyguard followed her everywhere, making it hard to just relax and let loose because she knew someone was following and watching her every move. If she was an ordinary citizen, it wouldn't bother her so much as she probably wouldn't notice their presence unless they make themselves known.

Yu Sha leaned her back against the rock by the edge and laid her head back so she could glance at the sky.

The sun was setting, beaming its rays across the skies, making the sky glows in different hues like the rainbow dispersing its colors across.

She inhaled a breath to relax and calm her thoughts. 'It felt so relaxing, I must take Su Na to visit here when we have a few days off.'

Yu Sha thought Su Na would definitely like the hot spring and spa services, although she may not like the hike as much.

Then her thought wondered to the strange, peculiar place she tumbled upon earlier. She felt something was odd with the place but she couldn't wrap her head around it and then the man she met popped in her mind. He does not look like a man of this world, so beautiful, ruby gem eyes, luscious black hair, glowy pale skin and plumped lips.

Yu Sha recalled every details of the man, from head to toes, his height, and body that seemed quite built underneath the layers of clothes... 'What the hell, how can a man be more beautiful than a woman?' And she was in a rush to get back that she forgot to ask for his name or introduce herself.

Yu Sha smacked her lips. She hated her introvertedness when meeting strangers. She automatically went on introvert mode.

Soon, she glanced at the big digital clock by the wall and noticed that her time was up. Yu Sha quickly got up and dressed before rushing out the door.

On her way to return the card keys, she spotted a small shadowy figure disappearing around the bend. Puzzled, she followed the figure around the bend that led her to the back side of the inn building.

Yu Sha slowed down and quiet her steps after appearing around the corner of the building. She raised her head and peeked for movements.

Soon, she heard shoveling and sounds of bag crumbling like someone was searching for something in a hurry. Her brows furrowed deeper guessing what it might be. She dashed towards the dumpsters and the pile of trashes to find the cause of her curiousness.

To her surprise, what she saw was not an animal but a little boy digging for left over trash from the dumpster piles. His clothes looked old and tattered, he looked hungry and exhausted but his body exuded resistance and strength.

When the boy sensed a person behind him, he quickly turned around to confirm his hunch.

Standing behind, gazing at him, was an adult! Her demeanor causes his timid body to tense up as he trembled. His eyes full of terror afraid of what she might do. He tried to run away, squeezing his way out of the trash and darted past Yu Sha.

Not knowing his situation, and the way he looked earlier, her heart wouldn't allow her to leave the situation as it is. She couldn't let him get away without fully grasping the situation so she followed after him.

A little later following the boy, she came upon a rusty little house in the directions towards the main express freeway, but still hidden enough to be isolated in its own world. Yu Sha saw the boy went inside. She studied the condition of the surrounding outside for a moment to get an idea of what might be the case.

The house looked like it could come crumbling down any moment if there should ever be harsh wind and rain storm. She approached the house and leaned in closer through a crack to see what's happening inside and if there were still others living in the house.

In the little space through the crack, she saw the boy went into the next room. She couldn't see anything else or make sense of what was happening.

After a moment, she decided to go inside the house and find out the circumstances for the boy might not be the only person living in the house in this poor condition.